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612Encyclopedia Brown takes the caseDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
613Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the midnight visitorDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
614Encyclopedia Brown solves them allDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
615Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the dead eaglesDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
616Encyclopedia Brown saves the dayDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
617Encyclopedia Brown shows the wayDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
618Encyclopedia Brown keeps the peaceDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
622Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the secret pitchDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
623Encyclopedia Brown finds the cluesDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
624Encyclopedia Brown, boy detectiveDonald J. Sobol88Summer/1978
631Encyclopedia Brown gets his manDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
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