List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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521The story of atomic energyLaura Fermi184c1977-78
745Space shuttleL. B. Taylor119c1979-80
747Space station '80Lou Jacobs111c1979-80
751Tit for tat, and other Latvian folk talesMae Durham126c1979-80
753Walter, the lazy mouseMarjorie Flack95c1979-80
763The first book of the Soviet UnionLouis Leo Snyder64c6/21/1980
764Germfree life; a new field in biological researchAlvin Silverstein96c6/24/1980
771Quasars, pulsars and black holes in spaceMelvin Berger57c7/6/1980
777The Moon, steppingstone to outer spaceDorothy Edwards Shuttlesworth
Lea Ann Williams
778Comets, meteoroids, and asteroids: mavericks of the solar systemFranklyn Mansfield Branley115c7/24/1980
783Star trek, 11James Blish188c8/3/1980
801The chemicals we eat and drinkAlvin Silverstein112c9/1/1980
802Star trekJames A. Lely32c9/1/1980
809The first book of MexicoSam Epstein88c10/16/1980
810Chess in a nutshellFred Reinfeld143c10/28/1980
813The first book of Central America and PanamaPatricia Maloney Markun90c11/1980
828Mars!Jeff Rovin244c3/22/1981
831South AmericaWilliam E. Carter86c4/26/1981
839Lucy, the beginnings of humankindDonald C. Johanson
Maitland Edey
843CosmosCarl Sagan365c6/28/1981
849The Empire strikes backDonald F. Glut214c7/4/1981
853Mystery at the ski jumpCarolyn Keene196c7/15/1981
854The clue of the dancing puppetCarolyn Keene196c7/15/1981
855The double jinx mysteryCarolyn Keene196c7/16/1981
856The phantom of Pine HillCarolyn Keene196c7/17/1981
857The invisible intruderCarolyn Keene196c7/17/1981
858The crooked banisterCarolyn Keene196c7/18/1981
864Murmurs of Earth: the Voyager interstellar recordCarl Sagan276c8/1/1981
865Broca's brain: reflections on the romance of scienceCarl Sagan398c8/5/1981
867Einstein's brain: a novelMark Olshaker323c8/10/1981
868A world out of time: a novelLarry Niven243c8/12/1981
870The Ringworld engineersLarry Niven357c8/19/1981
874When Harlie was one: a novelDavid Gerrold247c8/29/1981
877The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxyDouglas Adams215c9/15/1981
878The dragons of Eden: speculations on the evolution of human intelligenceCarl Sagan263c9/20/1981
879The wind from the sun; stories of the space ageArthur Charles Clarke193c9/22/1981
883Mastering Rubik's cube: the solution to the 20th century's most amazing puzzleDon Taylor31c10/8/1981
886The simple solution to Rubik's cubeJames G. Nourse64c11/2/1981
887Man discovers the galaxiesRichard Berendzen228c11/3/1981
888Satellites and what they doWalter B. Hendrickson272c11/3/1981
897The right stuffTom Wolfe436c12/27/1981
898The physicistsC. P. Snow192c12/28/1981
901The nuclear baronsPeter Pringle
James Spigelman
902EarthlightArthur Charles Clarke176c1/9/1982
904Shuttle: the world's first spaceshipRobert M. Powers335c1/19/1982
906Spaceliner: the New York Times report on the Columbia's voyage into tomorrowWilliam Stockton
John N. Wilford
907Relativity; the special and the general theory, a popular expositionAlbert Einstein164c1/26/1982
908The making of an ex-astronautBrian O'Leary243c1/28/1982
918The restaurant at the end of the universeDouglas Adams250c3/17/1982
919The radiant universe: electronic images from spaceMichael Marten
John Chesterman
920Space technology spinoffsGene Gurney88c3/28/1982
921The making of a moon, the story of the earth satellite programArthur Charles Clarke205c3/29/1982
927Black holes: the edge of space, the end of timeWalter Sullivan303c4/19/1982
929OutlandAlan Dean Foster269c4/25/1982
930Soviet scienceZhores A. Medvedev262c4/27/1982
932The Jupiter effect reconsideredJohn R. Gribbin
Stephen H. Plagemann
934Space: from Gemini to the moon & beyondRobert W. Peterson323c5/8/1982
936The promise of spaceArthur Charles Clarke325c5/16/1982
938Space frontierWernher Von Braun307c5/23/1982
946By Jupiter!: the remarkable journey of Pioneer 10Lou Jacobs108c6/17/1982
947The mote in God's eyeLarry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
948The inner planets: new light on the rocky worlds of Mercury, Venus, Earth, the moon, Mars, and the asteroidsClark R. Chapman170c6/22/1982
949Childhood's endArthur Charles Clarke220c6/23/1982
961Space: From Sputnik to GeminiLester A. Sobel310c7/9/1982
969King David's spaceshipJerry Pournelle275c7/17/1982
973Aliens: 3 novellasBen Bova156c7/25/1982
977The fountains of ParadiseArthur Charles Clarke245c7/30/1982
979First flights to the moonHal Clement217c7/31/1982
980Time probe; the sciences in science fictionArthur Charles Clarke242c8/2/1982
988New earths: transforming other planets for humanityJames E. Oberg283c8/18/1982
989E.T., the extra-terrestrial, in his adventure on earth: a novelWilliam Kotzwinkle246c9/1982
991SpaceJames A. Michener622c9/1982
992The lion of Comarre & Against the fall of nightArthur Charles Clarke214c9/1982
997Night's black agentsFritz Leiber275c10/1982
999The green millenniumFritz Leiber257c10/30/1982
1003The people's Doonesbury: notes from underfoot, 1978-1980G. B. Trudeau214c11/12/1982
1004Fantasy voyages: great science fiction from the Saturday evening postVincent Miranda311c11/12/1982
1005Special deliveranceClifford D. Simak186c11/13/1982
1006Accidents will happen: the case against nuclear powerEnvironmental Action Foundation339c11/17/1982
1008Destiny times threeFritz Leiber
Norman Spinrad
1009Life, the universe, and everythingDouglas Adams227c12/2/1982
1010Keeping faith: memoirs of a presidentJimmy Carter622c12/4/1982
1011Space traveller's handbook: every man's comprehensive manual to space flightMichael Freeman208c12/4/1982
1014FoundationIsaac Asimov227c12/15/1982
1015Foundation and empireIsaac Asimov227c12/18/1982
1016Second foundationIsaac Asimov225c12/19/1982
1017Foundation's edgeIsaac Asimov366c12/23/1982
1018John Carter of MarsEdgar Rice Burroughs208c12/27/1982
1019The Wall Street journal: the story of Dow Jones & the nation's business newspaperLloyd Wendt448c12/29/1982
1024Guide to MarsPatrick Moore214c1/15/1983
1025Understanding physics: Light, magnetism and electricityIsaac Asimov249c1/22/1983
1026God Emperor of DuneFrank Herbert411c1/23/1983
1028Bryan: a political biography of William Jennings BryanLouis William Koenig736c2/4/1983
1029Chains of the sea: three original novellas of science fictionGeorge Alec Effinger
Gardner R. Dozois
Gordon Eklund
1030The electric war: the fight over nuclear powerSheldon M. Novick376c2/10/1983
1032Prelude to Mars: an omnibus containing the complete novels Prelude to space and The sands of Mars and sixteen short storiesArthur Charles Clarke497c2/12/1983
1033Aliens from space: the real story of unidentified flying objectsDonald E. Keyhoe322c2/15/1983
1034The puzzle palace: a report on America's most secret agencyJames Bamford465c2/20/1983
1036Jokes, and how to tell themLarry Adler138c3/1/1983
1038How to give a speechHenry Gilfond61c3/5/1983
1040The Book of insults, ancient & modern: an amiable history of insult, invective, imprecation & incivility (literary, political & historical) hurled through the ages & compiled as a public serviceNancy McPhee160c3/26/1983
1041In search of Reagan's brainG. B. Trudeau114c4/8/1983
1043The dancing wu li masters: an overview of the new physicsGary Zukav352c4/9/1983
1044The truth about the neutron bomb: the inventor of the bomb speaks outS. T. Cohen226c4/15/1983
1046Return to earthEdwin E. Aldrin338c4/19/1983
1047Letters to John GlennJohn Glenn250c4/22/1983
1050Classroom PeanutsCharles M. Schulz204c4/26/1983
1051Earth is room enough: science fiction tales of our own planetIsaac Asimov192c4/30/1983
1057The visitorsClifford D. Simak250c5/15/1983
1058Physics and philosophy: the revolution in modern scienceWerner Heisenberg213c5/21/1983
1060Project PopeClifford D. Simak311c5/27/1983
1061Straight HerblockHerbert Block224c5/30/1983
1066Nightfall, and other storiesIsaac Asimov343c6/10/1983
1071Einstein: the life and timesRonald William Clark718c7/5/1983
1072Franklin D. Roosevelt: the apprenticeshipFrank Burt Freidel456c7/8/1983
1073Armaments and disarmament in the nuclear age: a handbookStockholm International Peace308c7/10/1983
1074The fifth generation: artificial intelligence and Japan's computer challenge to the worldEdward A. Feigenbaum
Pamela McCorduck
1076Counting sheep:Art Buchwald219c7/14/1983
1077Laid back in WashingtonArt Buchwald311c7/15/1983
1078Beachheads in space: a blueprint for the futureJerry Grey274c7/16/1983
1079Port EternityC. J. Cherryh191c7/17/1983
1080The hopeful futureG. Harry Stine238c7/23/1983
1082Herblock's special for todayHerbert Block255c7/30/1983
1086Skirmish: the great short fiction of Clifford D. SimakClifford D. Simak320c8/13/1983
1087The right and the power: the prosecution of WatergateLeon Jaworski305c8/15/1983
1090Return of the JediJames Kahn213c8/16/1983
1091The Andromeda strainMichael Crichton291c8/17/1983
1092The Lazarus effectFrank Herbert
Bill Ransom
1093Mushroom: the story of the A-bomb kidJohn Aristotle Phillips
David Michaels
1094The ambidextrous universe: mirror asymmetry and time-reversed worldsMartin Gardner293c8/23/1983
1096The mouse on the moonLeonard Wibberley124c8/25/1983
1097The red doveDerek Lambert236c8/30/1983
1100The price of power: Kissinger in the Nixon White HouseSeymour M. Hersh698c10/1/1983
1101The sovereign state of ITTAnthony Sampson323c10/16/1983
1102The mouse on Wall StreetLeonard Wibberley159c10/19/1983
1103The mouse that saved the WestLeonard Wibberley187c10/20/1983
1106While Reagan sleptArt Buchwald334c10/30/1983
1114The robots of dawnIsaac Asimov419c12/4/1983
1115Disturbing the universeFreeman J. Dyson283c12/17/1983
1116The youngest science: notes of a medicine-watcherLewis Thomas270c12/23/1983
1117The neutrino, ghost particle of the atomIsaac Asimov188c12/26/1983
1118A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's courtMark Twain450c1/2/1984
1119The evening stars: the making of the network news anchorBarbara Matusow302c1/6/1984
1120The ten thousand day war: Vietnam, 1945-1975Michael Maclear368c1/18/1984
1121Project space station: plans for a permanent manned space centerBrian O'Leary159c1/19/1984
1123Y.A.P.: The official young aspiring professional's fast-track handbookC. E. Crimmins126c1/29/1984
1133McGovern: the man and his beliefsGeorge S. McGovern
Shirley MacLaine
1134The lives of a cell: notes of a biology watcherLewis Thomas153c2/28/1984
1135The leatherstocking tales. Vol. IJames Fenimore Cooper833c3/30/1984
1136Right from the start: a chronicle of the McGovern campaignGary Hart334c3/8/1984
1143The complete robotIsaac Asimov557c3/24/1984
1144Late night thoughts on listening to Mahler's Ninth symphonyLewis Thomas168c3/27/1984
11461984 and beyondNigel Calder207c4/7/1984
1149Dream parkLarry Niven
Steven Barnes
1155A tale of two citiesCharles Dickens358c5/19/1984
1156Jules Feiffer's America, from Eisenhower to ReaganJules Feiffer254c5/21/1984
1157Heretics of DuneFrank Herbert480c6/6/1984
1158The First 25 years in space: a symposiumAllan Needell152c6/7/1984
1159UN: The first twenty-five yearsClark M. Eichelberger178c6/9/1984
1160The annotated Walden: Walden; or, Life in the woodsHenry David Thoreau502c6/20/1984
1161Best editorial cartoons of the yearCharles Brooks160c6/21/1984
1163VA. C. Crispin402c6/24/1984
1164The integral treesLarry Niven240c6/28/1984
1170The green brainFrank Herbert160c8/19/1984
1171Forecast 2000: George Gallup, Jr. predicts the future of AmericaGeorge Gallup179c8/19/1984
1173All the President's menCarl Bernstein
Bob Woodward
1182Stephen Hawking's universeJohn Boslough158c11/25/1984
1183Doonesbury dossier: the Reagan yearsG. B. Trudeau224c12/1/1984
1185Whipping starFrank Herbert117c1/1/1985
1186The Dosadi experimentFrank Herbert178c1/24/1985
1187Entering space: an astronaut's odysseyJoseph P. Allen223c1/25/1985
1191The new race for space: the U.S. and Russia leap to the challenge for unlimited rewardsJames E. Oberg210c3/14/1985
1194The caves of steelIsaac Asimov191c4/6/1985
1196The blood of AbrahamJimmy Carter257c4/28/1985
1197Chapterhouse, DuneFrank Herbert460c6/8/1985
1199Player pianoKurt Vonnegut295c6/22/1985
1201Slapstick:Kurt Vonnegut243c8/1/1985
1202Slaughterhouse-five, or, The children's crusade: a duty-dance with deathKurt Vonnegut186c8/7/1985
1203Jonathan Livingston Seagull: a storyRichard Bach127c8/9/1985
1204God and the new physicsP. C. W. Davies255c8/10/1985
1205The annotated Alice: Alice's adventures in Wonderland and Through the looking glassLewis Carroll352c8/20/1985
1207The clowns of God: a novelMorris L. West370c9/30/1985
1210Gorbachev: a biographyThomas G. Butson170c10/12/1985
1212Contact: a novelCarl Sagan432c11/11/1985
1213Around the world in eighty daysJules Verne192c12/18/1985
1214Great expectations; Master Humphrey's clock; Hard timesCharles Dickens469c1/4/1986
1216Jailbird: a novelKurt Vonnegut246c1/8/1986
1217BabbittSinclair Lewis401c1/15/1986
1218Deadeye DickKurt Vonnegut240c2/1/1986
1219Physics and beyond: encounters and conversationsWerner Heisenberg247c2/2/1986
1220Huckleberry FinnMark Twain387c2/22/1986
1221You can fool all of the people all the timeArt Buchwald332c2/25/1986
1222Welcome to the monkey houseKurt Vonnegut308c3/4/1986
1223The starship and the canoeKenneth Brower270c3/19/1986
1225Galapagos: a novelKurt Vonnegut295c3/30/1986
1226Our gang (starring Tricky and his friends)Philip Roth208c4/3/1986
1228Assault on the Liberty: the true story of the Israeli attack on an American Intelligence shipJames M. Ennes299c5/16/1986
1230Israel & the Arabs: the June 1967 warHal Kosut216c5/19/1986
1232Palm Sunday: an autobiographical collageKurt Vonnegut330c6/5/1986
1233Pudd'nhead WilsonMark Twain143c6/15/1986
1234They dare to speak out: people and institutions confront Israel's lobbyPaul Findley362c6/21/1986
1235The bridge across forever: a lovestoryRichard Bach316c7/31/1986
1238SiddharthaHermann Hesse122c8/6/1986
1239Have space suit -- will travelRobert A. Heinlein255c8/8/1986
1240It can't happen here: a novelSinclair Lewis458c8/10/1986
1264The catcher in the ryeJ. D. Salinger214c12/18/1986
1265The story of EnglishRobert McCrum
William Cran
Robert MacNeil
1301The Brethren: inside the Supreme CourtBob Woodward
Scott Armstrong
1302The Falcon and the Snowman: a true story of friendship and espionageRobert Lindsey359c7/8/1987
1303Oliver TwistCharles Dickens419c7/14/1987
1304Catch-22: a novelJoseph Heller484c7/16/1987
1308A separate peace: a novelJohn Knowles186c7/29/1987
1309To kill a mockingbirdHarper Lee296c7/31/1987
1310Jitterbug perfumeTom Robbins342c8/3/1987
1311Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyDouglas Adams247c8/5/1987
1312Star trek lives!Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Joan Winston
Sondra Marshak
1333Stranger in a strange landRobert A. Heinlein438c12/23/1987
1334The story of J. Robert OppenheimerDenise Royal196c12/24/1987
1337Jackie Mason's AmericaJackie Mason187c12/29/1987
1338The scarlet letterNathaniel Hawthorne254c12/31/1987
1339The American challengeJean Jacques Servan-Schreiber291c1/1/1988
1340The greening of America: how the youth revolution is trying to make America livableCharles A. Reich399c1/4/1988
1341Doonesbury deluxe: selected glances askanceG. B. Trudeau208c1/5/1988
1342A new democracyGary Hart180c1/5/1988
1343Why did they name it ... ?Hannah Campbell207c1/6/1988
1344The other America: poverty in the United StatesMichael Harrington199c1/8/1988
1357The cycles of American historyArthur Meier Schlesinger498c5/16/1988
1358The man who mistook his wife for a hat and other clinical talesOliver W. Sacks233c5/17/1988
1360East of EdenJohn Steinbeck691c5/24/1988
1361Ken Hechler: maverick public servantCharles H. Moffat372c5/28/1988
1363Iacocca: an autobiographyLee A. Iacocca352c6/1/1988
1365Les miserablesVictor Hugo1492c8/2/1988
1366Spycatcher: the candid autobiography of a senior intelligence officerPeter Wright392c8/5/1988
1368Perestroika: new thinking for our country and the worldMikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev254c8/6/1988
1369The jungleUpton Sinclair317c8/10/1988
1377Too funny to be PresidentMorris K. Udall249c10/8/1988
1389The razor's edge: a novelW. Somerset Maugham258c1/6/1989
1390The closing of the American mind: how higher education has failed democracy and impoverished the souls of today's studentsAllan David Bloom392c1/14/1989
2269Henry and Mudge and a very merry Christmas: the twenty-fifth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2270Tap-dance feverPat Brisson
Nancy Cote
2271The Gentleman BugJulian Hector40c11/26/2010
2272PantaloonKathryn Jackson
Steven Salerno
2274Henry and Mudge and the funny lunch: the twenty-fourth book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Carolyn Bracken
2275The case of the desperate duckCynthia Rylant
G. Brian Karas
2465Max's dragon shirtRosemary Wells24c7/2/2011
2466Mr. Putter and Tabby bake the cakeCynthia Rylant
Arthur Howard
2467Bunny partyRosemary Wells32c7/3/2011
2468Henry and Mudge get the cold shivers: the seventh book of their adventuresCynthia Rylant
Sušie Stevenson
2469Max counts his chickensRosemary Wells32c7/6/2011
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