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506The house on the cliffFranklin W. Dixon180Summer/1977
508The clue of the broken bladeFranklin W. Dixon178Summer/1977
509The great airport mysteryFranklin W. Dixon175Summer/1977
530The tower treasureFranklin W. Dixon1801977-78
544The Hardy boys detective handbookFranklin W. Dixon2141977-78
561The crisscross shadowFranklin W. Dixon1771977-78
700The arctic patrol mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1761979-80
706Danger on Vampire TrailFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
709The disappearing floorFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
711A figure in hidingFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
712Footprints under the windowFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
714The haunted fortFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
716The hidden harbor mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
717Hunting for hidden goldFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
718The jungle pyramidFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
722The mark on the doorFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
723The melted coinsFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
724The missing chumsFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
726The mystery of Cabin IslandFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
727The mystery of the Chinese junkFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
728Mystery of the desert giantFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
729Mystery of the flying expressFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
730Mystery of the samurai swordFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
731Night of the werewolfFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
735The secret of the cavesFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
736The secret of Pirates' HillFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
737The secret of the old millFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
740The shattered helmetFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
741The Shore Road mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
742The short-wave mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
743The sinister signpostFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
749The sting of the scorpionFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
750The twisted clawFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
752The wailing siren mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
754What happened at midnightFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
755While the clock tickedFranklin W. Dixon1961979-80
758The witchmaster's keyFranklin W. Dixon1966/1980
759The mysterious caravanFranklin W. Dixon1966/1980
760The yellow feather mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1966/17/1980
761The secret panelFranklin W. Dixon1966/17/1980
766The phantom freighterFranklin W. Dixon1966/29/1980
767The secret agent on flight 101Franklin W. Dixon1967/3/1980
768The masked monkeyFranklin W. Dixon1967/3/1980
769The secret of the lost tunnelFranklin W. Dixon1967/4/1980
770The mystery of the Aztec warriorFranklin W. Dixon1967/5/1980
773Mystery at Devil's PawFranklin W. Dixon1967/18/1980
774The sign of the crooked arrowFranklin W. Dixon1967/18/1980
775The clue of the screeching owlFranklin W. Dixon1967/19/1980
780The ghost at Skeleton RockFranklin W. Dixon1967/26/1980
781The Bombay boomerangFranklin W. Dixon1967/30/1980
782Mystery of the whale tattooFranklin W. Dixon1968/1/1980
788The mystery of the spiral bridgeFranklin W. Dixon1968/8/1980
804The secret of Skull MountainFranklin W. Dixon196b9/1980
805The secret of Wildcat SwampFranklin W. Dixon196b9/1980
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