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879The wind from the sun; stories of the space ageArthur Charles Clarke193c9/22/1981
902EarthlightArthur Charles Clarke176c1/9/1982
9052001; a space odysseyArthur Charles Clarke221ewl1/21/1982
921The making of a moon, the story of the earth satellite programArthur Charles Clarke205c3/29/1982
936The promise of spaceArthur Charles Clarke325c5/16/1982
949Childhood's endArthur Charles Clarke220c6/23/1982
977The fountains of ParadiseArthur Charles Clarke245c7/30/1982
980Time probe; the sciences in science fictionArthur Charles Clarke242c8/2/1982
983Rendezvous with RamaArthur Charles Clarke303b8/6/1982
985The deep rangeArthur Charles Clarke238b8/8/1982
986Islands in the skyArthur Charles Clarke209b8/8/1982
992The lion of Comarre & Against the fall of nightArthur Charles Clarke214c9/1982
994Imperial EarthArthur Charles Clarke303b9/1982
995Tales of ten worldsArthur Charles Clarke206b9/1982
1000The other side of the skyArthur Charles Clarke245b11/4/1982
1007Sands of MarsArthur Charles Clarke216ill11/24/1982
1012The city and the starsArthur Charles Clarke310ill12/11/1982
1013Expedition to earthArthur Charles Clarke181ill12/12/1982
1023The young traveller in spaceArthur Charles Clarke72ill1/12/1983
1031Prelude to spaceArthur Charles Clarke179ewl2/12/1983
1032Prelude to Mars: an omnibus containing the complete novels Prelude to space and The sands of Mars and sixteen short storiesArthur Charles Clarke497c2/12/1983
1069Tales from the White HartArthur Charles Clarke148ill6/23/1983
11782010: odyssey twoArthur Charles Clarke291ewl10/18/1984
1190A fall of moondustArthur Charles Clarke248ill3/10/1985
15252061: odyssey threeArthur Charles Clarke271cu6/14/1992
1700Rama IIArthur Charles Clarke
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