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What I have read since 1974

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184Flash, crash, rumble, and rollFranklyn Mansfield Branley331975-76
272What the moon is likeFranklyn Mansfield Branley336/24/1976
299A book of astronauts for youFranklyn Mansfield Branley488/4/1976
310Big tracks, little tracksFranklyn Mansfield Branley331976-77
645The nine planetsFranklyn Mansfield Branley86Summer/1978
651Pieces of another world; the story of moon rocksFranklyn Mansfield Branley581978-79
670Color, from rainbows to lasersFranklyn Mansfield Branley871978-79
778Comets, meteoroids, and asteroids: mavericks of the solar systemFranklyn Mansfield Branley115c7/24/1980
844Columbia and beyond: the story of the space shuttleFranklyn Mansfield Branley88wi6/28/1981
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