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What I have read since 1974

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1003The people's Doonesbury: notes from underfoot, 1978-1980G. B. Trudeau214c11/12/1982
1041In search of Reagan's brainG. B. Trudeau114c4/8/1983
1042The Doonesbury chroniclesG. B. Trudeau218b4/9/1983
1045The wreck of the "Rusty Nail"G. B. Trudeau122skc4/18/1983
1049Doonesbury's greatest hitsG. B. Trudeau218b4/26/1983
1110You give great meeting, SidG. B. Trudeau124skc11/15/1983
1112But this war had such promiseG. B. Trudeau124b11/22/1983
1183Doonesbury dossier: the Reagan yearsG. B. Trudeau224c12/1/1984
1341Doonesbury deluxe: selected glances askanceG. B. Trudeau208c1/5/1988
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