List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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659Man and materials: mineralsIan Ridpath32b1978-79
660Man and materials: plasticsIan Ridpath32b1978-79
697Eavesdropping on space; the quest of radio astronomyDavid C. Knight128b1979
698Your telephone and how it worksHerman Schneider
Nina Schneider
739Project GeminiIrwin Stambler64b1979-80
779Science versus crimeWilliam Breckon88b7/25/1980
786Man-made fibresMike Lyth89b8/4/1980
794The Star trek readerJames Blish422b8/23/1980
796Spare parts for peopleB. J. Williams88b8/24/1980
803The Star trek reader IIJames Blish457b9/6/1980
804The secret of Skull MountainFranklin W. Dixon196b9/1980
805The secret of Wildcat SwampFranklin W. Dixon196b9/1980
806IsraelNora Benjamin Kubie88b9/9/1980
807The Star trek reader IIIJames Blish447b9/1980
808The Star trek reader IVJames Blish472b10/14/1980
811Star Trek log oneAlan Dean Foster184b11/4/1980
815I am not SpockLeonard Nimoy135b11/18/1980
819Star Trek log twoAlan Dean Foster176b12/23/1980
820Star trek: log threeAlan Dean Foster215b12/24/1980
822The making of Star trekStephen E. Whitfield
Gene Roddenberry
823The Best of Trek: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
824The best of Trek #2: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
825Star trek: log fourAlan Dean Foster215b2/1981
826Star trek: log fiveAlan Dean Foster195b2/1981
827Star Trek log sixAlan Dean Foster195b3/17/1981
829Star trek ; log sevenAlan Dean Foster182b4/14/1981
830Star trek: log eightAlan Dean Foster183b4/17/1981
832Star Trek log nineAlan Dean Foster183b4/30/1981
833Star Trek log tenAlan Dean Foster250b5/2/1981
836Star trek, the new voyagesSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
837The price of the phoenixSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
838The fate of the phoenixSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
841Star Trek: the new voyages, 2Sondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
842Spock, Messiah!Theodore R. Cogswell
Charles A. Spanjo
846Star trek, a taste of ArmageddonRobert D. Hamner
Gene L. Coon
847Day of the doveJerome Bixby152b7/2/1981
848Star trek, where no man has gone beforeSamuel Anthony Peeples159b7/3/1981
850The flight of the horseLarry Niven212b7/10/1981
851Space 1999: #1, Planets of perilMichael Butterworth173b7/13/1981
852Trek to Madworld: a Star Trek novelStephen Goldin177b7/14/1981
859Star trek, a piece of the actionDavid P. Harmon
Gene L. Coon
860Star trek, the deadly yearsDavid P. Harmon150b7/20/1981
861Space 1999Michael Butterworth157b7/20/1981
862A hole in spaceLarry Niven196b7/21/1981
869RingworldLarry Niven342b8/16/1981
871ProtectorLarry Niven218b8/22/1981
872Neutron starLarry Niven285b8/25/1981
875Einstein's universeNigel Calder154b9/7/1981
881Skylab: a guidebookLeland F. Belew245b10/3/1981
884The comet is coming!: The feverish legacy of Mr. HalleyNigel Calder160b10/10/1981
891Nuclear nightmares: an investigation into possible warsNigel Calder168b11/17/1981
895The cosmic connection; an extraterrestrial perspectiveCarl Sagan274b12/13/1981
899Pictorial guide to the planetsJoseph Hollister Jackson
John H. Baumert
900Moon rocksHenry S. F. Cooper197b1/1/1982
909EnterpriseJerry Grey288b1/29/1982
91013: the flight that failedHenry S. F. Cooper199b1/30/1982
911Your future in NASASol Levine185b1/31/1982
912A gift from EarthLarry Niven254b2/6/1982
922The making of Space: 1999, a Gerry Anderson ProductionTim Heald259b3/30/1982
923The entropy effectVonda N. McIntyre224b4/2/1982
924First on the moon. A voyage with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins [and] Edwin E. Aldrin, JrNeil Armstrong
Gene Farmer
Dora Hamblin
925The best of Fritz LeiberFritz Leiber301b4/11/1982
926The voyages of Apollo: the exploration of the Moon, Mars, and the asteroidsRichard S. Lewis308b4/17/1982
928A specter is haunting TexasFritz Leiber241b4/22/1982
931Confrontation in spaceG. Harry Stine209b4/29/1982
939The Illustrated encyclopedia of space technology: a comprehensive history of space explorationKenneth Gatland289b6/4/1982
956From the earth to the moonJules Verne188b7/1/1982
957Lucifer's hammerLarry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
958Life beyond Earth: the intelligent Earthling's guide to life in the universeGerald Feinberg
Robert Shapiro
959Oath of fealtyLarry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
983Rendezvous with RamaArthur Charles Clarke303b8/6/1982
985The deep rangeArthur Charles Clarke238b8/8/1982
986Islands in the skyArthur Charles Clarke209b8/8/1982
994Imperial EarthArthur Charles Clarke303b9/1982
995Tales of ten worldsArthur Charles Clarke206b9/1982
998The galactic whirlpoolDavid Gerrold223b10/24/1982
1000The other side of the skyArthur Charles Clarke245b11/4/1982
1020Dune messiahFrank Herbert256b1/2/1983
1021Children of DuneFrank Herbert444b1/9/1983
1022I, robotIsaac Asimov192b1/11/1983
1042The Doonesbury chroniclesG. B. Trudeau218b4/9/1983
1048The collapsing universeIsaac Asimov204b4/24/1983
1049Doonesbury's greatest hitsG. B. Trudeau218b4/26/1983
1052... and then I told the President; the secret papers of Art BuchwaldArt Buchwald242b5/1/1983
1053Son of the great societyArt Buchwald242b5/8/1983
1055Have I ever lied to you?Art Buchwald256b5/13/1983
1056Understanding physics: The electron, proton and neutronIsaac Asimov269b5/15/1983
1059"I am not a crook"Art Buchwald250b5/21/1983
1062Where the evil dwellsClifford D. Simak249b6/2/1983
1063Washington is leakingArt Buchwald249b6/5/1983
1067MastodoniaClifford D. Simak212b6/11/1983
1068The white plagueFrank Herbert445b6/15/1983
1083The Buchwald stops hereArt Buchwald295b7/31/1983
1084The werewolf principleClifford D. Simak212b8/1/1983
1085The Jesus incidentFrank Herbert
Bill Ransom
1095The mouse that roaredLeonard Wibberley280b8/24/1983
1098Down the Seine and up the Potomac with Art BuchwaldArt Buchwald500b8/31/1983
1099The fellowship of the talismanClifford D. Simak249b9/17/1983
1105CityClifford D. Simak252b10/29/1983
1107Time is the simplest thingClifford D. Simak192b11/5/1983
1108Under PressureFrank Herbert220b11/8/1983
1109Brave new worldAldous Huxley177b11/13/1983
1111Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 7 selections from his other writingsBenjamin Franklin264b11/19/1983
1112But this war had such promiseG. B. Trudeau124b11/22/1983
1113From approximately coast to coast ... it's The Bob and Ray showBob Elliott
Ray Goulding
1126The 1st treasury of HermanJim Unger223b2/12/1984
1127The best of Trek #6: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
1128Animal farm: a fairy storyGeorge Orwell128b2/18/1984
1129The Santaroga barrierFrank Herbert255b2/21/1984
1130The second Herman treasuryJim Unger207b2/21/1984
1131Herman, the third treasuryJim Unger207b2/22/1984
1132Shakespeare's planetClifford D. Simak218b2/25/1984
1137War in spaceJames W. Canan186b3/9/1984
1138The medusa and the snail: more notes of a biology watcherLewis Thomas175b3/11/1984
1165Space-time and beyond: toward an explanation of the unexplainableBob Toben
Fred Alan Wolf
1166Soul catcherFrank Herbert246b7/12/1984
1167Weapons and hopeFreeman J. Dyson340b7/29/1984
1168My lai 4: a report on the massacre and its aftermathSeymour M. Hersh210b8/4/1984
1169A heritage of starsClifford D. Simak219b8/9/1984
1172The worlds of Clifford SimakClifford D. Simak378b8/25/1984
1174Six crisesRichard M. Nixon460b9/16/1984
1175Best science fiction stories of Clifford D. SimakClifford D. Simak232b9/22/1984
1177The final daysBob Woodward
Carl Bernstein
1180The god makersFrank Herbert190b11/23/1984
1195Of mice and menJohn Steinbeck118b4/6/1985
1241The mind's I: fantasies and reflections on self and soulDouglas R. Hofstadter501b8/14/1986
1242SteppenwolfHermann Hesse243b8/15/1986
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