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1005Special deliveranceClifford D. Simak186c11/13/1982
1057The visitorsClifford D. Simak250c5/15/1983
1060Project PopeClifford D. Simak311c5/27/1983
1062Where the evil dwellsClifford D. Simak249b6/2/1983
1067MastodoniaClifford D. Simak212b6/11/1983
1084The werewolf principleClifford D. Simak212b8/1/1983
1086Skirmish: the great short fiction of Clifford D. SimakClifford D. Simak320c8/13/1983
1099The fellowship of the talismanClifford D. Simak249b9/17/1983
1105CityClifford D. Simak252b10/29/1983
1107Time is the simplest thingClifford D. Simak192b11/5/1983
1132Shakespeare's planetClifford D. Simak218b2/25/1984
1169A heritage of starsClifford D. Simak219b8/9/1984
1172The worlds of Clifford SimakClifford D. Simak378b8/25/1984
1175Best science fiction stories of Clifford D. SimakClifford D. Simak232b9/22/1984
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