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1052... and then I told the President; the secret papers of Art BuchwaldArt Buchwald242b5/1/1983
1053Son of the great societyArt Buchwald242b5/8/1983
1055Have I ever lied to you?Art Buchwald256b5/13/1983
1059"I am not a crook"Art Buchwald250b5/21/1983
1063Washington is leakingArt Buchwald249b6/5/1983
1076Counting sheep:Art Buchwald219c7/14/1983
1077Laid back in WashingtonArt Buchwald311c7/15/1983
1083The Buchwald stops hereArt Buchwald295b7/31/1983
1098Down the Seine and up the Potomac with Art BuchwaldArt Buchwald500b8/31/1983
1106While Reagan sleptArt Buchwald334c10/30/1983
1221You can fool all of the people all the timeArt Buchwald332c2/25/1986
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