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Famous stories of code and cipher
Book 982/Completed: 8/4/1982

Author:Bond, Raymond Tostevin, 1893- comp.
Title:Famous stories of code and cipher
Place:New York
Publisher:Collier Books
Year:1966 1965
Format:383 p. 18 cm.
Notes:The puzzle lock, by R. A. Freeman.--The great cipher, by M. D. Post.--The ministering angel, by E. C. Bentley.--The treasure of Abbot Thomas, by M. R. James.--QL 696.C9, by A. Boucher.--The gold-bug, by E. A. Poe.--The adventure of the dancing men, by A. C. Doyl.--The key in Michael, by E. Barker.--Calloway's code, by O. Henry.--The four suspects, by A. Christie.--The secret of the singular cipher, by F. A. M. Webster.--Code no. 2, by E. Wallace.- -The blackmailers, by H. O'Higgins.--The white elephant, by M. Allingham.--Uncle Hyacinth, by A. Noyes.--The stolen Christmas box, by L. de la Torre.
Subject:Code and cipher stories.
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