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What I have read since 1974

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702The black hole: a novelAlan Dean Foster186ewl1979-80
811Star Trek log oneAlan Dean Foster184b11/4/1980
819Star Trek log twoAlan Dean Foster176b12/23/1980
820Star trek: log threeAlan Dean Foster215b12/24/1980
825Star trek: log fourAlan Dean Foster215b2/1981
826Star trek: log fiveAlan Dean Foster195b2/1981
827Star Trek log sixAlan Dean Foster195b3/17/1981
829Star trek ; log sevenAlan Dean Foster182b4/14/1981
830Star trek: log eightAlan Dean Foster183b4/17/1981
832Star Trek log nineAlan Dean Foster183b4/30/1981
833Star Trek log tenAlan Dean Foster250b5/2/1981
835Star Trek, the motion picture: a novelGene Roddenberry
Alan Dean Foster
929OutlandAlan Dean Foster269c4/25/1982
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