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Salt: a world history
Book 2004/Completed: 6/30/2002

LC Control Number: 2004533381
Author(s):Kurlansky, Mark.
Published/Created:New York: Walker and Co., c2002.
Description:xii, 484 p.: ill., maps ; 21 cm.
Summary:This book takes a look at an ordinary substance--salt, the only rock humans eat--and how it has shaped civilization from the very beginning.
Contents:Discourse on salt, cadavers, and pungent sources: Mandate of salt -- Fish, fowl, and pharoahs -- Saltmen hard as codfish -- Salt's salad days -- Salting it away in the Adriatic -- Two ports and the prosciutto in between -- Glow of herring and the scent of conquest: Friday's salt -- Nordic dream -- Well-salted hexagon -- Hapsburg pickle -- Leaving of Liverpool -- American salt wars -- Salt and independence -- Liberte, egalite, tax breaks -- Preserving independence -- War between the salts -- Red salt -- Sodium's perfect marriage: Odium of sodium -- Mythology of geology -- Soil never sets on -- Salt and the great soul -- Not looking back -- Last salt days of Zigong -- Ma, La, and Mao -- More salt than fish -- Big salt, little salt.
Notes:Includes bibliographical references (p. 453-465) and index.
Subjects:Salt industry and trade--History.
LC Classification:TN900 .K865 2002c
Dewey Class No.:553.6/3/09 22
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