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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you tell me about the book and where I can get some critiques please?

    Sorry, I'm not in the business of writing term papers. There's always Cliff Notes and Official Provisions for Papers, neither of which I'm endorsing. It's probably easier to read the book.

  2. Please let me know how I can obtain this book?

    I've found that Powell's and the Advanced Book Exchange are excellent Internet sources for finding used books. If you're trying to find a cheap copy of Never Tease a Weasel, good luck!

  3. Would you please be kind enough to explain the history behind this web site?

    My mother started keeping the list when I started the first grade. My school asked parents to keep track of what books we read as part of its reading program. She kept the list until 1977 and I've kept the list since I was in the fifth grade.

  4. What sort of software are you using for the db queries? How long did it take you to enter the full set of information?

    I'm using my own perl script for the db queries. I've had the list stored electronically since about 1983 (starting on a Commodore 64). So after the first chunk, the data entry has been one book at a time. I ported it from my Mac to HTML with a perl script.

  5. How do you read so fast? I saw you read a book with 400+ pages in one day and you went on to read another book of 200 pages! What do you think of these speed reading courses they advertise on TV? Do they work?

    Well, I don't think that I read very fast. I know many people who read faster and have read more than I ever will. I do read a couple of books at a time, so I sometimes finish two on the same day. In general, I'm pretty skeptical of speed reading. It seems to me like it would take the pleasure out of reading. Similarly, I believe that if I could understand Spanish, I would no longer find Sabado Gigante nearly as entertaining.

  6. boy, do you have some serious reading to catch up on... your literature knowledge is pathetic, and you haven't even read Plato. call yourself educated? (labuser@husc.harvard.edu)

    What does he mean, "your literature knowledge is pathetic"? You read Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim!

    --Russ, russ@netgravity.com

  7. Waaaaay too much time on your hands to be keeping those kinds of stats on the number of goddamned pages you've read and how many books you've devoured. Don't you care about content? How the book impacts you personally? Is it a mere stats race for you? A mere ego game, where you can prove to your friends how many books you own? I congratulate you on your literacy. I wonder if your favourite authors would be impressed that you finished the whole thing? (geeksrus@interlynx.net)

    Yes. Yes. No. No. Thanks. Probably not.

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