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1358The man who mistook his wife for a hat and other clinical talesOliver W. Sacks233c5/17/1988
1453AwakeningsOliver W. Sacks338carn8/13/1990
1639A leg to stand onOliver W. Sacks222ewl5/8/1994
1640Seeing voicesOliver W. Sacks186ewl5/21/1994
1731An anthropologist on Mars: seven paradoxical talesOliver W. Sacks330ewl4/30/1996
1868Island of the colorblind; and, Cycad islandOliver W. Sacks311ewl8/31/1998
2020Uncle Tungsten: memories of a chemical boyhoodOliver W. Sacks337cu1/6/2003
2161Musicophilia: tales of music and the brainOliver W. Sacks381mc2/12/2008
2299The mind's eyeOliver W. Sacks263mt1/8/2011
2746HallucinationsOliver W. Sacks326mc1/25/2013
2785On the move: a lifeOliver W. Sacks397ewl7/26/2015
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