List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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1492The politics of rich and poor: wealth and the American electorate in the Reagan aftermathKevin P. Phillips262bo10/15/1991
1514From Beirut to JerusalemThomas L. Friedman541bo3/29/1992
1515A clockwork orangeAnthony Burgess185bo4/11/1992
1522Why Gorbachev happened: his triumphs and his failureRobert G. Kaiser476bo6/7/1992
1529The age of JacksonArthur Meier Schlesinger577bo7/5/1992
1536Who will tell the people: the betrayal of American democracyWilliam Greider464bo8/25/1992
1556In my placeCharlayne Hunter-Gault257bo3/14/1993
1569Minnesota rag: the dramatic story of the landmark Supreme Court case that gave new meaning to freedom of the pressFred W. Friendly243bo5/26/1993
1602It only hurts when I laughStan Freberg273bo10/2/1993
1616The claiming of sleeping beautyA. N. Roquelaure253bo12/24/1993
1619Love in the time of choleraGabriel Garcia Marquez348bo1/2/1994
1625To play the kingMichael Dobbs251bo2/4/1994
1629Rumpole of the BaileyJohn Clifford Mortimer218bo3/26/1994
1630The trials of RumpoleJohn Clifford Mortimer200bo3/26/1994
1631Rumpole's returnJohn Clifford Mortimer228bo3/26/1994
1633The second Rumpole omnibusJohn Clifford Mortimer667bo4/2/1994
1634Gideon's trumpetAnthony Lewis277bo4/5/1994
1644Liberty and sexuality: the right to privacy and the making of Roe v. WadeDavid J. Garrow981bo6/16/1994
1647A sense of where you are: a profile of William Warren BradleyJohn A. McPhee144bo7/10/1994
1648Hollywood: a novel of America in the 1920sGore Vidal437bo7/21/1994
1656The lawn: a history of an American obsessionVirginia Scott Jenkins246bo9/25/1994
1673Jeeves in the offingP. G. Wodehouse204bo2/16/1995
1700Rama IIArthur Charles Clarke
Gentry Lee
1724The Warren Buffett way: investment strategies of the world's greatest investorRobert G. Hagstrom274bo2/26/1996
1760Cruel shoesSteve Martin128bo9/28/1996
1781You'll never make love in this town againJennie Louise Frankel
Terrie Maxine Frankel
Joanne Parrent
2008City of light: the story of fiber opticsJeff Hecht316bo8/2/2002
2016Complications: notes from the life of a young surgeonAtul Gawande251bo11/29/2002
2023Newjack: guarding Sing SingTed Conover321bo1/26/2003
2034The noonday demon: an atlas of depressionAndrew Soloman569bo4/26/2003
2045The demon in the freezer: a true storyRichard Preston240bo8/21/2003
2056Uncommon genius: how great ideas are bornDenise G. Shekerjian244bo1/12/2004
2061A heartbreaking work of staggering geniusDave Eggers437bo2/28/2004
2066Rumpole and the age of miraclesJohn Clifford Mortimer225bo5/19/2004
2074Soft power: the means to success in world politicsJoseph S. Nye181bo6/30/2004
2095Backstory: inside the business of newsKen Auletta296bo5/22/2005
2108Critical condition: how health care in America became big business--and bad medicineDonald L. Barlett
James B. Steele
2109The best of intentions: the triumph and failure of the Great Society under Kennedy, Johnson and NixonIrwin Unger399bo11/1/2005
2111Marriage, a history: from obedience to intimacy or how love conquered marriageStephanie Coontz448bo12/25/2005
2118American exceptionalism: a double-edged swordSeymour Martin Lipset352bo6/19/2006
2120Blink: the power of thinking without thinkingMalcolm Gladwell277bo7/25/2006
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