List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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1The digging-est dogAl Perkins631974-75
2Don and Donna go to batAl Perkins631974-75
3The bears' vacationStan Berenstain631974-75
4Goodnight painted ponyJohn McInnes401974-75
5Butternut BillEdith S. McCall481974-75
6ChesterSyd Hoff641974-75
7The giving treeShel Silverstein571974-75
8Weekly Reader Books presents The happy birthday presentJoan Heilbroner631974-75
9Who ever heard of a tiger in a treeJohn McInnes401974-75
10ChristmasBarbara Cooney401974-75
11I don't, I doLeland B. Jacobs401974-75
12The riddle walkLilian Moore401974-75
13Come over to my houseTheo. LeSieg631974-75
14Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The giant jam sandwichJohn Vernon Lord301974-75
15Splish splashEthel Kessler321974-75
16The secret kittenAnne Mallett401974-75
17ABC; an alphabet bookThomas Matthiesen541974-75
18Christopher's paradeRichard Hefter331974-75
19Dr. Seuss's ABCDr Seuss631974-75
20The bike lessonStan Berenstain611974-75
21The big honey huntStan Berenstain601974-75
22King Midas and the golden touchAl Perkins621974-75
23The bears' picnicStan Berenstain561974-75
24I wish that I had duck feetTheo. LeSieg641974-75
25SummerAlice Low611974-75
26Mixed-up magicWayne Carley401974-75
27Tommy and the telephone;Ellen MacGregor321974-75
28Me and my flying machineMarianna Mayer411974-75
29Never tease a weaselJean Conder Soule421974-75
30How Joe the Bear and Sam the Mouse got togetherBeatrice Schenk De Regniers401974-75
31FortunatelyRemy Charlip401974-75
32A goat for CarloJudith Lawrence401974-75
33Do baby bears sit in chairs?Ethel Kessler321974-75
34Pam and PamMargaret Gans321974-75
35What is a turtleGene Darby481974-75
36Jimmy and Joe catch an elephantSally Glendinning381974-75
37Harry and the lady next doorGene Zion621974-75
38Jimmy and Joe fly a kiteSally Glendinning381974-75
39Jimmy and Joe see a monsterSally Glendinning381974-75
40A big ball of stringMarion Holland641974-75
41Jimmy and Joe find a ghostSally Glendinning401974-75
42Jimmy and Joe get a hen's surpriseSally Glendinning391974-75
43Ann can flyFred B. Phleger631974-75
44A trip to the zooCarla Greene451974-75
45Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle and the piratesAl Perkins611974-75
46Jimmy and Joe look for a bearSally Glendinning401974-75
47Jimmy and Joe meet a Halloween witchSally Glendinning401974-75
48Jimmy and Joe go to the fairSally Glendinning391974-75
49Here comes nightMiriam Schlein321974-75
50Go, dog, go!P. D. Eastman641974-75
51In a people houseDr Seuss261974-75
52Grover and the Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum, featuring lovable, furry old GroverNorman Stiles321974-75
53A fish out of waterHelen Marion Palmer641974-75
54The nose bookAl Perkins281974-75
55Hand, hand, fingers, thumbAl Perkins281974-75
56Green eggs and hamDr Seuss621974-75
57Hop on PopDr Seuss641974-75
58It's a dealPoul Stroyer241974-75
59The king, the mice and the cheeseNancy Gurney631974-75
60Put me in the zooRobert Lopshire581974-75
61Big beds and little bedsDorothy Z. Seymour241974-75
62Are you my mother?P. D. Eastman631974-75
63Ten apples up on top!Theo. LeSieg591974-75
64One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fishDr Seuss621974-75
65Old hat, new hatStan Berenstain291974-75
66Bears on wheelsStan Berenstain351974-75
67The foot bookDr Seuss321974-75
68The ear bookAl Perkins281974-75
69Mr Brown can moo! Can you?Dr Seuss271974-75
70Becky, the rabbitGene Darby471974-75
71Open your eyesRoz Abisch01974-75
72Tell me a riddleTillie Olsen1251974-75
73How far is far?Alvin R. Tresselt421974-75
74Harry, the dirty dogGene Zion321974-75
75The eye bookTheo. LeSieg291974-75
76Pedie and the twins, a read-it-yourself storyBernice Morgan Bryant321974-75
77Walt Disney presents Peter and the wolfWalt Disney191974-75
78Percy the parrot strikes outWayne Carley371974-75
79How we celebrate our spring holidaysMarjorie Ann Banks481974-75
80Walt Disney Productions presents The emperor's new clothesWalt Disney441974-75
81MuttBianca Bradbury291974-75
82Andy wouldn't talkJane Thayer461974-75
83Walt Disney's CinderellaWalt Disney441974-75
84Poems about fur and feather friendsLeland B. Jacobs401974-75
85All about me; verses I can readLeland B. Jacobs391974-75
86The listening walkPaul Showers401974-75
87Ginger's upstairs petJohn Ryckman401974-75
88The story of FerdinandMunro Leaf701974-75
89Mouse, mouse, go out of my houseElizabeth Low371974-75
90Little fur familyMargaret Wise Brown28Summer/1975
91That's just fine, and Who-o-o did itJoan M. Lexau39Summer/1975
92I spy: a picture book of objects in a child's home environmentLucille Ogle189Summer/1975
93Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents Part-time dogJane Thayer33Summer/1975
94A sunflower as big as the sunShan Ellentuck48Summer/1975
95One monster after anotherMercer Mayer42Summer/1975
96The little tiny roosterWill0Summer/1975
97Curious George learns the alphabetH. A. Rey72Summer/1975
98SaltAugusta R. Goldin33Summer/1975
99Belinda's new spring hatEleanor Lowenton Clymer32Summer/1975
100Inspector Peckit; story and pictures by Don FreemanDon Freeman32Summer/1975
101How many blocks is the world?Rose Blue48Summer/1975
102The world in the candy eggAlvin R. Tresselt321975-76
103Up and awayPaul McKee1921975-76
104The big book of real building and wrecking machinesGeorge J. Zaffo261975-76
105Leo Lion looks for booksDonna Lugg Pape641975-76
106I want to be a birdJoanne Kaiser641975-76
107Miss SuzyMiriam Young421975-76
108Pinocchio and his puppet show adventure421975-76
109Walt Disney Productions presents 101 Dalmatians421975-76
110Bennett Cerf's book of riddlesBennett Cerf621975-76
111Bennett Cerf's book of animal riddlesBennett Cerf621975-76
112More riddlesBennett Cerf641975-76
113Bennett Cerf's pop-up riddlesBennett Cerf171975-76
114Bennett Cerf's silliest pop-up riddlesBennett Cerf181975-76
115Let's go the CapitolBernard Rosenfield441975-76
116The old witch and the snoresIda DeLage461975-76
117Sally's caterpillarAnne F. Rockwell401975-76
118The Knobby Boys to the rescueWende Devlin01975-76
119Let's go to an automobile factoryRoger Butler481975-76
120The forgetful pirateLeonard P. Kessler631975-76
121What would you do?Leland B. Jacobs631975-76
122Weekly Reader Books presents Frog and toad are friendsArnold Lobel641975-76
123The chocolate chip mysteryJohn McInnes641975-76
124The rabbit's worldMiriam Schlein311975-76
125An elephant is not a catAlvin R. Tresselt01975-76
126The first golden geography: a beginner's introduction to our worldJane Werner Watson241975-76
127Indian Two Feet and the wolf cubsMargaret Friskey641975-76
128The mysterious gold and purple boxJane Werner Watson641975-76
129The king with six friendsJay Williams411975-76
130Sad Adam, glad AdamChristopher Davis311975-76
131Unlucky day at Camp How-Ja-DoWayne Carley621975-76
132You among the starsHerman Schneider601975-76
133Will you be my friend?Chihiro Iwasaki241975-76
134Zoo, where are you?Ann McGovern301975-76
135Let's go to a bakeryNaomi Buchheimer441975-76
136The jelly bean contestKathy Darling611975-76
137Mop top;Don Freeman481975-76
138Little Bat's secretKathy Darling641975-76
139The Bobbsey twins and the secret of Candy CastleLaura Lee Hope1751975-76
140Here comes Mirium, the mixed-up witch!Wayne Carley621975-76
141Weekly Reader Books presents Spooky tricksRose Wyler641975-76
142Walt Disney Productions presents Robin Hood and the great coach robberyWalt Disney Productions421975-76
143The bears' ChristmasStan Berenstain591975-76
144Bennett Cerf's book of laughsBennett Cerf651975-76
145The cat in the hatDr Seuss611975-76
146The cat in the hat comes back!Dr Seuss611975-76
147Let's go to Mt. VernonMary Jo Borreson471975-76
148Hello, year!Leland B. Jacobs631975-76
149Little Black, a ponyWalter Farley601975-76
150That's how the ball bouncesElaine Macmann Willoughby641975-76
151Walt Disney's Dumbo on land, on sea, in the airJerry Walters431975-76
152Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents Gus was a friendly ghostJane Thayer321975-76
153You're sure silly, Billy!May Justus631975-76
154Weekly Reader Books presents The case of the cat's meowCrosby Newell Bonsall641975-76
155The dragon in the clock boxM. Jean Craig481975-76
156Mrs. Twitter the animal sitterDonna Lugg Pape621975-76
157Hello, pleasant places!Leland B. Jacobs641975-76
158Gretchen and the White SteedIrwin Shapiro631975-76
159Dragons, ogres, and scary things; two African folktalesKathleen Arnott641975-76
160Who was that dog I saw you with, Charlie Brown?Charles M. Schulz1241975-76
161You're something special, SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1261975-76
162Watch out, Charlie Brown!Charles M. Schulz1241975-76
163Your choice, SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1261975-76
164HeadlinesMalcolm Hall641975-76
165The five Chinese brothersClaire Huchet Bishop481975-76
166Let's go to a police stationLaura Sootin421975-76
167George Washington: father of freedomStewart Graff801975-76
168You ought to see Herbert's houseDoris Herold Lund321975-76
169Let's find out about heat, weather, and airNina Schneider641975-76
170Sailor Jack and Homer PotsSelma Wassermann481975-76
171I want to be a carpenter ; I want to be a coal minerCarla Greene281975-76
172Sailor Jack's new friendSelma Wassermann641975-76
173Abraham Lincoln for the peoplePolly Anne Graff631975-76
174A drop of bloodPaul Showers331975-76
175What next, Charlie Brown?: selected cartoons from You're out of your mind, Charlie Brown!, vol. IICharles M. Schulz1231975-76
176Charlie Brown and SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1221975-76
177The craziest Hallowe'en;Ursula Von Hippel01975-76
178Who do you think you are, Charlie Brown? Selected cartoons from Peanuts every Sunday, vol. 1Charles M. Schulz1001975-76
179What makes a car go?Scott Corbett431975-76
180No roses for Harry!Gene Zion281975-76
181Round and squareJanet Martin231975-76
182Busy office, busy peopleJene Barr321975-76
183To catch a wormJoanne Kaiser481975-76
184Flash, crash, rumble, and rollFranklyn Mansfield Branley331975-76
185Let's go to the circusGeorge Theiner121975-76
186Bo and the old donkeyHelga Sandburg01975-76
187A book to begin on magic people around the world;Barbara Softly481975-76
188Road Runner storiesD. J. Arneson481975-76
189Weekly Reader Books presents The ghost of Windy HillClyde Robert Bulla841975-76
190Just rightLilian Moore391975-76
191The diggersMargaret Wise Brown321975-76
192TwirlyElaine Moss321975-76
193The boy who couldn't roarGrace Berquist311975-76
194Where the wild things areMaurice Sendak401975-76
195Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The little houseVirginia Lee Burton401975-76
196The laughing dragonKenneth Mahood321975-76
197Three presents for JamieMargaret Gans321975-76
198Bits that grow big: where plants come fromIrma E. Webber641975-76
199Charley the mouse finds ChristmasWayne Carley641975-76
200Your skin and minePaul Showers331975-76
201Weekly Reader Books presents No fighting, no biting!Else Holmelund Minarik621975-76
202Black BeautyLornie Leete-Hodge121975-76
203Robin Hood;Walt Disney Productions921975-76
204The cool ride in the skyDiane Wolkstein321975-76
205Best friendsMiriam Cohen321975-76
206Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel: story and picturesVirginia Lee Burton481975-76
207Surprise in the treeSara Asheron611975-76
208May I bring a friend?Beatrice Schenk De Regniers461975-76
209About four seasons and five sensesRuth Shaw Radlauer471975-76
210Wonky donkeyCharlotte Woodyatt Hough321975-76
211Bounce and the bunniesRuth Carroll481975-76
212The peacock who lost his tailJohn Hamberger481975-76
213Hugh Lofting's Travels of Doctor DolittleAl Perkins631975-76
214Jack Kent's Fables of AesopJack Kent551975-76
215Walt Disney's Snow White and the seven dwarfsWalt Disney Productions241975-76
216How Fletcher was hatchedWende Devlin391975-76
217Secret placesD. J. Arneson401975-76
218Imagination GreeneEdward Ormondroyd331975-76
219Flight to the South PoleHenry A. Bamman721975-76
220Bennett Cerfs Pop-up limericksBennett Cerf181975-76
221Santa makes a changeSol Chaneles411975-76
222The three little pigsElizabeth Ross221975-76
223Wheels that workDean Walley181975-76
224Play it again, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz481975-76
225The birthday partyPaul Newman611975-76
226Birds and their nestsGwynne Vevers321975-76
227Richard Scarry's Great big mystery bookRichard Scarry411975-76
228You're in love, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz481975-76
229Mr. Pine's mixed-up signsLeonard P. Kessler611975-76
230Walt Disney presents Peter PanWalt Disney2101975-76
231Smokey Bear saves the forestDavid Lee Harrison301975-76
232Underdog and the disappearing ice creamMary Ann Forn01975-76
233The Road Runner and the bird watchersJean Lewis271975-76
234Mighty MouseFelix Sutton221975-76
235Over in the meadow201975-76
236"He's your dog, Charlie Brown!"Charles M. Schulz481975-76
237Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and Pluto PupElizabeth Beecher221975-76
238The little fox in the middlePearl S. Buck311975-76
239The deer at our houseErskine Caldwell301975-76
240Weekly reader children's book club presents Little Toot on the MississippiHardie Gramatky891975-76
241The pop-up action circus bookSarah Keyser01975-76
242A good knight for dragonsRoger Bradfield481975-76
243The night the lights went out1581975-76
244A treasury of Mother GooseOscar Weigle411975-76
245Richard Scarry's busy, busy worldRichard Scarry921975-76
246Walt Disney presents Winnie-the-Pooh and Eeyore's birthdayA. A. Milne221975-76
247Metric can be fun!Munro Leaf631975-76
248DawnUri Shulevitz321975-76
249A Charlie Brown ChristmasCharles M. Schulz421975-76
250The happy lionLouise Fatio311975-76
251You've got to be you, SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1501975-76
252Space alphabetIrene Zacks01975-76
253Three tales about the HalesBetty J. Witte771975-76
254The mitten: an old Ukrainian folktaleAlvin R. Tresselt301975-76
255The shape of the earthJeanne Bendick721975-76
256Tom Thumb; the story by the Brothers GrimmJacob Grimm321975-76
257Chicken littleMarjorie Hartwell281975-76
258Mister Rogers talks to kids151975-76
259The rooster, the mouse and the little red hen281975-76
260The little red hen and the grain of wheat281975-76
261Barnum's first circus, and other storiesLaura Benet2301975-76
262Dick Whittington and his catEva Moore601975-76
263George Washington, leader of the peopleClara Ingram Judson2246/17/1976
264Weeks and weeksMabel Watts436/17/1976
265Jim and Alan on a cotton farm;Joan Liffring-Zug646/17/1976
266On beyond zebraDr Seuss606/20/1976
267The Indians knewTillie S. Pine326/23/1976
268The Egyptians knewTillie S. Pine
Joseph Levine
269From this to thatKeith Warren Jennison06/23/1976
270Amelia BedeliaPeggy Parish306/23/1976
271Little boy Brown;Isobel Harris446/23/1976
272What the moon is likeFranklyn Mansfield Branley336/24/1976
273Soo Ling finds a wayJune Behrens316/24/1976
274Indian summerF. N. Monjo626/25/1976
275The pile of junkMiriam Schlein446/25/1976
276Weekly Reader Books presents What spot?Crosby Newell Bonsall646/25/1976
277AstronauticsJulian May286/30/1976
278Benjie on his ownJoan M. Lexau386/25/1976
279Hildilid's nightCheli Duran306/25/1976
280Katie's magic glassesJane Goodsell436/30/1976
281The little islandMargaret Wise Brown447/7/1976
282Shivers and the case of the secret hamburgersLisl Weil407/8/1976
283The runawayDorothy Clewes637/12/1976
284A trip to the aquariumCarla Greene467/13/1976
285Down the mountain; a book about the ever-changing soilMargaret Farrington Bartlett637/16/1976
286Nate the greatMarjorie Weinman Sharmat607/16/1976
287District of Columbia, from its glorious past to the presentAllan Carpenter957/20/1976
288Down, down the mountainEllis Credle477/21/1976
289How do I go?Mary Ann Hoberman
Norman Hoberman
290MachinesAnne F. Rockwell
Harlow Rockwell
291Friday night is papa nightRuth A. Sonneborn317/24/1976
292The mystery of the watching eyesJeanette Brown MacKenzie1197/28/1976
293Robbie and the sled dog raceSara Machetanz
Fred Machetanz
294The happy voyageJudith Gwyn Brown327/29/1976
295Day and nightRoger Duvoisin367/29/1976
296Ski pupDon Freeman567/29/1976
297Picture book of West VirginiaBernadine Bailey308/2/1976
298The spooky tail of Prewitt peacockBill Peet308/3/1976
299A book of astronauts for youFranklyn Mansfield Branley488/4/1976
300The blue jackalMehlli Gobhai338/4/1976
301Yankee DoodleRichard Schackburg338/4/1976
302Buzzy bear in the gardenDorothy Bronson Marino08/28/1976
303April's kittensClare Turlay Newberry328/19/1976
304Theodore's rivalEdward Ormondroyd338/28/1976
305The snowed-in family; a Judy Jo storyMabel Betsy Hill1258/28/1976
306The forgotten secretRobert Pack08/29/1976
307Martha, the movie mouseArnold Lobel01976-77
308The rocking-chair ghostMary C. Jane581976-77
309Being an American can be funMunro Leaf551976-77
310Big tracks, little tracksFranklyn Mansfield Branley331976-77
311The happy lion and the bearLouise Fatio321976-77
312Kick, pass, and runLeonard P. Kessler641976-77
313The true book of dinosaursMary Lou Clark01976-77
314Abraham LincolnIngri D'Aulaire
Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
315The beginning knowledge book of butterfliesKathy Sammis341976-77
316Corgiville fairTasha Tudor481976-77
317The first book of mammalsMargaret Williamson621976-77
318The king who was too busyEugene Fern481976-77
319Safety can be fun;Munro Leaf631976-77
320Just only JohnJack Kent431976-77
321The careless kangarooEarle Goodenow311976-77
322Jennifer takes over P.S. 94Mary H. Lystad301976-77
323FrictionEdward Victor281976-77
324Buzzy Bear's winter partyDorothy Bronson Marino331976-77
325Who built the bridge?Norman Bate461976-77
326Adventure in spaceSara Bulette591976-77
327UptownJohn Steptoe241976-77
328Mister Penny;Marie Hall Ets4711976-77
329Thidwick, the big-hearted mooseDr Seuss411976-77
330Willie MaysGeorge Sullivan641976-77
331The little spotted fishJane Yolen321976-77
332Talking without words; I can. Can you?Marie Hall Ets321976-77
333Mister Penny's race horseMarie Hall Ets631976-77
334The little band and the inaugural paradeMargaret R. Moore
John Travers Moore
335Hank AaronGeorge Sullivan601976-77
336The magic feather dusterWill01976-77
337The king's stiltsDr Seuss481976-77
338The magic Christmas treeLee Kingman481976-77
339A bag full of nothingJay Williams321976-77
340My nursery schoolHarlow Rockwell241976-77
341Richard Scarry's Best counting book everRichard Scarry441976-77
342Richard Scarry's Animal nursery talesRichard Scarry691976-77
343Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The bear's water picnicJohn Yeoman
Quentin Blak
344Bunya the witchRobert Kraus
Mischa Richter
345The star thiefAndrea Di Noto01976-77
346Away to the moonJohn Symonds641976-77
347Secrets of the heart and bloodAnne Terry White
Gerald S. Lietz
348Billions of bugsHaris Petie321976-77
349Dear garbage manGene Zion321976-77
350Peanuts classicsCharles M. Schulz01976-77
351GlendaJanice May Udry551976-77
352Sports hero: Brooks RobinsonMarshall Burchard
Sue Burchard
353The Sneetches, and other storiesDr Seuss651976-77
354McElligot's poolDr Seuss561976-77
355The first book of science experimentsRose Wyler721976-77
356Funniest storybook everRichard Scarry581976-77
357The Wright brothers; kings of the airMervyn D. Kaufman801976-77
358How the Grinch stole ChristmasDr Seuss561976-77
359If I ran the zooDr Seuss561976-77
360Scrambled eggs super!Dr Seuss541976-77
361I had trouble in getting to Solla SollewDr Seuss631976-77
362ABC word bookRichard Scarry611976-77
363Louis Braille, the boy who invented books for the blindMargaret Davidson801976-77
364How schools help usM. K. Hage481976-77
365The story of the White HouseNatalie Miller311976-77
366Oh, the thinks you can think!Dr Seuss391976-77
367The Bears' almanac; a year in Bear countryStan Berenstain
Jan Berenstain
368Father Christmas goes on holidayRaymond Briggs321976-77
369If I ran the circusDr Seuss651976-77
370Miss Suzy's birthdayMiriam Young401976-77
371Pssst! DoggieEzra Jack Keats321976-77
372Old Witch rescues Halloween!Wende Devlin
Harry Devlin
373The silver Christmas treePat Hutchins321976-77
374The shape of me and other stuffDr Seuss291976-77
375What is gravity?Fred Murt King
George R. Otto
376What is spaceElmer R. Kane
Merill C. Fellger
377Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents Morris and Boris: three storiesBernard Wiseman641976-77
378The Berenstains' B bookStan Berenstain
Janice Berenstain
379More fables of AesopJack Kent551976-77
380A fly went byMike McClintock651976-77
381The Christmas pinataJack Kent341976-77
382Dooly and the snortsnootJack Kent311976-77
383The great escape; or, The sewer storyPeter J. Lippman451976-77
384Bears in the nightStan Berenstain
Janice Berenstain
385Junk day on Juniper Street, and other easy-to-read storiesLilian Moore711976-77
386Trick or treatLouis Slobodkin391976-77
387Jinx gloveMatt Christopher471976-77
388A hole, a box, and a stickGladys Yessayan Cretan321976-77
389The traffic stopper that became a grandmother visitorUlf Lofgren281976-77
390Fish out of schoolEvelyn S. Shaw631976-77
391The new teacherMiriam Cohen321976-77
392JuliusSyd Hoff641976-77
393Weekly Reader Books presents Danny and the dinosaurSyd Hoff641976-77
394The monkey in the rocketJean Bethell621976-77
395Sherlock Hemlock and the great twiddlebug mystery: or, The mystery of the terrible mess in my friend's front yardBetty Lou281976-77
396Ernie the cave king and Sherlock the smart person in theDaniel Wilcox301976-77
397Dr. Merlin's Magic ShopScott Corbett431976-77
398Six special places: story and picturesMonica De Bruyn321976-77
399It's a long way to TipperaryCharles M. Schulz2001976-77
400Who's the funny-looking kid with the big nose?Charles M. Schulz2001976-77
401Rockets don't go to Chicago, AndyJane Thayer461976-77
402Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The candy egg bunnyLisl Weil321976-77
403The day the tide went out ... and out ... and out ... and out ...David McKee281976-77
404The secret birthday messageEric Carle261976-77
405Horton hatches the eggDr Seuss551976-77
406Cranberry ChristmasWende Devlin
Harry Devlin
407Just for youMercer Mayer301976-77
408The strawberry book of colorsRichard Hefter301976-77
409The wizard of Wallaby WallowJack Kent541976-77
410The story of traffic controlRoss Robert Olney721976-77
411Weekly Reader Books presents Mouse talesArnold Lobel581976-77
412The Pink Panther rides againDavid Lee Harrison311976-77
413Walt Disney's Donald Duck: the lost jungle cityWalt Disney2481976-77
414Sports hero Johnny BenchMarshall Burchard
Sue Burchard
415Happy birthday to you!Dr Seuss571976-77
416Weekly Reader Books presents OliverSyd Hoff641976-77
417Richard Scarry's great big schoolhouseRichard Scarry691976-77
418Bugs Bunny: the last crusaderRita Ritchie2481976-77
419Richard Scarry's Hop aboard! Here we go!Richard Scarry481976-77
420The cheerful quietBetty F. Horvath391976-77
421The mad king of ChichibooJohn Verney321976-77
422The monster riddle bookJane Sarnoff
Reynold Ruffins
423A great big ugly man came up and tied his horse to me; a book of nonsense verseWallace Tripp461976-77
424You're the scaredy-catMercer Mayer401976-77
425Matt's mittMarilyn Sachs321976-77
426Project 1-2-3Eve Merriam401976-77
427The shaggy dogElizabeth L. Griffen961976-77
428Animal cracksRobert M. Quackenbush631976-77
429The land of lost buttonsKayako Nishimaki
Shigeo Nakamura
4301 2 3 ;Ulf Lofgren1241976-77
431The terrible thing that happened at our houseMarge Blaine331976-77
432The story of Noah's ark:Jane Latourette301976-77
433The Bobbsey twins: the secret at the seashoreLaura Lee Hope1741976-77
434Forgetful FredJay Williams341976-77
435A monster too manyJanet McNeill601976-77
436Our animal friends at Maple Hill FarmAlice Provensen
Martin Provensen
437Weekly Reader Books presents Speak softly, and carry a beagleCharles M. Schulz1001976-77
438Babar's fair will be opened next SundayLaurent de Brunhoff401976-77
439And to think that I saw it on Mulberry StreetDr Seuss321976-77
440Morris the moose goes to schoolBernard Wiseman641976-77
441What's wrong with being crabby?Charles M. Schulz2001976-77
442Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The ghost on Saturday nightSid Fleischman571976-77
443War and peasMichael Foreman321976-77
444The loudest noise in the worldBenjamin Elkin641976-77
445Truck drivers: what do they do?Carla Greene641976-77
446Weekly Reader Books presents A ghost named FredNathaniel Benchley541976-77
447Dorrie and the haunted housePatricia Coombs471976-77
448Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The tyrannosaurus gameSteven Kroll391976-77
449The castles of the two brothersAileen Friedman401976-77
450Humbug rabbitLorna Balian321976-77
451Dr. Seuss's sleep bookDr Seuss561976-77
452The Easter egg artistsAdrienne Adams321976-77
453Ring for liberty: story and picturesVirginia Parsons321976-77
454Granfa' Grig had a pig and other rhymes without reasonWallace Tripp961976-77
455Go! The story of outer spaceCharles Spain Verral711976-77
456Molecules and atomsEdward Victor321976-77
457The sign of the twisted candlesCarolyn Keene1761976-77
458Joe Kaufman's how we are born, how we grow, how our bodies work, and how we learnJoe Kaufman931976-77
459Bennett Cerf's book of animal riddlesBennett Cerf621976-77
460Yummers!James Marshall301976-77
461Watson, the smartest dog in the U.S.AKarla Kuskin321976-77
462The Bear detectives: the case of the missing pumpkinStan Berenstain
Jan Berenstain
463Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents Sir Toby Jingle's beastly journeyWallace Tripp321976-77
464How come ...?: Easy answers to hard questionsJoyce Richards611976-77
465Speak up, Edie!Johanna Johnston451976-77
466If I rode a dinosaurMiriam Young321976-77
467How Tom beat Captain Najork and his hired sportsmenRussell Hoban321976-77
468Your family treeJean Komaiko
Kate Rosenthal
469Benjamin's 365 birthdaysJudi Barrett371976-77
470The mole family's ChristmasRussell Hoban391976-77
471Danny Dunn and the homework machineJay Williams
Raymond Abroshkin
472The Snoopy festivalCharles M. Schulz2501976-77
473Tell me some moreCrosby Newell Bonsall641976-77
474I'll teach my dog 100 wordsMichael K. Frith291976-77
475IzzieSusan Pearson401976-77
476The revolt of the darumasWinifred Esther Wise381976-77
477The boy who spoke ChineseJessica Krasilovsky331976-77
478Young man in the White House: John Fitzgerald KennedyI. E. Levine2421976-77
479Project: geniusWilliam Dimmity Hayes921976-77
480Professor Wormbog in search for the zipperump-a-zooMercer Mayer441976-77
481SpacePatrick Moore2161976-77
482Detective MoleRobert M. Quackenbush631976-77
483Dead as the dodoLynne Edwards
Brian Edwards
484The 500 hats of Bartholomew CubbinsDr Seuss471976-77
485Roger and the foxLavinia R. Davis431976-77
486Troll weatherElizabeth Coatsworth421976-77
487Weekly Reader children's book club presents The mouse and the motorcycleBeverly Cleary1581976-77
488Annie Oakley: the shooting starCharles Parlin Graves781976-77
489The great custard pie panicScott Corbett471976-77
490Benjamin FranklinIngri D'Aulaire
Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
491Off to the racesFred B. Phleger631976-77
492Dorrie and the blue witchPatricia Coombs481976-77
493Popeye goes on a picnicCrosby Newell221976-77
494What do they do? Policemen and firemenCarla Greene641976-77
495The frightened whisperHelen Girvan175Summer/1977
496The tutti-frutti case: starring the four doctors of GoodgeHarry Allard
James Marshall
497What if a lion eats me and I fall into a hippopotamus' mud hole?Emily Hanlon
Leigh Grant
498It's a mystery, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz47Summer/1977
499The Sesame Street book of fairy tales: featuring Jim Henson's MuppetsEmily Perl Kingsley
David Korr
Jeffrey Moss
500Mike Fink and the big turkey shootElizabeth Carmer
Carl Carmer
501Little Brown Bear and his friendsElizabeth Norine Upham0Summer/1977
502The immense parade on Supererogation Day and what happened to itJohn Hollander64Summer/1977
503The amazing boneWilliam Steig32Summer/1977
504A near thing for Captain NajorkRussell Hoban32Summer/1977
505Little Brown BearElizabeth Norine Upham57Summer/1977
506The house on the cliffFranklin W. Dixon180Summer/1977
507MachineLore Shoberg40Summer/1977
508The clue of the broken bladeFranklin W. Dixon178Summer/1977
509The great airport mysteryFranklin W. Dixon175Summer/1977
510The history of the atomic bombMichael Blow150Summer/1977
511Always stick up for the underbird: cartoons from Good grief, more Peanuts!, and Good ol' Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz200Summer/1977
512Atomic energyIrving Adler47Summer/1977
513Paul Bunyan and his blue oxAd?le de Leeuw29Summer/1977
514Weekly Reader Books presents The several tricks of Edgar DolphinNathaniel Benchley64Summer/1977
515Alfred goes house huntingBill Binzen32Summer/1977
516June 7!Aliki Brandenberg32Summer/1977
517Penny talesVirginia Schone38Summer/1977
518Jerry the newsboyLeonard Shortall48Summer/1977
519Gus and Buster work things outAndrew Bronin62Summer/1977
520The Sesame Street 1, 2, 3 storybookEmily Perl Kingsley63Summer/1977
521The story of atomic energyLaura Fermi184c1977-78
522Biggest riddle book in the worldJoseph Rosenbloom2721977-78
523Blue Bay mysteryGertrude Chandler Warner1571977-78
524The haunted bridgeCarolyn Keene1801977-78
525The how and why wonder book of atomic energyDonald Barr461977-78
526SupermanGeorge Francis Lowther2151977-78
527BatmanBob Kane01977-78
528Peggy's new brotherEleanor Schick321977-78
529The magician; an adaptation from the Yiddish of I. L. PeretzUri Shulevitz
Isaac Leib Peretz
530The tower treasureFranklin W. Dixon1801977-78
531The witch tree symbolCarolyn Keene1791977-78
532The first book of energyGeorge Russell Harrison811977-78
533Two wheel wonder; how motorcycles run and how they are riddenRobin Lawrie321977-78
534Have it your way, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz1281977-78
535For the love of Peanuts!: selected cartoons from 'Good grief, more Peanuts', vol. 2Charles M. Schulz1281977-78
536The clue of the leaning chimneyCarolyn Keene1761977-78
537Man and materials: gasIan Ridpath311977-78
538Man and materials: oilIan Ridpath321977-78
539You are too much, Charlie Brown: selected cartoons from But we love you, Charlie Brown, vol. IICharles M. Schulz1241977-78
540Man and materials: coalIan Ridpath321977-78
541The ghost of Blackwood HallCarolyn Keene1781977-78
542The wonderful flight to the Mushroom PlanetEleanor Cameron1951977-78
543Mystery of the moss-covered mansionCarolyn Keene1771977-78
544The Hardy boys detective handbookFranklin W. Dixon2141977-78
545Mystery of the tolling bellCarolyn Keene1811977-78
546Satellites in outer spaceIssac Asimov611977-78
547The illustrated Bible story book: based on the illustrated Bible story books (Old and New Testaments)Seymour Loveland
Edith Patterson Meyer
548Rescue in space: lifeboats for astronauts and cosmonautsErik Bergaust951977-78
549Marmaduke!Brad Anderson
Phil Leeming
550You've come a long way, SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1281977-78
551Little TootHardie Gramatky931977-78
552Little Toot on the ThamesHardie Gramatky871977-78
553Little Toot through the Golden GateHardie Gramatky861977-78
554The RescuersWalt Disney421977-78
555Man and materials: stoneIan Ridpath321977-78
556Project Gemini; step to the moonMichael Stoiko1281977-78
557The wonders of robotsMichael Chester1261977-78
558Pipes and plumbing systemsHerbert Spencer Zim
James R. Skelly
559Charlie Brown's second super book of questions and answers: about the earth and space ... from plants to planets! : Based on the Charles M. Schulz charactersCharles M. Schulz1451977-78
560You've gotta be joking!John Norment1281977-78
561The crisscross shadowFranklin W. Dixon1771977-78
562What is matterDaniel Q. Posin481977-78
563Our dirty airSarah M. Elliott641977-78
564The nervous system: the inner networksAlvin Silverstein
Virginia B. Silverstein
565The secret of the wooden ladyCarolyn Keene1761977-78
566What is energyDaniel Q. Posin481977-78
567Danny Dunn and the swamp monsterJay Williams
Raymond Abrashkin
568The clue of the tapping heelsCarolyn Keene1761977-78
569What is an atom?Gabriel H. Reuben
Joseph DiStefano
570The clue in the crumbling wallCarolyn Keene1811977-78
571Snoopy and the Red BaronCharles M. Schulz641977-78
572Danny Dunn, scientific detectiveJay Williams
Raymond Abrashkin
573What is electronic communication?Daniel Q. Posin471977-78
574The whispering statueCarolyn Keene1791977-78
575What is a solar system?Theodore W. Munch411977-78
576Password to Larkspur LaneCarolyn Keene1751977-78
577The message in the hollow oakCarolyn Keene1811977-78
578Your first pet and how to take care of itCarla Stevens1221977-78
579Space puzzles; curious questions and answers about the solar systemMartin Gardner961977-78
580Questions and answers about horsesMillicent E. Selsam631977-78
581The how and why wonder book of ecologyShelly Grossman
Mary Louise Grossman
582Robert F. Kennedy; man who dared to dreamCharles Palin Graves961977-78
583What is a rock?Boleslaus John Syrocki441977-78
584Allan Pinkerton; first private eyeAnderson LaVere941977-78
585Little maverick cowBelle Coates561977-78
586The quest of the missing mapCarolyn Keene1781977-78
587The clue of the black keysCarolyn Keene1741977-78
588The clue in the old albumCarolyn Keene2181977-78
589Sandlot PeanutsCharles M. Schulz2001977-78
590SupersuitsVicki Cobb951977-78
591Wilbur and Orville Wright, boys with wingsAugusta Stevenson2001977-78
592The Capitol and our lawmakersEarl Schenck Miers481977-78
593Where are you going with that coal?Roy Doty
Len Maar
594The sky phantomCarolyn Keene1801977-78
595It's hard work being bitter: cartoons from Thompson is in trouble, Charlie Brown, and You're the guest of honor, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz2001977-78
596What is a star?Daniel Q. Posin451977-78
597Alvin's swap shopClifford B. Hicks1431977-78
598John F. Kennedy, young statesmanLucy Post Frisbee2001977-78
599What is air?Albert Piltz471977-78
600The mystery of the ivory charmCarolyn Keene2161977-78
601Robert Fulton, boy craftsmanMarguerite Henry2001977-78
602Sprout's window cleanerJenifer Wayne891977-78
603Weekly reader books presents McBroom's zooSid Fleischman461977-78
604The clue in the crossword cipherCarolyn Keene1771977-78
605The hundred and one DalmatiansDodie Smith1991977-78
606The secret in the old atticCarolyn Keene1771977-78
607Elements of the universeGlenn T. Seaborg
Evans G. Valens
608The story of radioactivityAnn Stepp1271977-78
609I can read French; my first English-French word bookPenrose Colyer
Colin Mier
610Rocket to LunaRichard Marsten211Summer/1978
611Communications satellites, message centers in spaceBernice Kohn58Summer/1978
612Encyclopedia Brown takes the caseDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
613Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the midnight visitorDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
614Encyclopedia Brown solves them allDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
615Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the dead eaglesDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
616Encyclopedia Brown saves the dayDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
617Encyclopedia Brown shows the wayDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
618Encyclopedia Brown keeps the peaceDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
619The peaceful atomBernice Kohn72Summer/1978
620Spencer and his friendsBarbara Dana120Summer/1978
621Explorers of the atomRoy A. Gallant79Summer/1978
622Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the secret pitchDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
623Encyclopedia Brown finds the cluesDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
624Encyclopedia Brown, boy detectiveDonald J. Sobol88Summer/1978
625CancerAlvin Silverstein
Virginia B. Silverstein
626Mystery of satellite 7Charles Ira Coombs160Summer/1978
627The clue in the jewel boxCarolyn Keene216Summer/1978
628MagnetsIrving Adler
Ruth Adler
629SproutJenifer Wayne90Summer/1978
630What happens to a hamburgerRaul Showers33Summer/1978
631Encyclopedia Brown gets his manDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
632Energy from the sunMelvin Berger32Summer/1978
633McBroom tells a lieSid Fleischman46Summer/1978
634The scarlet slipper mysteryCarolyn Keene214Summer/1978
635Mystery of the 99 stepsCarolyn Keene176Summer/1978
636Albert Einstein, young thinkerMarie Hammontree200Summer/1978
637ElectricitySam Epstein
Beryl Epstein
638The first book of Mars; an introduction to the red planetDavid C. Knight82Summer/1978
639City rocks, city blocks and the moonEdward Gallob48Summer/1978
640What makes a nuclear power plant work?Erich Fuchs25Summer/1978
641SupertrainsJohn Gabriel Navarra79Summer/1978
642All about the atomIra M. Freeman146Summer/1978
643You and relativityMary Lou Clark61Summer/1978
644Fat men from spaceDaniel Manus Pinkwater0Summer/1978
645The nine planetsFranklyn Mansfield Branley86Summer/1978
646Where are you going with that energy?Roy Doty
Len Maar
647Basil of Baker StreetEve Titus96Summer/1978
648Binary numbersClyde Watson33Summer/1978
649Basil and the lost colonyEve Titus951978-79
650Ask me a question about the atomSam Rosenfeld931978-79
651Pieces of another world; the story of moon rocksFranklyn Mansfield Branley581978-79
652Things that measurePhilip B. Carona721978-79
653The first book of lightGeorge Russell Harrison851978-79
654Geography can be funMunro Leaf631978-79
655The how and why wonder book of ants and beesRonald N. Rood461978-79
656Albert EinsteinArthur J. Beckhard1261978-79
657Robin Hood of Sherwood ForestAnn McGovern1641978-79
658The new world of the atomJames Stokley3331978-79
659Man and materials: mineralsIan Ridpath32b1978-79
660Man and materials: plasticsIan Ridpath32b1978-79
661The cat from outer spaceTed Key166ewl1978-79
662The "Snoopy, come home" movie bookCharles M. Schulz1281978-79
663The first book of national monumentsNorman M. Lobsenz901978-79
664How we hear; the story of hearingJudith Fryer321978-79
665Cup and saucer chemistryNathan Shalit931978-79
666The electron microscope: a tool of discoveryAaron E. Klein861978-79
667How and why experiments;George Willard Frasier3841978-79
668The giant book of strange but true sports storiesHoward Liss1471978-79
669The day the spaceship landedBeman Lord631978-79
670Color, from rainbows to lasersFranklyn Mansfield Branley871978-79
671Exploring the world of fossilsWilliam Henry Matthews1571978-79
672Funny stories to read or tellMildred Madeleine Corell Luckhardt1601978-79
673Sprout and the dogsitterJenifer Wayne891978-79
674You and atomic energy and its wonderful uses;John Bryan Lewellen561978-79
675Star wars:George Lucas214gc1978-79
676The how and why wonder book of the microscope and what you seeMartin L. Keen481978-79
677DesertsDelia Goetz641978-79
678The first book of national parksNorman M 1919- Lobsenz881978-79
679The simple facts of simple machinesElizabeth James
Carol Barkin
680Archimedes and his wonderful discoveriesArthur Jonas701978-79
681Stories from the twilight zoneRod Serling418g1978-79
682The day Lincoln was shotJim Bishop308g1978-79
683LasersGeorge Russell Harrison821978-79
684The dynamite book of top secret informationChip Lovitt801978-79
685"The Hindenburg is burning!" ; and other dirigible disastersMargaret Ronan98g1978-79
686The assassinations of John & Robert KennedyLeRoy Hayman156g1978-79
687Dorothy HamillS. H. Burchard62nf1978-79
688Tony and Mark score a winning run over diabetesEli Lilly and Company201978-79
689Eleanor RooseveltJane Goodsell381978-79
690The great Houdini: magician extraordinaryBeryl Williams Epstein182g1978-79
691The Great BrainJohn Dennis Fitzgerald187ewl1979
692The endocrine system; hormones in the living worldAlvin Silverstein
Virginia Silverstein
693Particles: an introduction to particle physicsMichael Chester147ewl1979
694Energy: power for peopleLaurence P. Pringle1461979
695The science of chemistryIra Maximilian Freeman
Rea Patton
696Let's talk about computersGerald S. Snyder122nf1979
697Eavesdropping on space; the quest of radio astronomyDavid C. Knight128b1979
698Your telephone and how it worksHerman Schneider
Nina Schneider
699AllergiesSarah Regal Riedman631979-80
700The arctic patrol mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1761979-80
701Arrow book of answersMary Elting1281979-80
702The black hole: a novelAlan Dean Foster186ewl1979-80
703The brown fox mysteryEllery Queen, Jr.214ewl1979-80
704Charlie and the chocolate factoryRoald Dahl161nf1979-80
705Charlie and the great glass elevator: the further adventures ofCharlie Bucket and Willy Wonka, chocolate-maker extraordinaryRoald Dahl164nf1979-80
706Danger on Vampire TrailFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
707DiamondsSara Hannum Chase901979-80
708The digestive system; how living creatures use foodAlvin Silverstein
Virginia B. Silverstein
709The disappearing floorFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
710Elbert, the mind readerBarbara Rinkoff1121979-80
711A figure in hidingFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
712Footprints under the windowFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
713Giants of spaceEdgar Tharp1281979-80
714The haunted fortFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
715Herbie goes to Monte CarloVic Crume139nf1979-80
716The hidden harbor mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
717Hunting for hidden goldFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
718The jungle pyramidFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
719LasersWilliam Burroughs611979-80
720Laser lightHerman Schneider1141979-80
721The life and words of John F. KennedyJames Playsted Wood80ewl1979-80
722The mark on the doorFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
723The melted coinsFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
724The missing chumsFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
725Mr. Yowder and the steamboatGlen Rounds48ewl1979-80
726The mystery of Cabin IslandFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
727The mystery of the Chinese junkFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
728Mystery of the desert giantFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
729Mystery of the flying expressFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
730Mystery of the samurai swordFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
731Night of the werewolfFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
732Nine roads to tomorrow: dramatic developments in scientific technologyD. S. Halacy175ewl1979-80
733Operation manhuntChristopher Nicole225ewl1979-80
734Operation destructChristopher Nicole230ewl1979-80
735The secret of the cavesFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
736The secret of Pirates' HillFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
737The secret of the old millFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
738Pollution: the dangerous atomClaire Jones1041979-80
739Project GeminiIrwin Stambler64b1979-80
740The shattered helmetFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
741The Shore Road mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
742The short-wave mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
743The sinister signpostFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
744Space shots: an album of the universeFred Hapgood781979-80
745Space shuttleL. B. Taylor119c1979-80
746Space shuttleDavid Baker72ewl1979-80
747Space station '80Lou Jacobs111c1979-80
748Star trek spaceflight chronologyStan Goldstein
Fred Goldstein
Susan Sackett
749The sting of the scorpionFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
750The twisted clawFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
751Tit for tat, and other Latvian folk talesMae Durham126c1979-80
752The wailing siren mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
753Walter, the lazy mouseMarjorie Flack95c1979-80
754What happened at midnightFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
755While the clock tickedFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
756The white sparrowPadraic Colum611979-80
757You and space neighborsJohn Bryan Lewellen581979-80
758The witchmaster's keyFranklin W. Dixon1966/1980
759The mysterious caravanFranklin W. Dixon1966/1980
760The yellow feather mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1966/17/1980
761The secret panelFranklin W. Dixon1966/17/1980
762Colonizing spaceErik Bergaust626/18/1980
763The first book of the Soviet UnionLouis Leo Snyder64c6/21/1980
764Germfree life; a new field in biological researchAlvin Silverstein96c6/24/1980
765TelecommunicationsMichael J. Barnes886/26/1980
766The phantom freighterFranklin W. Dixon1966/29/1980
767The secret agent on flight 101Franklin W. Dixon1967/3/1980
768The masked monkeyFranklin W. Dixon1967/3/1980
769The secret of the lost tunnelFranklin W. Dixon1967/4/1980
770The mystery of the Aztec warriorFranklin W. Dixon1967/5/1980
771Quasars, pulsars and black holes in spaceMelvin Berger57c7/6/1980
772The blue herring mysteryEllery Queen, Jr.2147/9/1980
773Mystery at Devil's PawFranklin W. Dixon1967/18/1980
774The sign of the crooked arrowFranklin W. Dixon1967/18/1980
775The clue of the screeching owlFranklin W. Dixon1967/19/1980
776Man's future in spacePatrick Moore887/19/1980
777The Moon, steppingstone to outer spaceDorothy Edwards Shuttlesworth
Lea Ann Williams
778Comets, meteoroids, and asteroids: mavericks of the solar systemFranklyn Mansfield Branley115c7/24/1980
779Science versus crimeWilliam Breckon88b7/25/1980
780The ghost at Skeleton RockFranklin W. Dixon1967/26/1980
781The Bombay boomerangFranklin W. Dixon1967/30/1980
782Mystery of the whale tattooFranklin W. Dixon1968/1/1980
783Star trek, 11James Blish188c8/3/1980
784Saudi ArabiaGeraldine Woods638/3/1980
785Kuwait and the rim of Arabia: Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, People's Democratic Republic of YemenGilda Berger648/4/1980
786Man-made fibresMike Lyth89b8/4/1980
787Living with computersBarry Blakeley
Robert Lewis
788The mystery of the spiral bridgeFranklin W. Dixon1968/8/1980
789The next 50 years on the moonErik Bergaust2728/8/1980
790Voices in the sky; the story of communications satellitesDon Dwiggins808/10/1980
791Skylab: pioneer space stationWilliam G. Holder
William D. Siuru Jr.
792Star Trek 9James Blish1838/18/1980
793Solar energyJohn Hoke838/19/1980
794The Star trek readerJames Blish422b8/23/1980
795LebanonGerald Newman668/24/1980
796Spare parts for peopleB. J. Williams88b8/24/1980
797The first book of Communist ChinaWilliam Kinmond878/26/1980
798IraqGeorge S. Fichter578/26/1980
799SyriaHenry Gilfond608/28/1980
800The first book of the AntarcticJoseph Bryan Icenhower668/31/1980
801The chemicals we eat and drinkAlvin Silverstein112c9/1/1980
802Star trekJames A. Lely32c9/1/1980
803The Star trek reader IIJames Blish457b9/6/1980
804The secret of Skull MountainFranklin W. Dixon196b9/1980
805The secret of Wildcat SwampFranklin W. Dixon196b9/1980
806IsraelNora Benjamin Kubie88b9/9/1980
807The Star trek reader IIIJames Blish447b9/1980
808The Star trek reader IVJames Blish472b10/14/1980
809The first book of MexicoSam Epstein88c10/16/1980
810Chess in a nutshellFred Reinfeld143c10/28/1980
811Star Trek log oneAlan Dean Foster184b11/4/1980
812The land and people of the West IndiesPhilip Manderson Sherlock172rw11/5/1980
813The first book of Central America and PanamaPatricia Maloney Markun90c11/1980
814The land and people of ChileJ. David Bowen159rw11/16/1980
815I am not SpockLeonard Nimoy135b11/18/1980
816The land and people of the GuianasAlan Mark Fletcher149rw11/30/1980
817The land and people of UruguayLavinia G. Dobler160rw12/6/1980
818The land and people of PeruJ. David Bowen158rw12/21/1980
819Star Trek log twoAlan Dean Foster176b12/23/1980
820Star trek: log threeAlan Dean Foster215b12/24/1980
821The land and people of ColombiaLionel Landry159rw12/26/1980
822The making of Star trekStephen E. Whitfield
Gene Roddenberry
823The Best of Trek: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
824The best of Trek #2: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
825Star trek: log fourAlan Dean Foster215b2/1981
826Star trek: log fiveAlan Dean Foster195b2/1981
827Star Trek log sixAlan Dean Foster195b3/17/1981
828Mars!Jeff Rovin244c3/22/1981
829Star trek ; log sevenAlan Dean Foster182b4/14/1981
830Star trek: log eightAlan Dean Foster183b4/17/1981
831South AmericaWilliam E. Carter86c4/26/1981
832Star Trek log nineAlan Dean Foster183b4/30/1981
833Star Trek log tenAlan Dean Foster250b5/2/1981
834An introduction to controlled thermonuclear fusionM. O. Hagler
M. Kristiansen
835Star Trek, the motion picture: a novelGene Roddenberry
Alan Dean Foster
836Star trek, the new voyagesSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
837The price of the phoenixSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
838The fate of the phoenixSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
839Lucy, the beginnings of humankindDonald C. Johanson
Maitland Edey
840Star trek 12James Blish
A. Lawrence
841Star Trek: the new voyages, 2Sondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
842Spock, Messiah!Theodore R. Cogswell
Charles A. Spanjo
843CosmosCarl Sagan365c6/28/1981
844Columbia and beyond: the story of the space shuttleFranklyn Mansfield Branley88wi6/28/1981
845The making of the trek conventions: or, How to throw a party for 12,000 of your most intimate friendsJoan Winston252ill6/30/1981
846Star trek, a taste of ArmageddonRobert D. Hamner
Gene L. Coon
847Day of the doveJerome Bixby152b7/2/1981
848Star trek, where no man has gone beforeSamuel Anthony Peeples159b7/3/1981
849The Empire strikes backDonald F. Glut214c7/4/1981
850The flight of the horseLarry Niven212b7/10/1981
851Space 1999: #1, Planets of perilMichael Butterworth173b7/13/1981
852Trek to Madworld: a Star Trek novelStephen Goldin177b7/14/1981
853Mystery at the ski jumpCarolyn Keene196c7/15/1981
854The clue of the dancing puppetCarolyn Keene196c7/15/1981
855The double jinx mysteryCarolyn Keene196c7/16/1981
856The phantom of Pine HillCarolyn Keene196c7/17/1981
857The invisible intruderCarolyn Keene196c7/17/1981
858The crooked banisterCarolyn Keene196c7/18/1981
859Star trek, a piece of the actionDavid P. Harmon
Gene L. Coon
860Star trek, the deadly yearsDavid P. Harmon150b7/20/1981
861Space 1999Michael Butterworth157b7/20/1981
862A hole in spaceLarry Niven196b7/21/1981
863Star trek: good news in modern imagesBetsy Caprio156ill7/30/1981
864Murmurs of Earth: the Voyager interstellar recordCarl Sagan276c8/1/1981
865Broca's brain: reflections on the romance of scienceCarl Sagan398c8/5/1981
866Meaning in Star TrekKarin Blair157ill8/8/1981
867Einstein's brain: a novelMark Olshaker323c8/10/1981
868A world out of time: a novelLarry Niven243c8/12/1981
869RingworldLarry Niven342b8/16/1981
870The Ringworld engineersLarry Niven357c8/19/1981
871ProtectorLarry Niven218b8/22/1981
872Neutron starLarry Niven285b8/25/1981
873Star trek, the motion picture: the photostory285ewl8/26/1981
874When Harlie was one: a novelDavid Gerrold247c8/29/1981
875Einstein's universeNigel Calder154b9/7/1981
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Stan Goldstein
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1231All the king's menRobert Penn Warren438ewl5/30/1986
1232Palm Sunday: an autobiographical collageKurt Vonnegut330c6/5/1986
1233Pudd'nhead WilsonMark Twain143c6/15/1986
1234They dare to speak out: people and institutions confront Israel's lobbyPaul Findley362c6/21/1986
1235The bridge across forever: a lovestoryRichard Bach316c7/31/1986
1236Time and againJack Finney399ewl8/1/1986
1237Convergent seriesLarry Niven227ewl8/4/1986
1238SiddharthaHermann Hesse122c8/6/1986
1239Have space suit -- will travelRobert A. Heinlein255c8/8/1986
1240It can't happen here: a novelSinclair Lewis458c8/10/1986
1241The mind's I: fantasies and reflections on self and soulDouglas R. Hofstadter501b8/14/1986
1242SteppenwolfHermann Hesse243b8/15/1986
1243Mother nightKurt Vonnegut192ewl8/29/1986
1244My view of the worldErwin Schrodinger110cmu8/31/1986
1245The eyes of HeisenbergFrank Herbert158ewl9/1/1986
1246The Heisenberg variationsJohn Bricuth95cmu9/19/1986
1247The sirens of TitanKurt Vonnegut319cmu9/29/1986
1249The German atomic bomb: the history of nuclear research in Nazi GermanyDavid John Cawdell Irving329cmu10/12/1986
1250QED: the strange theory of light and matterRichard Phillips Feynman158cmu10/20/1986
1251Inner exile: recollections of a life with Werner HeisenbergElisabeth Heisenberg170cmu10/22/1986
1252Moe Berg: athlete, scholar, spyLouis Kaufman274ill11/7/1986
1253Things fall apartChinua Achebe192ewl11/7/1986
1254The physicists: a play in two actsFriedrich Durrenmatt94cmu11/13/1986
1255An evening with Richard NixonGore Vidal157cmu11/13/1986
1256ArrowsmithSinclair Lewis335ewl11/18/1986
1257The great Ukrainian partisan movement and other tales of the Eisenhower yearsCharles Merrill245ewl11/22/1986
1258Bloom County Babylon: five years of basic naughtinessBerke Breathed224ewl11/16/1986
1259The inferno: a verse rendering for the modern readerDante Alighieri288ewl12/4/1986
1260The plagueAlbert Camus278cmu12/5/1986
1261The walled garden: the story of a schoolCharles Merrill219ewl12/8/1986
1262The war without a name: France in Algeria, 1954-1962John E. Talbott305cmu12/12/1986
1263Wampeters, foma & granfalloons (opinions)Kurt Vonnegut285cmu12/13/1986
1264The catcher in the ryeJ. D. Salinger214c12/18/1986
1265The story of EnglishRobert McCrum
William Cran
Robert MacNeil
1266For whom the bell tollsErnest Hemingway471cmu12/31/1986
1267The book of Frank HerbertFrank Herbert189ewl1/3/1987
1268Still life with WoodpeckerTom Robbins277cmu1/6/1987
1269The sun also risesErnest Hemingway247cmu1/9/1987
1270The making of the President, 1960Theodore Harold White400cmu1/12/1987
1271The Tao of physics: an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticismFritjof Capra346ewl1/16/1987
1272Doctor NoIan Fleming188cmu1/22/1987
1273The searchC. P. [Charles Percy] Snow343cmu2/8/1987
1274Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland: or, Stories of c, G, and hGeorge Gamow91cmu2/10/1987
1275Main StreetSinclair Lewis319ewl2/22/1987
1276Lawyer's lawyer: the life of John W. DavisWilliam Henry Harbaugh648cmu3/4/1987
1277Eenie, meenie, minie tweed: Eyebeam and the real worldSam Hurt122jg3/5/1987
1278What is life?: the physical aspect of the living cellErwin Schrodinger92cmu3/6/1987
1279Looking backward, 2000-1887Edward Bellamy337cmu3/14/1987
1280Erwin Schrodinger: an introduction to his writingsWilliam T. Scott175cmu3/18/1987
1281The Tower Commission report: the full text of the President's Special Review BoardUnited States550ewl3/29/1987
1282The penal colony, stories and short piecesFranz Kafka317jls4/7/1987
1283Lyndon Johnson and the American dreamDoris Kearns Goodwin463ewl4/10/1987
1284The tragedy of MacbethWilliam Shakespeare
Virginia A. LaMar
Louis B. Wright
1285MacBirdBarbara Garson109ewl4/12/1987
1286Happy birthday, Wanda June: a playKurt Vonnegut199cmu4/17/1987
1287Crisis resolution: Presidential decision making in the Mayaguez and Korean confrontationsRichard G. Head
Frisco W. Short
Richard C. McFarlane
1288The man who fell to earthDavid Fickling94cmu4/28/1987
1289Chaucer's Canterbury tales:Geoffrey Chaucer448ewl5/16/1987
1290Crime & punishment, a novel in six parts and an epilogueFyodor Dostoyevsky
Constance Garnett
1291The Tao of PoohBenjamin Hoff158ewl5/25/1987
1292Tesla, man out of timeMargaret Cheney320cmu5/31/1987
1293No exit, and three other playsJean Paul Sartre281cmu6/7/1987
1294Advice to a young scientistP. B. Medawar109cmu6/7/1987
1295Lake Wobegon daysGarrison Keillor337cmu6/12/1987
1296Between time and Timbuktu, or, Prometheus-5: a space fantasyKurt Vonnegut282cmu6/12/1987
1297Cat on a hot tin roofTennessee Williams168cmu6/13/1987
1298Cyrus VanceDavid S. McLellan194cmu6/13/1987
1299The color purple: a novelAlice Walker245cmu6/14/1987
1300Deep blackWilliam E. Burrows401cmu6/20/1987
1301The Brethren: inside the Supreme CourtBob Woodward
Scott Armstrong
1302The Falcon and the Snowman: a true story of friendship and espionageRobert Lindsey359c7/8/1987
1303Oliver TwistCharles Dickens419c7/14/1987
1304Catch-22: a novelJoseph Heller484c7/16/1987
1305Enterprise, the first adventureVonda N. McIntyre371ewl7/19/1987
1306Godel, Escher, Bach: an eternal golden braidDouglas R. Hofstadter777ewl7/24/1987
1307Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon, and the destruction of CambodiaWilliam Shawcross464ewl7/27/1987
1308A separate peace: a novelJohn Knowles186c7/29/1987
1309To kill a mockingbirdHarper Lee296c7/31/1987
1310Jitterbug perfumeTom Robbins342c8/3/1987
1311Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyDouglas Adams247c8/5/1987
1312Star trek lives!Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Joan Winston
Sondra Marshak
1313GoldfingerIan Fleming191cbl8/7/1987
1314I was a teen-age dwarfMax Shulman182cbl8/8/1987
1315The many loves of Dobie Gillis: eleven campus storiesMax Shulman211cbl8/10/1987
1316Without feathersWoody Allen221cbl8/10/1987
1317The march of folly: from Troy to VietnamBarbara Wertheim Tuchman447cmu8/25/1987
1318A civil tongueEdwin Newman207cmu8/29/1987
1319Where's the rest of me?Ronald Reagan
Richard G. Holbut
1320The good earthPearl S. Buck375cmu9/10/1987
1321Carl Friedrich Gauss, a biographyTord Hall176cmu9/16/1987
1322Scientists against timeJames Phinney Baxter473cmu9/29/1987
1323Thirteen days: a memoir of the Cuban missile crisisRobert F. Kennedy224cmu10/1/1987
1324A time to heal: the autobiography of Gerald R. FordGerald R. Ford454cmu10/10/1987
1325Squad helps dog bite victim, and other flubs from the nation's pressGloria Cooper122res10/10/1987
1326Congressional odyssey: the saga of a Senate billT. R. Reid140ewl10/14/1987
1327The once and future kingT. H. White639ewl10/19/1987
132820,000 leagues under the seaJules Verne253ewl10/23/1987
1329RagtimeE. L. Doctorow270cmu10/24/1987
1330The illuminatus! trilogyRobert Shea
Robert Anton Wilson
1331Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance: an inquiry into valuesRobert M. Pirsig412cmu12/13/1987
1332Institutional disability: the saga of transportation policy for the disabledRobert A. Katzmann211ewl12/13/1987
1333Stranger in a strange landRobert A. Heinlein438c12/23/1987
1334The story of J. Robert OppenheimerDenise Royal196c12/24/1987
1335Billy Budd, sailorHerman Melville102cbl12/27/1987
1336The Herblock bookHerbert Block244cbl12/28/1987
1337Jackie Mason's AmericaJackie Mason187c12/29/1987
1338The scarlet letterNathaniel Hawthorne254c12/31/1987
1339The American challengeJean Jacques Servan-Schreiber291c1/1/1988
1340The greening of America: how the youth revolution is trying to make America livableCharles A. Reich399c1/4/1988
1341Doonesbury deluxe: selected glances askanceG. B. Trudeau208c1/5/1988
1342A new democracyGary Hart180c1/5/1988
1343Why did they name it ... ?Hannah Campbell207c1/6/1988
1344The other America: poverty in the United StatesMichael Harrington199c1/8/1988
1345A streetcar named DesireTennessee Williams179cmu1/11/1988
1346The Western alliance: European-American relations since 1945Alfred Grosser375ewl2/3/1988
1347The road to confrontation: American policy toward China and Korea, 1947-1950William Whitney Stueck326ewl2/24/1988
1348Bluebeard: a novelKurt Vonnegut300elp2/29/1988
1349The CIA in Guatemala: the foreign policy of interventionRichard H. Immerman291ewl3/6/1988
1350JFK: ordeal in AfricaRichard D. Mahoney338ewl3/18/1988
1351Veil: the secret wars of the CIA, 1981-1987Bob Woodward543ewl3/29/1988
1352The rivals: America and Russia since World War IIAdam Bruno Ulam405ewl4/5/1988
1353Dangerous relations: the Soviet Union in world politics, 1970-1982Adam Bruno Ulam325ewl4/11/1988
1354Washington, D.C.: a novelGore Vidal377cmu4/28/1988
1355The road to normalcy: the presidential campaign and election of 1920Wesley Marvin Bagby206cmu4/30/1988
1356Hawks, doves, and owls: an agenda for avoiding nuclear warGraham T. Allison
Albert Carnesale
Joseph S. Nye Jr.
1357The cycles of American historyArthur Meier Schlesinger498c5/16/1988
1358The man who mistook his wife for a hat and other clinical talesOliver W. Sacks233c5/17/1988
1359Interactions: a journey through the mind of a particle physicist and the matter of this worldSheldon L. Glashow347ewl5/19/1988
1360East of EdenJohn Steinbeck691c5/24/1988
1361Ken Hechler: maverick public servantCharles H. Moffat372c5/28/1988
1362Star Trek IV: the voyage home: a novelVonda N. McIntyre274ewl5/29/1988
1363Iacocca: an autobiographyLee A. Iacocca352c6/1/1988
1364Chaos: making a new scienceJames Gleick352nysc6/22/1988
1365Les miserablesVictor Hugo1492c8/2/1988
1366Spycatcher: the candid autobiography of a senior intelligence officerPeter Wright392c8/5/1988
1367Democracy in AmericaAlexis de Tocqueville
Richard D. Heffner
1368Perestroika: new thinking for our country and the worldMikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev254c8/6/1988
1369The jungleUpton Sinclair317c8/10/1988
1370The Mossad inside stories: Israel's secret intelligence serviceDennis Eisenberg
Uri Dan
Eli Landau
1371The all-American boysWalter Cunningham321ewl8/20/1988
1372Gulliver's travelsJonathan Swift
Ricardo Quintona
1373The man with the golden gunIan Fleming158cbl8/23/1988
1374The second creation: makers of the revolution in twentieth-century physicsRobert P. Crease
Charles C. Mann
1375BikoDonald Woods288cmu9/19/1988
1376The Mexican pet: more "new" urban legends and some old favoritesJan Harold Brunvand221cmu9/20/1988
1377Too funny to be PresidentMorris K. Udall249c10/8/1988
1378Asking for trouble: autobiography of a banned journalistDonald Woods373cmu10/23/1988
1379Disorderly conduct: verbatim excerpts from actual casesRodney R. Jones
Charles Sevilla
Gerald F. Uelman
1380The story of Carnegie Tech: being a history of Carnegie Institute of Technology from 1900 to 1935Arthur Wilson Tarbell270cmu11/5/1988
1381The kandy-kolored tangerine-flake streamline babyTom Wolfe339cmu11/20/1988
1382The verse by the side of the road: the story of the Burma-Shave signs and jinglesFrank Rowsome121carn12/1/1988
1383The Media Lab: inventing the future at MITStewart Brand285cmu12/17/1988
1384Tales too ticklish to tell: Bloom CountyBerke Breathed122ewl12/18/1988
1385The death of a President, November 20-November 25, 1963William Raymond Manchester710cbl12/19/1988
1386What do YOU care what other people think?: further adventures of a curious characterRichard Phillips Feynman255ewl12/21/1988
1387The prisoner of ZendaAnthony Hope160cbl12/22/1988
1388The bonfire of the vanitiesTom Wolfe690elp12/27/1988
1389The razor's edge: a novelW. Somerset Maugham258c1/6/1989
1390The closing of the American mind: how higher education has failed democracy and impoverished the souls of today's studentsAllan David Bloom392c1/14/1989
1391Jude the obscureThomas Hardy488cmu1/22/1989
1392Showdown at Gucci Gulch: lawmakers, lobbyists, and the unlikely triumph of tax reformJeffrey H. Birnbaum
Alan S. Murray
1393Yukon ho!: a Calvin and Hobbes collectionBill Watterson127mab2/23/1989
1394Absalom, Absalom!William Faulkner378cmu4/20/1989
1395The mathematical tourist: snapshots of modern mathematicsIvars Peterson240ewl4/24/1989
1396Leaving homeGarrison Keillor244ewl4/26/1989
1397A brief history of time: from the big bang to black holesS. W. Hawking198ewl4/28/1989
1398The complete Yes minister: the diaries of a cabinet ministerJonathan Lynn
Anthony Jay
1399The Hotel New HampshireJohn Irving401cmu5/25/1989
1400Mind children: the future of robot and human intelligenceHans P. Moravec214ewl5/30/1989
1401The world according to Garp: a novelJohn Irving437k6/19/1989
1402Steve Jobs: the journey is the rewardJeffrey S. Young440ewl6/19/1989
1403Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple -- a journey of adventure, ideas, and the futureJohn Sculley
John A. Byrne
1404Ever since Darwin: reflections in natural historyStephen Jay Gould285k6/26/1989
1405Raising a baby the government way: mothers' letters to the Children's Bureau, 1915-1932Molly Ladd-Taylor212ewl8/30/1989
1406The changing American family and public policyAndrew J. Cherlin261ewl9/3/1989
1407The Puritan family: religion & domestic relations in seventeenth-century New EnglandEdmund Sears Morgan196ewl9/8/1989
1408For her own good: 150 years of the experts' advice to womenBarbara Ehrenreich
Barbara Ehrenreich
1409Love & the American delinquent: the theory and practice of "progressive" juvenile justice, 1825-1920Steven L. Schlossman302ewl9/24/1989
1410Being thereJerzy N. Kosinski150cmu10/1/1989
1411Fahrenheit 451Ray Bradbury192cmu10/1/1989
1412A cycle of outrage: America's reaction to the juvenile delinquent in the 1950sJames Burkhart Gilbert258ewl10/13/1989
1413Domestic tyranny: the making of social policy against family violence from colonial times to the presentElizabeth Hafkin Pleck273ewl10/15/1989
1414Heroes of their own lives:Linda Gordon383ewl10/23/1989
1415Entropy: into the greenhouse worldJeremy Rifkin354jah11/11/1989
1416Invisible manRalph Ellison569elp11/18/1989
1417The life and loves of a 'she-devil'Fay Weldon241cmu12/16/1989
1418The end of natureBill McKibben226elp1/6/1990
1419Blott on the landscapeTom Sharpe238ewl1/8/1990
1420Future shockAlvin Toffler561ewl1/11/1990
1421The cider house rulesJohn Irving598elp1/13/1990
1422Spy notes on McInerney's bright lights, big city, Janowitz's slaves of New York, Ellis' less than zero, and all those other hip urban novels of the 1980s89elp1/15/1990
1423Intervention: how America became involved in VietnamGeorge McTurnan Kahin550ewl2/1/1990
1424A bright shining lie: John Paul Vann and America in VietnamNeil Sheehan861ewl2/3/1990
1425Raising PG kids in an X-rated societyTipper Gore219carn2/4/1990
1426Lyndon Johnson's war: the road to stalemate in VietnamLarry Berman254ewl2/17/1990
1427The inner game of tennisW. Timothy Gallwey141hill2/23/1990
1428The Sino-Vietnamese relationship and the Soviet UnionCharles McGregor94cmu2/27/1990
1429On strategy: a critical analysis of the Vietnam WarHarry G. Summers279ewl3/14/1990
1430The quiet AmericanGraham Greene188ewl3/16/1990
1431Billy Bathgate: a novelE. L. Doctorow323ewl3/20/1990
1432The bad war: an oral history of the Vietnam WarKim Willenson451ewl3/22/1990
1433The Army and VietnamAndrew F. Krepinevich318ewl3/30/1990
1434Everything we had: an oral history of the Vietnam WarAl Santoli268ewl4/10/1990
1435Fear and loathing: on the campaign trail '72Hunter S. Thompson505cmu4/30/1990
1436The devil's advocateMorris L. West351elp5/11/1990
1437Generation of swine: tales of shame and degradation in the '80sHunter S. Thompson304cmu5/17/1990
1438Reading the numbers: a survival guide to the measurements, numbers, and sizes encountered in everyday lifeMary Blocksma224ewl5/18/1990
1439The shoes of the fishermanMorris L. West288elp5/25/1990
1440Waiting for Godot: tragicomedy in 2 actsSamuel Beckett60elp5/27/1990
1441Interview with the vampire: a novelAnne Rice346carn6/10/1990
1442What I saw at the revolution: a political life in the Reagan eraPeggy Noonan353cmu6/13/1990
1443Skinny legs and allTom Robbins422elp6/15/1990
1444Spike Lee's gotta have it: inside guerrilla filmmakingSpike Lee366ewl6/24/1990
1445A prayer for Owen Meany: a novelJohn Irving543elp6/29/1990
1446The emperor's new mind: concerning computers, minds, and the laws of physicsRoger Penrose466ewl7/3/1990
1447The mysteries of PittsburghMichael Chabon297cmu7/8/1990
1448Flashbacks: on returning to VietnamMorley Safer206carn7/11/1990
1449Helter skelter: the true story of the Manson murdersVincent Bugliosi
Curt Gentry
1450Strictly speaking: will America be the death of English?Edwin Newman205carn7/17/1990
1451The Feynman lectures on physics: quantum mechanicsRichard Phillips Feynman
Robert B. Leighton
Matthew Sands
1452Secrets of the temple: how the Federal Reserve runs the countryWilliam Greider798carn7/26/1990
1453AwakeningsOliver W. Sacks338carn8/13/1990
1454Animal liberationPeter Singer297elp8/19/1990
1455Uplift the race: the construction of School dazeSpike Lee
Lisa Jones
1456Green rage: radical environmentalism and the unmaking of civilizationChristopher Manes291elp8/27/1990
1457The Feynman Lectures on physics:Richard Phillips Feynman
Robert B. Leighton
Matthew Sands
1458The new industrial stateJohn Kenneth Galbraith384elp9/23/1990
1459Contemporary climatologyA. Henderson-Sellers
Peter J. Robinson
1460The illuminati papersRobert Anton Wilson149pc10/24/1990
1461The powers that beDavid Halberstam1071ewl11/6/1990
1462Feynman lectures on physics the electromagnetic fieldRichard Phillips Feynman
Robert B. Leighton
Matthew Sands
1463The hearts of men: American dreams and the flight from commitmentBarbara Ehrenreich206carn11/17/1990
1464Fear of falling: the inner life of the middle classBarbara Ehrenreich292ewl11/20/1990
1465Ronald Reagan, the movie and other episodes in political demonologyMichael Paul Rogin366elp12/1/1990
1466Eugene V. Debs: citizen and socialistNick Salvatore437carn12/16/1990
1467Collusion across the Jordan: King Abdullah, the Zionist movement, and the partition of PalestineAvi Shlaim676carn1/21/1991
1468Yes, Prime Minister: the diaries of the Right Hon. James HackerJonathan Lynn
Antony Jay
1469The new! improved! Bob & Ray bookBob Elliott
Ray Goulding
1470Washington goes to warDavid Brinkley286carn2/8/1991
1471Hocus pocusKurt Vonnegut302carn2/14/1991
1472MatigariNgugi wa Thiongo175elp2/16/1991
1473The mummy, or Ramses the damned: a novelAnne Rice436elp2/20/1991
1474Friends in high places:Laton McCartney273carn3/10/1991
1475The reckoningDavid Halberstam786ewl3/12/1991
1476The Kingdom: Arabia & the House of SaudRobert Lacey631carn3/21/1991
1477The science of soundThomas D. Rossing686elp3/31/1991
1478The worst years of our lives: irreverent notes from a decade of greedBarbara Ehrenreich275carn4/10/1991
1479A field guide to the atmosphereVincent J. Schaefer
John A. Day
1480Schaum's outline of theory and problems of tensor calculusDavid C. Kay228ewl5/19/1991
1481Tuva or bust!: Richard Feynman's last journeyRalph Leighton254ewl5/20/1991
1482And the band played on: politics, people, and the AIDS epidemicRandy Shilts630carn5/26/1991
1483The First Amendment bookRobert J. Wagman265ewl6/16/1991
1484Meteorology today: an introduction to weather, climate, and the environmentC. Donald Ahrens523carn7/3/1991
1485Fatal visionJoe McGinniss653ewl7/7/1991
1486Classics of western literature: Bloom County, 1986-1989Berke Breathed251ewl7/13/1991
1487Islands of truth: a mathematical mystery cruiseIvars Peterson325ewl7/20/1991
1488The worldly philosophers: the lives, times, and ideas of the great economic thinkersRobert L. Heilbroner365ewl8/3/1991
1489The guns of AugustBarbara Wertheim Tuchman575ewl8/27/1991
1490Elmer GantrySinclair Lewis447ewl9/1/1991
1491The Manchurian candidateRichard Condon311cu9/2/1991
1492The politics of rich and poor: wealth and the American electorate in the Reagan aftermathKevin P. Phillips262bo10/15/1991
1493Blank check: the Pentagon's black budgetTim Weiner273ewl10/20/1991
1494Gravity's rainbowThomas Pynchon760cu11/4/1991
1495Make no law: the Sullivan case and the First AmendmentAnthony Lewis354cu11/5/1991
1496Edge city: life on the new frontierJoel Garreau546cu11/11/1991
1497Labor of love, labor of sorrow: Black women, work, and the family from slavery to the presentJacqueline Jones432ewl11/28/1991
1498The healing brain: breakthrough discoveries about how the brain keeps us healthyRobert E. Ornstein
David Sobol
1499WatchmenAlan Moore
Dave Gibbons
1500Abortion: the clash of absolutesLaurence H. Tribe298ewl12/23/1991
1501President Johnson's war on poverty: rhetoric and historyDavid Zarefsky275cu12/23/1991
1502Three blind mice: how the TV networks lost their wayKen Auletta642elp12/28/1991
1503The power broker: Robert Moses and the fall of New YorkRobert A. Caro1246elp1/9/1992
1504Star trek VI, the undiscovered country: a novelJ. M. Dillard301ewl1/11/1992
1505Backlash: the undeclared war against American womenSusan Faludi552ewl1/14/1992
1506The commandersBob Woodward398cu1/19/1992
1507All fall down: America's tragic encounter with IranGary Sick432ewl1/30/1992
1508Politics and war: European conflict from Philip II to HitlerDavid E. Kaiser435cu2/17/1992
1509A gift of wingsRichard Bach299dcbt2/27/1992
1510The man who knew infinity: a life of the genius RamanujanRobert Kanigel438ewl3/8/1992
1511U.S. mail: the story of the United States postal serviceArthur E. Summerfield256cu3/9/1992
1512Monopoly mail: privatizing the United States Postal ServiceDouglas K. Adie197cu3/20/1992
1513The Federalist papersClinton Rossiter560ewl3/26/1992
1514From Beirut to JerusalemThomas L. Friedman541bo3/29/1992
1515A clockwork orangeAnthony Burgess185bo4/11/1992
1516Rivethead: tales from the assembly lineBen Hamper234ewl4/13/1992
1517Batman: the dark knight returnsFrank Miller192rlh5/12/1992
1518Black Hills white justice:Edward Lazarus486ewl5/16/1992
1519Discipline and punish: the birth of the prisonMichel Foucault333cu5/20/1992
1520The autobiography of Malcolm XMalcolm X460ewl5/25/1992
1521The Samson option: Israel's nuclear arsenal and American foreign policySeymour M. Hersh354ewl5/31/1992
1522Why Gorbachev happened: his triumphs and his failureRobert G. Kaiser476bo6/7/1992
1523The Shah's last ride: the fate of an allyWilliam Shawcross463cu6/11/1992
1524The dispossessed: an ambiguous UtopiaUrsula K. Le Guin341cu6/14/1992
15252061: odyssey threeArthur Charles Clarke271cu6/14/1992
1526On wings of eaglesKen Follett369cu6/18/1992
1527The aspirin wars: money, medicine, and 100 years of rampant competitionCharles C. Mann
Mark L. Plummer
1528God save this honorable court: how the choice of Supreme Court justices shapes our historyLaurence H. Tribe171cu6/25/1992
1529The age of JacksonArthur Meier Schlesinger577bo7/5/1992
1530Savage inequalities: children in America's schoolsJonathan Kozol262cu7/9/1992
1531The prisoner: shattered visageDean Motter
Mark Askwith
1532Patenting the sun: polio and the Salk vaccineJane S. Smith413cu7/21/1992
1533Molly Ivins can't say that, can she?Molly Ivins284cu7/24/1992
1534The national debtLawrence Malkin309ewl8/8/1992
1535MITI and the Japanese miracle: the growth of industrial policy, 1925-1975Chalmers A. Johnson393rlh8/15/1992
1536Who will tell the people: the betrayal of American democracyWilliam Greider464bo8/25/1992
1537SlackerRichard Linklater153ewl9/7/1992
1538Teller's war: the top-secret story behind the Star Wars deceptionWilliam Broad350cu9/21/1992
1539Re-making love: the feminization of sexBarbara Ehrenreich
Elizabeth Hess
Gloria Jacobs
1540Possessing the secret of joyAlice Walker286ewl10/17/1992
1541Why we lost the ERAJane J. Mansbridge327ewl10/27/1992
1542The making of a senator: Dan QuayleRichard F. Fenno180cwc11/8/1992
1543By any means necessary: the trials and tribulations of the making of Malcolm XSpike Lee312ewl11/17/1992
1544Burr: a novelGore Vidal564ewl2/1/1993
1545The making of the atomic bombRichard Rhodes886dcbt2/8/1993
1546Turning point: a candidate, a state, and a nation come of ageJimmy Carter223ewl2/9/1993
1547The age of missing informationBill McKibben254ewl2/10/1993
1548The official Prisoner companionMatthew White
Jaffer Ali
1549Genius: the life and science of Richard FeynmanJames Gleick532ewl2/14/1993
15501876: a novelGore Vidal443ewl2/18/1993
1551The prize: the epic quest for oil, money, and powerDaniel Yergin885ewl2/27/1993
1552Capitol games: Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, and the story of a Supreme Court nominationTimothy M. Phelps
Helen Winternitz
1553Knock woodCandice Bergen354cu3/6/1993
1554The temple of my familiarAlice Walker417ewl3/11/1993
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Jane Sherron De Hart
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Camden Benares
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Pratibha Parmar
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Jerry Lucas
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Neil Howe
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Carol Gilligan
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Andrew Wilson
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E. B. White
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Gentry Lee
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Roberta Poinar
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Michael Browning
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William Strauss
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Joseph Layden
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Terrie Maxine Frankel
Joanne Parrent
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Judith R. Goodstein
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Caroline Kennedy
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Caroline Kennedy
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William J. Emery
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Dwight Arnan Williams
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Per Enge
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Michelle Feynman
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Stephen J. Dubner
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Noreen Morioka
Terry Stone
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Jacqueline Mitton
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Paula Spencer
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Klara Glowczewska
2179What Shamu taught me about life, love, and marriage: lessons for people from animals and their trainersAmy Sutherland168mc7/23/2008
2180The Emperor: downfall of an autocratRyszard Kapuscinski176xczt7/25/2008
2181Rocks of ages: science and religion in the fullness of lifeStephen Jay Gould241xczt8/1/2008
2182American Prometheus: the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert OppenheimerKai Bird
Martin J. Sherwin
2183The call of the mallPaco Underhill227mc8/25/2008
2184Sway: the irresistible pull of irrational behaviorOri Brafman
Rom Brafman
2185Microcosm: E. coli and the new science of lifeCarl Zimmer256mc9/15/2008
2186Splitting the second: the story of atomic timeTony Jones199ewl9/16/2008
2187Paris 1919: six months that changed the worldMargaret MacMillan570mc10/16/2008
2188Travels with HerodotusRyszard Kapuscinski275xczt10/21/2008
2189Reading Lolita in Tehran: a memoir in booksAzar Nafisi380ewl11/13/2008
2190More information than you requireJohn Hodgman368ewl11/19/2008
2191Nudge: improving decisions about health, wealth, and happinessRichard H. Thaler
Cass R. Sunstein
2192Three cups of tea: one man's mission to promote peace ... one school at a timeGreg Mortenson
David Oliver Relin
2193Dreams from my father: a story of race and inheritanceBarack Obama442pg12/23/2008
2194Outliers: the story of successMalcolm Gladwell309xczt12/31/2008
2195Do you speak American?: a companion to the PBS television seriesRobert MacNeil
William Cran
2196Eats, shoots & leaves: the zero tolerance approach to punctuationLynne Truss209mc1/9/2009
2197When you are engulfed in flamesDavid Sedaris323mc1/14/2009
2198Mistakes were made (but not by me): why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions, and hurtful actsCarol Tavris
Elliot Aronson
2199The shadow factory: the ultra-secret NSA from 9/11 to the eavesdropping on AmericaJames Bamford395mc2/3/2009
2200Nixonland: the rise of a president and the fracturing of AmericaRick Perlstein881mc2/22/2009
2201Supreme courtship: a novelChristopher Buckley285mc2/24/2009
2202Flash of genius: and other true stories of inventionJohn Seabrook356mc3/6/2009
2203The genome war: how Craig Venter tried to capture the code of life and save the worldJames Shreeve403mc3/17/2009
2204Words that work: it's not what you say, it's what people hearFrank I. Luntz324mc4/7/2009
2205Counselor: a life at the edge of historyTheodore C. Sorensen556mc5/2/2009
2206The no-cry discipline solution: gentle ways to encourage good behavior without whining, tantrums, & tearsElizabeth Pantley304mc5/15/2009
2207Rumpole misbehavesJohn Clifford Mortimer196mc5/21/2009
2208Devil in a blue dressWalter Mosley219mc5/27/2009
2209The dynamics of defeat: the Vietnam War in Hau Nghia ProvinceEric M. Bergerud383ill6/10/2009
2210Sun in a bottle: the strange history of fusion and the science of wishful thinkingCharles Seife294mc6/18/2009
2211Arsenals of folly: the making of the nuclear arms raceRichard Rhodes386ewl7/1/2009
2212The illustrated manRay Bradbury275mc8/5/2009
2213The professor and the madman: a tale of murder, insanity, and the making of the Oxford English dictionarySimon Winchester242ewl8/17/2009
2214McDonald's: behind the archesJohn F. Love470mc8/21/2009
2215The coldest winter: America and the Korean WarDavid Halberstam719pg9/16/2009
2216Deciding the next decider: the 2008 presidential race in rhymeCalvin Trillin116mc10/7/2009
2217What we know about climate changeKerry A. Emanuel85noaa11/20/2009
2218A fiery peace in a cold war: Bernard Schriever and the ultimate weaponNeil Sheehan534ewl12/11/2009
2219Too big to fail: the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system from crisis--and lostAndrew Ross Sorkin624ewl1/4/2010
2220The checklist manifesto: how to get things rightAtul Gawande224ewl2/12/2010
2221How we decideJonah Lehrer320ewl3/1/2010
2222The death of American virtue: Clinton vs. StarrKen Gormley789ewl3/10/2010
2223Eleanor Roosevelt, Vol. 1: 1884-1933Blanche Wiesen Cook608ewl5/14/2010
2224The long arm of Gil HamiltonLarry Niven182ewl6/25/2010
2225Autumn: an alphabet acrosticSteven Schnur
Leslie Evans
2226When autumn comesRobert Maass32pg10/2/2010
2227The Halloween playFelicia Bond32pg10/2/2010
2228The bumpy little pumpkinMargery Cuyler
Will Hillenbrand
2229Pilgrim catCarol Antoinette Peacock
Doris Ettlinger
2230It's pumpkin time!Zoe Hall
Shari Halpern
2231Pumpkin soupHelen F. Cooper32pg10/2/2010
2232Harriet's Halloween candyNancy L. Carlson32pg10/2/2010
2233Clifford's Halloween; story and pictures by Norman BridwellNorman Bridwell48pg10/2/2010
2234Now it's fall.Lois Lenski48pg10/2/2010
2235If you give a pig a partyLaura Joffe Numeroff
Felicia Bond
2236If you give a pig a pancakeLaura Joffe Numeroff
Felicia Bond
2237If you give a moose a muffinLaura Joffe Numeroff
Felicia Bond
2238If you take a mouse to schoolLaura Joffe Numeroff
Felicia Bond
2239If you give a mouse a cookieLaura Joffe Numeroff
Felicia Bond
2240Chicka chicka ABCBill Martin
John Archambault
Lois Ehlert
2241A pocket for Corduroy: story and picturesDon Freeman32pg10/9/2010
2242Bear snores onKarma Wilson
Jane Chapman
2243Please say please, grumpy bunny!Justine Fontes
Lucinda McQueen
2244Sunflower houseEve Bunting
Kathryn Hewitt
2245Little puppy saves the dayPatricia Jensen
Marcelle Geneste
2246Tumble bumbleFelicia Bond32y10/27/2010
2247Obama's warsBob Woodward441ewl10/31/2010
2248The moonRobert Louis Stevenson
Tracey Campbell Pearson
2249My friend is sadMo Willems64pg11/4/2010
2250Mr. Putter & Tabby see the starsCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2251Mr. Putter & Tabby paint the porchCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2252Mr. Putter & Tabby spin the yarnCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2253The best mistake ever! and other storiesRichard Scarry48y11/5/2010
2254Uno, dos, tres = One, two, threePat Mora
Barbara Lavallee
2255Poppleton in fallCynthia Rylant
Mark Teague
2256Poppleton has funCynthia Rylant
Mark Teague
2257Dot & Jabber and the big bug mysteryEllen Stoll Walsh40pg11/8/2010
2258Pearl and Wagner: one funny dayKate McMullan
Robert W. Alley
2259All the way to Lhasa: a tale from TibetBarbara Berger32pg11/10/2010
2260The high-rise private eyes: the case of the sleepy slothCynthia Rylant
G. Brian Karas
2261Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving dinnerLillian Hoban63pg11/12/2010
2262Annie and Snowball and the magical houseCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2263The case of the fidgety foxCynthia Rylant
G. Brian Karas
2264The gigantic turnipAleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy
Niamh Sharkey
2265Thanksgiving at the TappletonsEileen Spinelli32pg11/13/2010
2266The Gingerbread CowboyJanet Squires
Holly Berry
2267Our grandparents: a global albumMaya Ajmera
Cynthia Pon
2268Mr. Putter & Tabby catch the coldCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2269Henry and Mudge and a very merry Christmas: the twenty-fifth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2270Tap-dance feverPat Brisson
Nancy Cote
2271The Gentleman BugJulian Hector40c11/26/2010
2272PantaloonKathryn Jackson
Steven Salerno
2273Henry and Mudge in the family trees: the fifteenth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2274Henry and Mudge and the funny lunch: the twenty-fourth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Carolyn Bracken
2275The case of the desperate duckCynthia Rylant
G. Brian Karas
2276The goldfish yawnedElizabeth Sayles40y11/29/2010
2277You'll soon grow into them, TitchPat Hutchins32pg11/30/2010
2278Alice Ann gets ready for schoolCynthia Jabar32pg11/30/2010
2279A perfect little pigletRita Balducci42y11/30/2010
2280Water baby: the story of AlvinVictoria A. Kaharl356lc12/2/2010
2281Bark, GeorgeJules Feiffer30pg12/5/2010
2282The eensy weensy spiderMary Ann Hoberman
Nadine Bernard Westcott
2283Pajama time!Sandra Boynton24y12/7/2010
2284Llama Llama red pajamaAnna Dewdney40y12/7/2010
2285Horace and Morris say cheese (which makes Dolores sneeze!)James Howe
Amy Walrod
2286When you take a pig to a partyKristina Thermaenius McLarey
Marjory Wunsch
2287Horace and Morris but mostly DoloresJames Howe
Steve Johnson
Margery Williams Bianco
2288Horace and Morris join the chorus (but what about Dolores?)James Howe
Amy Walrod
2289Fidgety fishRuth Galloway32nc12/12/2010
2290Colonel RooseveltEdmund Morris766ewl1/1/2011
2291The case of the baffled bearCynthia Rylant
G. Brian Karas
2292There's a wocket in my pocket!Dr Seuss28pg1/3/2011
2293Richard Scarry's colorsRichard Scarry18pg1/3/2011
2294Okie-dokie, Artichokie!Grace Lin40pg1/3/2011
2295Maisy's snowy Christmas EveLucy Cousins30pg1/3/2011
2296Beware of the bears!Alan MacDonald
Gwyneth Williamson
2297Silk parachuteJohn A. McPhee227mt1/5/2011
2298Henry and Mudge and the big sleepover: the twenty-eighth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2299The mind's eyeOliver W. Sacks263mt1/8/2011
2300Hey! wake up!Sandra Boynton24y1/8/2011
2301Amanda Pig on her ownJean Van Leeuwen
Ann Schweninger
2302Tales of Amanda PigJean Van Leeuwen
Ann Schweninger
2303More tales of Amanda PigJean Van Leeuwen
Ann Schweninger
2304Amanda Pig and the really hot dayJean Van Leeuwen
Ann Schweninger
2305Amanda Pig and her big brother OliverJean Van Leeuwen
Ann Schweninger
2306Amanda Pig and her best friend LollipopJean Van Leeuwen
Ann Schweninger
2307OwenKevin Henkes32pg1/9/2011
2308Franklin forgetsSharon Jennings
Paulette Bourgeois
Sean Jeffrey
2309Pearl and Wagner: four eyesKate McMullan
Robert W. Alley
2310OliviaIan Falconer40y1/9/2011
2311The adventures of Lowly WormRichard Scarry44y1/15/2011
2312What does the sky say?Nancy White Carlstrom
Tim Ladwig
2313YokoRosemary Wells32pg1/29/2011
2314Yoko's paper cranesRosemary Wells32pg1/29/2011
2315Ballet sisters: the newest dancerJan Ormerod32pg1/29/2011
2316Brownie & Pearl step outCynthia Rylant
Brian Biggs
2317Yoko writes her nameRosemary Wells32pg1/30/2011
2318Houndsley and CatinaJames Howe
Marie-Louise Gay
2319Houndsley and Catina and the birthday surpriseJames Howe
Marie-Louise Gay
2320The very hungry caterpillarEric Carle32y1/30/2011
2321Baby Bear, Baby Bear, what do you see?Bill Martin
Eric Carle
2322Houndsley and Catina plink and plunkJames Howe
Marie-Louise Gay
2323Houndsley and Catina and the quiet timeJames Howe48pg1/31/2011
2324Oh, I am so embarrassed!Anna H. Dickson
Tom Cooke
2325Pooh plays doctorKathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
Robbin Cuddy
A. A. (Alan Alexander) Milne
2326Ridiculous!Michael Coleman
Gwyneth Williamson
2327I feel frightenedBrian Moses
Mike Gordon
2328Over in the ocean: in a coral reefMarianne Collins Berkes
Jeanette Canyon
2329Valentine's DayGail Gibbons32pg2/2/2011
2330Nobody owns the sky: the story of "brave Bessie" ColemanReeve Lindbergh
Pamela Paparone
2331The universe in a mirror: the saga of the Hubble Telescope and the visionaries who built itRobert Zimmerman287rw2/10/2011
2332Bringing in the New YearGrace Lin34pg2/11/2011
2333Harriet and the gardenNancy L. Carlson32pg2/11/2011
2334When I was young in the mountainsCynthia Rylant
Diane Goode
2335Little engines can do big thingsBritt Allcroft24y2/12/2011
2336Miss Flora McFlimsey's valentineCaroline Walton Howe32pg2/20/2011
2337SmittenDavid Gordon40y2/20/2011
2338Henry and Mudge and the tumbling trip: the twenty-seventh book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Carolyn Bracken
Susie Stevenson
2339Thomas and the school tripOwain Bell
W. Awdry
2340Brownie & Pearl get dolled upCynthia Rylant
Brian Biggs
2341Angelina and the PrincessKatharine Holabird
Helen Craig
2342Can I play, too?Mo Willems64bn2/27/2011
2343Pigs make me sneeze!Mo Willems56bn2/27/2011
2344The immortal life of Henrietta LacksRebecca Skloot369ewl3/4/2011
2345Feeding the sheepLeda Schubert
Andrea U'Ren
2346BrontorinaJames Howe
Randy Cecil
2347For the love of soccer!Pele
Frank Morrison
2348Max cleans upRosemary Wells32pg3/5/2011
2349Dave the potter: artist, poet, slaveLaban Carrick Hill
Bryan Collier
2350Not all princesses dress in pinkJane Yolen
Heidi E. Y. Stemple
Anne-Sophie Lanquetin
2351Biblioburro: a true story from ColombiaJeanette Winter32pg3/6/2011
2352Grover's 10 terrific ways to help our wonderful worldAnna Ross
Tom Leigh
2353Bee-bim bop!Linda Sue Park
Ho Baek Lee
2354Geraldine's baby brotherHolly Keller24pg3/14/2011
2355Geraldine firstHolly Keller24pg3/14/2011
2356KipperMick Inkpen28pg3/14/2011
2357Bruno the bakerLars Klinting36pg3/14/2011
2358Bruno the tailorLars Klinting32pg3/14/2011
2359Bruno the carpenterLars Klinting40pg3/14/2011
2360The promise: President Obama, year oneJonathan Alter458ewl3/17/2011
2361Grandma Lena's big ol'turnipDenia Hester
Jackie Urbanovic
2362I love christmasAnna Walker32pg3/23/2011
2363Angelina and the royal weddingKatharine Holabird
Helen Craig
2364The cazuela that the farm maiden stirredSamantha R. Vamos
Rafael Lˇpez
2365The taming of Lola: a shrew storyEllen Weiss
Jerry Smath
2366The myth of the rational market: a history of risk, reward, and delusion on Wall StreetJustin Fox382pg3/28/2011
2367Pigs to the rescueJohn Himmelman32pg3/28/2011
2368Olivia goes to VeniceIan Falconer48pg3/29/2011
2369Say hello, LilyDeborah Lakritz
Martha AvilÚs Junco
2370Harriet and the roller coasterNancy L. Carlson32pg4/4/2011
2371Harriet's recitalNancy L. Carlson32pg4/4/2011
2372The runaway dinnerAllan Ahlberg
Bruce Ingman
2373Bunny bungalowCynthia Rylant
Nancy Hayashi
2374Badger's bad moodHiawyn Oram
Susan Varley
2375Dancing LarryDaniel Manus Pinkwater
Jill Pinkwater
2376Supreme power: Franklin Roosevelt vs. the Supreme CourtJeff Shesol644ewl4/14/2011
2377Puppies and piggiesCynthia Rylant
Ivan Bates
2378The Chicken sistersLaura Joffe Numeroff
Sharleen Collicott
2379Annie and Snowball and the pink surpriseCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2380Annie and Snowball and the Book Bugs Club: the ninth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2381Mr. Putter & Tabby clear the decksCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2382Badger's bring something partyHiawyn Oram
Susan Varley
2383Where are baby's Easter eggs?: a lift-the-flap bookKaren Katz12pg4/16/2011
2384Two blue jaysAnne F. Rockwell
Megan Halsey
2385Surprise soupMary Ann Rodman
G. Brian Karas
2386Princess Chamomile gets her wayHiawyn Oram
Susan Varley
2387Skinny brown dogKimberly Willis Holt
Donald Saaf
2388Bunny moneyRosemary Wells32pg4/28/2011
2389Bunny mailRosemary Wells32pg4/28/2011
2390Ruby's beauty shopRosemary Wells32pg4/28/2011
2391Amanda Pig and the wiggly toothJean Van Leeuwen
Ann Schweninger
2392The Pine BarrensJohn A. McPhee149ewl4/30/2011
2393Digby and Kate and the beautiful dayBarbara Baker
Marsha Winborn
2394Bunny cakesRosemary Wells32pg5/1/2011
2395Pig Pig gets a jobDavid McPhail24y5/1/2011
2396CorduroyDon Freeman32y5/1/2011
2397Anybody can play: featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street MuppetsJocelyn Stevenson
Beverly Phillips
2398Brownie & Pearl see the sightsCynthia Rylant
Brian Biggs
2399Mr. Putter & Tabby toot the hornCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2400Franklin rides a bikePaulette Bourgeois
Brenda Clark
2401Oliver, Amanda, and Grandmother PigJean Van Leeuwen
Ann Schweninger
2402Two little trainsMargaret Wise Brown
Leo Dillon
Diane Dillon
2403I lost my tooth in AfricaPenda DiakitÚ
Baba WaguÚ DiakitÚ
2404Petey's bedtime storyBeverly Cleary
David Small
2405Cat up a treeJohn Hassett
Ann M. Hassett
2406Angelina at the fairHelen Craig
Katharine Holabird
2407Sheila Rae, the braveKevin Henkes32pg5/13/2011
2408Mouse paintEllen Stoll Walsh32store5/14/2011
2409Lilly's big dayKevin Henkes32pg5/14/2011
2410Angelina's baby sisterKatharine Holabird
Helen Craig
2411Timothy goes to schoolRosemary Wells32pg5/15/2011
2412Julius, the baby of the worldKevin Henkes32pg5/16/2011
2413Snuggle Puppy: a little love songSandra Boynton24y5/16/2011
2414Upstairs Mouse, downstairs MoleWong Herbert Yee48pg5/17/2011
2415A spoon for every biteJoe Hayes
Rebecca Leer
2416Dog-earedAmanda Harvey32pg5/22/2011
2417Chaucer's first winterStephen Krensky
Henry Cole
2418Curious George's ABCsH. A. (Hans Augusto) Rey24nc5/28/2011
2419Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear?Bill Martin
Eric Carle
2420Curious George's oppositesH. A. (Hans Augusto) Rey16nc5/28/2011
2421The invisible mooseDennis Haseley
Steven Kellogg
2422Mr. Putter & Tabby take the trainCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2423My many colored daysDr Seuss
Steve Johnson
Lou Fancher
2424Gilbert the HeroJane Clarke
Charles Fuge
2425Curious George goes fishingMargret Rey
H. A. (Hans Augusto) Rey
2426The costume partyVictoria Chess32pg6/8/2011
2427FlotsamDavid Wiesner39pg6/8/2011
2428I'm not going to chase the cat today!Jessica Harper
Lindsay Harper Dupont
2429The art lessonTomie DePaola32pg6/8/2011
2430Roly Poly pangolinAnna Dewdney40pg6/8/2011
2431Llama Llama mad at MamaAnna Dewdney40pg6/8/2011
2432Five little bats flying in the nightSteve Metzger
Laura J. Bryant
2433Giraffes can't danceGiles Andreae
Guy Parker-Rees
2434The witch on a windy nightBernice Chardiet
Bernice Wells Carlson
Pamela Cote
2435Picture perfect?29y6/9/2011
2436Funny fingers, funny toesLaura Damon
Anne Kennedy
2437Cloudy with a chance of meatballsJudi Barrett
Ron Barrett
2438Cha-cha chimpsJulia Durango32y6/11/2011
2439The pout-pout fishDeborah Diesen
Dan Hanna
2440The twelve days of winter: a school counting bookDeborah Lee Rose
Carey Armstrong-Ellis
2441Meet the Barkers: Morgan and Moffat go to schoolTomie DePaola32y6/11/2011
2442Popcorn: a Frank Asch bear storyFrank Asch40y6/12/2011
2443Have you filled a bucket today?: a guide to daily happinessCarolyn McCloud32y6/12/2011
2444Where's WallaceHilary Knight40pg6/13/2011
2445I will never not ever eat a tomatoLauren Child32pg6/13/2011
2446The art lessonTomie DePaola32pg6/14/2011
2447OtisJanie Bynum36pg6/14/2011
2448StagestruckTomie DePaola32pg6/16/2011
2449Reading in the brain: the science and evolution of a human inventionStanislas Dehaene388ewl6/17/2011
2450Angelina at the palaceKatharine Holabird
Helen Craig
2451Max's bunny businessRosemary Wells32mc6/21/2011
2452Pancakes for breakfastTomie DePaola32mc6/21/2011
2453Nana Upstairs & Nana DownstairsTomie DePaola32mc6/21/2011
2454The baby sisterTomie DePaola32mc6/21/2011
2455Angelina, star of the showKatharine Holabird
Helen Craig
2456Once upon a time this morningAnne F. Rockwell
Sušie Stevenson
2457Be nice to spidersMargaret Bloy Graham32mc6/24/2011
2458Now one foot, now the otherTomie DePaola32mc6/25/2011
2459A good dayKevin Henkes32mc6/25/2011
2460Good as goldAnn Braybrooks44y6/29/2011
2461D.W., the picky eaterMarc Tolon Brown32y6/29/2011
2462Angelina on stageKatharine Holabird
Helen Craig
2463Henry and Mudge and the forever sea: the sixth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2464Henry and Mudge and Annie's perfect pet: the twentieth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2465Max's dragon shirtRosemary Wells24c7/2/2011
2466Mr. Putter and Tabby bake the cakeCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2467Bunny partyRosemary Wells32c7/3/2011
2468Henry and Mudge get the cold shivers: the seventh book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2469Max counts his chickensRosemary Wells32c7/6/2011
2470Tulip sees AmericaCynthia Rylant
Lisa Desimini
2471On the day you were bornDebra Frasier32y7/10/2011
2472The Sea View HotelJames Stevenson46mc7/16/2011
2473Bill and Pete to the rescueTomie DePaola48mc7/16/2011
2474The knight and the dragonTomie DePaola29mc7/16/2011
2475IceArthur Geisert32mc7/17/2011
2476Bill and PeteTomie DePaola32mc7/17/2011
2477A weekend with WendellKevin Henkes32mc7/18/2011
2478The unicorn and the moonTomie DePaola31mc7/18/2011
2479The castawayJames Stevenson32mc7/21/2011
2480Bedtime in the forestKazuo Iwamura32pg7/23/2011
2481Carry me!Rosemary Wells40pg7/23/2011
2482Glass slipper, gold sandal: a worldwide CinderellaPaul Fleischman
Julie Paschkis
2483Everybody brings noodlesNorah Dooley
Peter J. Thornton
2484Felix feels betterRosemary Wells32pg7/29/2011
2485Felix and the WorrierRosemary Wells32pg7/29/2011
2486JessicaKevin Henkes24pg7/29/2011
2487Charlie and Tyler at the seashoreHelen Craig25pg8/3/2011
2488Daisy the doctorFelicity Brooks
Jo Litchfield
2489Burnt toast on Davenport StreetTim Egan32mc8/4/2011
2490A color of his ownLeo Lionni40pg8/4/2011
2491Felix feels betterRosemary Wells32pg8/4/2011
2492Louanne Pig in the perfect familyNancy L. Carlson32pg8/4/2011
2493Bunnies and their hobbiesNancy L. Carlson28pg8/5/2011
2494Bella and Stella come homeAnika Denise
Christopher Denise
2495Chester's wayKevin Henkes32pg8/6/2011
2496Max and Ruby's Midas: another Greek mythRosemary Wells32pg8/6/2011
2497Max's HalloweenRosemary Wells16dc8/6/2011
2498Max & Ruby's Christmas tree.Rosemary Wells16dc8/6/2011
2499Spot's first EasterEric Hill20dc8/6/2011
2500No need for MontyJames Stevenson32pg8/12/2011
2501Big Anthony: his storyTomie DePaola32pg8/12/2011
2502Some dog!Mary Casanova
Ard Hoyt
2503Germs make me sick!Melvin Berger
Hafner Marylin
2504Charlie needs a cloakTomie DePaola32mc8/14/2011
2505The day it rained heartsFelicia Bond36y8/17/2011
2506Lionel in the summerStephen Krensky
Susanna Natti
2507CloudetteTom Lichtenheld40pg8/20/2011
2508The Honeybee ManLela Nargi
Kyrsten Brooker
2509The Jellybeans and the big camp kickoffLaura Joffe Numeroff
Nate Evans
Lynn Munsinger
2510Mathematics of lifeIan Stewart358ewl8/25/2011
2511The princess and the pizzaMary Jane Auch
Herm Auch
2512Babar's mysteryLaurent de Brunhoff30pg9/18/2011
2513Globish: how the English language became the world's languageRobert McCrum331ewl9/20/2011
2514In the tall, tall grassDenise Fleming32y9/20/2011
2515One bear at bedtime : a counting bookMick Inkpen22pg9/20/2011
2516Elliot's bathAndrea Beck30pg9/20/2011
2517Elliot's shipwreckAndrea Beck32pg9/21/2011
2518The toothpick: technology and cultureHenry Petroski443ewl9/22/2011
2519One Saturday eveningBarbara Baker
Kate Duke
2520McDuff moves inRosemary Wells
Susan Jeffers
2521McDuff comes homeRosemary Wells
Susan Jeffers
2522McDuff and the babyRosemary Wells
Susan Jeffers
2523What shall we play?Nancy Parent
Adam Devaney
Brent Ford
2524Apples, apples, applesNancy Elizabeth Wallace40pg10/1/2011
2525Sneezy LouiseIrene Breznak
Janet Pedersen
2526Henry and Mudge and the snowman plan: the nineteenth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2527The noisy way to bedIan Whybrow
Tiphanie Beeke
2528Only youRosemary Wells24pg10/14/2011
2529The fiery trial: Abraham Lincoln and American slaveryEric Foner448ewl11/9/2011
2530Maisy goes to the cityLucy Cousins32pg11/11/2011
2531Dream big, little pig!Kristi Yamaguchi
Tim Bowers
2532Emily's first 100 days of schoolRosemary Wells64y11/12/2011
2533Camille's teamStuart J. Murphy
Tim Jones
2534Good job, Ajay!Stuart J. Murphy
Tim Jones
2535Thanks for ThanksgivingJulie Markes
Doris Barrette
2536Jolly snowJane Hissey32pg11/13/2011
2537Thanksgiving is here!Diane Goode32pg11/14/2011
2538The Englishman who posted himself and other curious objectsJohn Tingey175dcbt11/15/2011
2539His shoes were far too tightEdward Lear
Calef Brown
2540PoppletonCynthia Rylant
Mark Teague
2541Tales from the waterholeBob Graham62nf11/24/2011
2542Poppleton and friendsCynthia Rylant
Mark Teague
2543Edward's overwhelming overnightRosemary Wells24nf11/25/2011
2544Zelda and Ivy one ChristmasLaura McGee Kvasnosky48pg12/1/2011
2545The little bitty bakeryLeslie Muir
Betsy Lewin
2546I am not sleepy and I will not go to bedLauren Child32pg12/3/2011
2547Snowmen all yearCaralyn Buehner
Mark Buehner
2548Geraldine's blanketHolly Keller32pg12/3/2011
2549Max's ChristmasRosemary Wells12pg12/3/2011
2550Maisy's Christmas dayLucy Cousins16pg12/3/2011
2551Henry's amazing imagination!Nancy L. Carlson32pg12/11/2011
2552Think happy!Nancy L. Carlson32pg12/11/2011
2553Deck the hallsLiza Woodruff32pg12/11/2011
2554Rosy's visitorsJudy Hindley
Helen Craig
2555Miss Lina's ballerinas and the princeGrace Maccarone
Christine Davenier
2556The runaway wok : a Chinese New Year taleYing Chang Compestine
Sebastia Serra
2557The night before ChristmasClement Clarke Moore32pg12/12/2011
2558This little piggy's book of mannersKathryn Madeline Allen
Nancy Wolff
2559Mama lovesRebecca Kai Dotlich
Kathryn Brown
2560Reconstruction: America's unfinished revolution, 1863-1877Eric Foner690ewl12/20/2011
2561Tacky the penguinHelen Lester
Lynn Munsinger
2562Three cheers for TackyHelen Lester
Lynn Munsinger
2563Tacky and the EmperorHelen Lester
Lynn Munsinger
2564Henry and Mudge in the sparkle days: the fifth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2565Our animal friendsMatt Mitter
Segundo GarcÝa
2566The odd eggEmily Gravett32pg12/26/2011
2567A Rumpole ChristmasJohn Mortimer161cbl12/28/2011
2568Tackylocks and the three bearsHelen Lester
Lynn Munsinger
2569Zelda and IvyLaura McGee Kvasnosky48pg12/28/2011
2570Maisy's first clockLucy Cousins8pg12/29/2011
2571From egg to chickenRobin Nelson24pg12/29/2011
2572Poppleton in fallCynthia Rylant
Mark Teague
2573Bridget's beretTom Lichtenheld40pg1/1/2012
2574From tree to paperPam Marshall24pg1/1/2012
2575From flower to honeyRobin Nelson24pg1/2/2012
2576Zelda and Ivy: keeping secretsLaura McGee Kvasnosky42pg1/5/2012
2577Ling & Ting: not exactly the same!Grace Lin43pg1/5/2012
2578Ready player oneErnest Cline374mc1/8/2012
2579Dim sum for everyone!Grace Lin32pg1/8/2012
2580Emma's magic winterJean Little
Jennifer Plecas
2581Smoky nightEve Bunting
David Diaz
2582That is allJohn Hodgman368pg1/11/2012
2583Zelda and Ivy and the boy next doorLaura McGee Kvasnosky48pg1/12/2012
2584The orphan: a Cinderella story from GreeceAnthony L. Manna
Christodoula Mitakidou
Giselle Potter
2585A village full of valentinesJames Stevenson39pg1/14/2012
2586Arthur's valentineMarc Tolon Brown32pg1/17/2012
2587A frog's lifeNancy Dickmann24pg1/17/2012
2588A bee's lifeNancy Dickmann24pg1/17/2012
2589Love, MouserellaDavid Ezra Stein32pg1/21/2012
2590One zillion valentinesFrank Modell32pg1/21/2012
2591The Berenstain Bears say please and thank youJan Berenstain
Mike Berenstain
2592The ballad of ValentineAlison Jackson
Tricia Tusa
2593Too many valentinesMargaret McNamara
Mike Gordon
2594Bear's pictureDaniel Manus Pinkwater
D. B.(Donald B.) Johnson
2595Ducks don't wear socksJohn Nedwidek
Lee White
2596Once upon a secret : my affair with President John F. Kennedy and its aftermathMimi Alford198mc2/16/2012
2597Mr. Putter & Tabby ring the bellCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2598We meant well: how I helped lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi peoplePeter Van Buren269mc2/16/2012
2599Diary of a flyDoreen Cronin
Harry Bliss
2600The hatJan Brett32pg2/18/2012
2601Meet Chadwick and his Chesapeake Bay friendsPriscilla Cummings
A. R. Cohen
2602Diary of a spiderDoreen Cronin
Harry Bliss
2603I'm gonna like me: letting off a little self-esteemJamie Lee Curtis
Laura Cornell
2604The trouble with dragonsDebi Gliori32pg2/20/2012
2605A big cheese for the White House: the true tale of a tremendous cheddarCandace Fleming
S. D. Schindler
2606The magic number: inside Obama's chase for the Presidential nominationJeff Berman320ewl2/25/2012
2607The secret history of the Mongol queens: how the daughters of Genghis Khan rescued his empireJ. McIver Weatherford317xczt3/4/2012
2608Math fables too: making science countGreg Tang
Taia Morley
2609SandEllen J. Prager
Nancy Woodman
2610Extra yarnMac Barnett
J. Klassen
2611Nina in That makes me mad!: a Toon bookHilary Knight
Steven Kroll
2612The wind's gardenBethany Roberts
Melanie Hope Greenberg
2613Diary of a wormDoreen Cronin
Harry Bliss
2614Grand adventuresLaura Dollin
Andrew Grey
A. A. (Alan Alexander) Milne
2615The three little wolves and the big bad pigEugenios Trivizas
Helen Oxenbury
2616A butterfly is patientDianna Hutts Aston
Sylvia Long
2617Thinking, fast and slowDaniel Kahneman499ewl4/20/2012
2618Little Bunny's sleepless nightCarol Roth
Valeri Gorbachev
2619Splat the catRob Scotton40y5/2/2012
2620WiggleDoreen Cronin
Scott Menchin
2621Dooby dooby mooDoreen Cronin
Betsy Lewin
2622Frost/Nixon: behind the scenes of the Nixon interviewsDavid Frost
Richard M. Nixon
2623Mr. Speaker!: the life and times of Thomas B. Reed, the man who broke the filibusterJames Grant426mc5/20/2012
2624Celeste sails to SpainAlison Lester32pg5/23/2012
2625Swim! Swim! /by Lerch.James Proimos32pg5/23/2012
2626Princess Penelope's parrotHelen Lester
Lynn Munsinger
2627Mrs. McTats and her houseful of catsAlyssa Satin Capucilli
Joan Rankin
2628Ernie dances to the didgeridoo: for the children of GunbalanyaAlison Lester32pg5/23/2012
2629Planting a rainbowLois Ehlert22pg5/23/2012
2630Brownie & Pearl go for a spinCynthia Rylant
Brian Biggs
2631Tallulah's tutuMarilyn Singer
Alexandra Boiger
2632Steve JobsWalter Isaacson630ewl6/8/2012
2633Tallulah's soloMarilyn Singer
Alexandra Boiger
2634Why a disguise?Laura Joffe Numeroff
David McPhail
2635One monkey too manyJackie French Koller
Lynn Munsinger
2636Lili at balletRachel Isadora32pg6/16/2012
2637Lili on stageRachel Isadora32pg6/16/2012
2638Library mouseDaniel Kirk32pg6/16/2012
2639Library mouse: A world to exploreDaniel Kirk32pg6/16/2012
2640What a hat!Holly Keller24pg6/16/2012
2641Library mouse: A friend's taleDaniel Kirk32pg6/16/2012
2642In the rain with Baby DuckAmy Hest
Jill Barton
2643Blabber MouseTrue Kelley30pg6/22/2012
2644Arabella Miller's tiny caterpillarClare Jarrett32pg6/22/2012
2645I would like to actually keep itLauren Child
David Ingham
Tiger Aspect Productions
2646Morgan plays soccerAnne F. Rockwell
Paul Meisel
2647All God's crittersBill Staines
Kadir Nelson
2648My life as a chickenEllen A. Kelley
Michael H. Slack
2649The passage of powerRobert A. Caro712y7/1/2012
2650Tacky and the Winter GamesHelen Lester
Lynn Munsinger
2651Mercy Watson: something wonky this way comesKate DiCamillo
Chris Van Dusen
2652Mercy Watson thinks like a pigKate DiCamillo
Chris Van Dusen
2653Mercy Watson fights crimeKate DiCamillo
Chris Van Dusen
2654Super bunny talesRosemary Wells48y7/6/2012
2655The last great Senate: courage and statesmanship in times of crisisIra S. Shapiro475ewl7/7/2012
2656Mercy Watson: princess in disguiseKate DiCamillo
Chris Van Dusen
2657Olivia the princessNatalie Shaw
Shane L. Johnson
Kent Redeker
2658Tale of a tadpoleBarbara Ann Porte
Annie Cannon
2659Blue chameleonEmily Gravett32pg7/18/2012
2660Poinsettia and the firefightersFelicia Bond32pg7/24/2012
2661Super-completely and totally the messiestJudith Viorst
Robin Preiss-Glasser
2662The water-method manJohn Irving272pg8/1/2012
2663I feel angryBrian Moses
Mike Gordon
26641491 : new revelations of the Americas before ColumbusCharles C. Mann553xczt8/8/2012
2665The honey cake mix-upAnn Braybrooks40y8/15/2012
2666Bugs galorePeter Stein
Bob Staake
2667Aunt Ant leaves through the leaves: a story with homophones and homonymsNancy Coffelt32pg8/17/2012
2668Good night, sleep tightNatalie Engel
Rob Scotton
Robert Eberz
2669The Jellybeans and the big art adventureLaura Joffe Numeroff
Nate Evans
Lynn Munsinger
2670Mr. Putter and Tabby row the boatCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2671A singular woman: the untold story of Barack Obama's motherJanny Scott376pg9/2/2012
2672The Migration of a Butterfly.Tanya Kant
Carolyn Franklin
2673Babar's yoga for elephantsLaurent de Brunhoff48y9/6/2012
2674There's a map on my lap!Tish Rabe
Aristides Ruiz
2675The camping trip that changed America: Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, and our national parksBarbara Rosenstock
Mordicai Gerstein
2676Don't let the peas touch!: and other storiesDeborah Blumenthal
Timothy B. Ering
2677Winnie Finn, worm farmerCarol Brendler
Ard Hoyt
2678The ghost map: the story of London's most terrifying epidemic -- and how it changed science, cities, and the modern worldSteven Johnson320k10/1/2012
2679Lost in the snowJoanna Cole
Carolyn Bracken
2680The class pet from the Black LagoonMike Thaler
Jared D. Lee
2681The gym teacher from the Black LagoonMike Thaler
Jared D. Lee
2682Babar and the ghostLaurent de Brunhoff40pg10/12/2012
2683MossyJan Brett40pg10/12/2012
2684Aunt Eater's mystery HalloweenDoug Cushman62pg10/12/2012
2685Trick-or-treat, smell my feet!Lisa Desimini32pg10/13/2012
2686Aunt Claire's yellow beehive hairDeborah Blumenthal
Mary GrandPrÚ
2687This is actually my partyLauren Child32pg10/15/2012
2688A new coat for AnnaHarriet Ziefert
Anita Lobel
2689Bippity Bop barbershopNatasha Tarpley
Earl B. Lewis
2690The class from the Black LagoonMike Thaler
Jared D. Lee
2691The bully from the Black LagoonMike Thaler
Jared D. Lee
2692Afternoon on the AmazonMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2693Midnight on the moonMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2694Dinosaurs before darkMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2695Piggies in the pumpkin patchMary Peterson
Jennifer RofÚ
2696Polar bears past bedtimeMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2697Vacation under the volcanoMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2698Day of the Dragon KingMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2699Little Bear's visitElse Holmelund Minarik
Maurice Sendak
2700I can count to ten and back againLinda Hayward
Tom Leigh
Maggie Swanson
2701King of the beastiesAnn Braybrooks
Darrell Baker
2702Mouse's first HalloweenLauren Thompson32pg10/28/2012
2703The grand and wonderful dayMary Packard
Darrell Baker
2704Dinosaurs' ThanksgivingLiza Donnelly32pg10/29/2012
2705Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George goes to the beachMargret Rey
H. A. (Hans Augusto) Rey
2706Hello Kitty happy birthdayHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2707Hello Kitty goes to a beachHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2708Hello Kitty has a sleepoverHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2709Hello Kitty graduation dayHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2710Hello Kitty what will you beHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2711Hello Kitty a day with papaHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2712Hello Kitty in the gardenHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2713Hello Kitty a surprise for mamaHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2714Hello Kitty hello seasonsHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2715Hello Kitty hello hobbiesHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2716Hello Kitty wishes on a starHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2717Hello Kitty takes a tripHello Kitty24y10/29/2012
2718Ghost town at sundownMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2719Dolphins at daybreakMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2720Night of the NinjasMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2721Thanksgiving on ThursdayMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2722Carnival at candlelightMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2723Twister on TuesdayMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2724Sunset of the sabertoothMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2725Good morning, gorillasMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2726Tigers at twilightMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2727Tonight on the TitanicMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2728Buffalo before breakfastMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2729Lionel in the fallStephen Krensky
Susanna Natti
2730Abe Lincoln at last!Mary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2731Civil War on SundayMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2732Animals in winterHenrietta Bancroft
Helen Davie
2733Summer of the sea serpentMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2734The obstinate penFrank W. Dormer32pg11/20/2012
2735Bread comes to life: a garden of wheat and a loaf to eatGeorge Levenson
Shmuel Thaler
2736Hour of the OlympicsMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2737Season of the sandstormsMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2738Night of the new magiciansMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2739Blizzard of the blue moonMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2740The signal and the noise: why so many predictions -- fail but some don'tNate Silver544ewl12/19/2012
2741Eve of the Emperor penguinMary Pope Osborne
Sal Murdocca
2742The three little pigsGavin Bishop32y1/2/2013
2743Mummies in the morningMary Pope Osborne64y1/12/2013
27441493: uncovering the new world Columbus createdCharles C. Mann690mc1/17/2013
2745Just my type: a book about fontsSimon Garfield356umd1/21/2013
2746HallucinationsOliver W. Sacks326mc1/25/2013
2747The oath: the Obama White House and the Supreme CourtJeffrey Toobin325mct1/29/2013
2748The valentine mysteryJoan Lowery Nixon32pg2/2/2013
2749Medusa's gaze and vampire's bite: the science of monstersMatt Kaplan244xczt2/7/2013
2750Nerd do well: a small boy's journey to becoming a big kidSimon Pegg356mc2/10/2013
2751Revelations: visions, prophecy, and politics in the book of RevelationElaine H. Pagels246xczt2/14/2013
2752A fine St. Patrick's daySusan Wojciechowski
Tom Curry
2753The liberal hour: Washington and the politics of change in the 1960sG. Calvin Mackenzie
Robert Weisbrot
2754The hockey stick and the climate wars: dispatches from the front linesMichael E. Mann395umd4/29/2013
2755Simpler: the future of governmentCass R. Sunstein260umd6/8/2013
2756On the map: why the world looks the way it doesSimon Garfield464umd6/14/2013
2757Heat wave: a social autopsy of disaster in ChicagoEric Klinenberg305umd6/28/2013
2758The (honest) truth about dishonesty: how we lie to everyone--especially ourselvesDan Ariely285umd6/22/2013
2759The box: how the shipping container made the world smaller and the world economy biggerMarc Levinson376umd7/24/2013
2760The great A&P and the struggle for small business in AmericaMarc Levinson358umd7/31/2013
2761Quantum man: Richard Feynman's life in scienceLawrence Maxwell Krauss350mct8/15/2013
2762Washington schlepped here: walking in the nation's capitalChristopher Buckley159cbl9/7/2013
2763The price of justice: a true story of greed and corruptionLaurence Leamer432ewl11/15/2013
2764Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talkingSusan Cain333ewl11/18/2013
2765The idea factory: Bell Labs and the great age of American innovationJon Gertner422ewl12/1/2013
2766David and Goliath: underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giantsMalcolm Gladwell305mlt12/9/2013
2767Save a Penny for the Ferryman (John and Liz Collier Mysteries)Don Philip Chambers168ewl12/17/2013
2768The UnDutchables: an observation of the Netherlands: its culture and its inhabitantsColin White
Laurie Boucke
Gerald Fried
2769Jony Ive: the genius behind Apple's greatest productsLeander Kahney306pg1/15/2014
2770The emperor of all maladies: a biography of cancerSiddhartha Mukherjee573mlt1/26/2014
2771The secrets of happy families: improve your mornings, rethink family dinner, fight smarter, go out and play, and much moreBruce S. Feiler292ewl2/20/2014
2772Blindspot: hidden biases of good peopleMahzarin R. Banaji
Anthony G. Greenwald
2773No end save victory: how FDR led the nation into warDavid E. Kaiser4086/8/2014
2774The invisible bridge: the fall of Nixon and the rise of ReaganRick Perlstein856ewl8/31/2014
2775The bully pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of journalismDoris Kearns Goodwin910ewl11/5/2014
2776Salt, sugar, fat: how the food giants hooked usMichael Moss446pg11/14/2014
2777The hidden stairs and the magic carpetTony Abbott
Tim Jessell
2778A history of the Federal Reserve, Volume 2, Book 1, 1951-1969Allan H. Meltzer696ewl1/2/2015
2779Fordlandia: the rise and fall of Henry Ford's forgotten jungle cityGreg Grandin416ewl1/12/2015
2780The taste of war: World War II and the battle for foodElizabeth M. Collingham634ewl2/4/2015
2781Yes pleaseAmy Poehler329mc2/12/2015
2782The lagoon: how Aristotle invented scienceArmand Marie Leroi501mlt2/27/2015
2783Shoot This One: Essays by Javier Grillo-MarxuachJavier Grillo-Marxuach256ewl3/9/2015
2784Roosevelt and Stalin: portrait of a partnershipSusan Butler608ewl6/17/2015
2785On the move: a lifeOliver W. Sacks397ewl7/26/2015
2786Thirteen days in September: the dramatic story of the struggle for peaceLawrence Wright448ewl8/2/2015
2787Naked statistics: stripping the dread from the dataCharles J. Wheelan282ewl8/6/2015
2788Empire of cotton: a global historySven Beckert615ewl8/26/2015
2789Success through failure: the paradox of designHenry Petroski235pg9/13/2015
2790John AdamsDavid G. McCullough751ewl10/4/2015
2791The opposite of worry: the playful parenting approach to childhood anxieties and fearsLawrence J. Cohen280ewl10/9/2015
2792Gateway to freedom: the hidden history of the underground railroadEric Foner301ewl11/2/2015
2793The secret history of Wonder WomanJill Lepore436ewl12/24/2015
2794The last of the president's menBob Woodward304mc12/29/2015
2795Going clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the prison of beliefLawrence Wright538mc1/4/2016
2796Back channel to Cuba : the hidden history of negotiations between Washington and HavanaWilliam M. LeoGrande
Peter Kornbluh
2797Before the storm: Barry Goldwater and the unmaking of the American consensusRick Perlstein671ewl1/26/2016
2798Let's explore diabetes with owlsDavid Sedaris275mc2/4/2016
2799SPQR: a history of ancient RomeMary Beard606mc3/4/2016
2800My life on the roadGloria Steinem276mc3/10/2016
2801Notorious RBG: the life and times of Ruth Bader GinsburgIrin Carmon
Shana Knizhnik, Shana
2802Pacific: silicon chips and surfboards, coral reefs and atom bombs, brutal dictators, fading empires, and the coming collision of the world's superpowersSimon Winchester492ewl4/21/2016
2803Putin country: a journey into the real RussiaAnne Garrels228mc5/18/2016
2804Animal madness: how anxious dogs, compulsive parrots, and elephants in recovery help us understand ourselvesLaurel Braitman373ewl7/31/2016
2805The gene: an intimate historySiddhartha Mukherjee592ewl11/19/2016
2806How to read water: clues and patterns from puddles to the seaTristan Gooley
Neil Gower
2807Atlantic: great sea battles, heroic discoveries, titanic storms, and a vast ocean of a million storiesSimon Winchester495ewl1/7/2017
2808The shareholder value myth: how putting shareholders first harms investors, corporations, and the publicLynn A. Stout134ewl1/8/2017
2809Paper: paging through historyMark Kurlansky389ewl1/22/2017
2810A great place to have a war: America in Laos and the birth of a military CIAJoshua Kurlantzick323ewl7/1/2017
2811Earning the Rockies: how geography shapes America's role in the worldRobert D. Kaplan201ewl7/18/2017
2812Antifragile: things that gain from disorderNassim Nicholas Taleb519ewl7/21/2017
2813A fine mess: a global quest for a simpler, fairer, and more efficient tax systemT. R. Reid278pg7/24/2017
2814The rise and fall of American growth: the U.S. standard of living since the Civil WarRobert J. Gordon762ewl9/8/2017
2815Draft no. 4: on the writing processJohn McPhee192ewl10/29/2017
2816A history of the Federal Reserve. Volume 2. Book 2, 1970-1986Allan H. Meltzer616ewl11/2/2017
2817The undoing project: a friendship that changed our mindsMichael M. Lewis362ewl11/28/2017
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