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What I have read since 1974

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1491The Manchurian candidateRichard Condon311cu9/2/1991
1494Gravity's rainbowThomas Pynchon760cu11/4/1991
1495Make no law: the Sullivan case and the First AmendmentAnthony Lewis354cu11/5/1991
1496Edge city: life on the new frontierJoel Garreau546cu11/11/1991
1498The healing brain: breakthrough discoveries about how the brain keeps us healthyRobert E. Ornstein
David Sobol
1501President Johnson's war on poverty: rhetoric and historyDavid Zarefsky275cu12/23/1991
1506The commandersBob Woodward398cu1/19/1992
1508Politics and war: European conflict from Philip II to HitlerDavid E. Kaiser435cu2/17/1992
1511U.S. mail: the story of the United States postal serviceArthur E. Summerfield256cu3/9/1992
1512Monopoly mail: privatizing the United States Postal ServiceDouglas K. Adie197cu3/20/1992
1519Discipline and punish: the birth of the prisonMichel Foucault333cu5/20/1992
1523The Shah's last ride: the fate of an allyWilliam Shawcross463cu6/11/1992
1524The dispossessed: an ambiguous UtopiaUrsula K. Le Guin341cu6/14/1992
15252061: odyssey threeArthur Charles Clarke271cu6/14/1992
1526On wings of eaglesKen Follett369cu6/18/1992
1527The aspirin wars: money, medicine, and 100 years of rampant competitionCharles C. Mann
Mark L. Plummer
1528God save this honorable court: how the choice of Supreme Court justices shapes our historyLaurence H. Tribe171cu6/25/1992
1530Savage inequalities: children in America's schoolsJonathan Kozol262cu7/9/1992
1532Patenting the sun: polio and the Salk vaccineJane S. Smith413cu7/21/1992
1533Molly Ivins can't say that, can she?Molly Ivins284cu7/24/1992
1538Teller's war: the top-secret story behind the Star Wars deceptionWilliam Broad350cu9/21/1992
1552Capitol games: Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, and the story of a Supreme Court nominationTimothy M. Phelps
Helen Winternitz
1553Knock woodCandice Bergen354cu3/6/1993
1555To engineer is human: the role of failure in successful designHenry Petroski247cu3/13/1993
1558The pencil: a history of design and circumstanceHenry Petroski434cu3/22/1993
1560The evolution of useful thingsHenry Petroski288cu4/6/1993
1563Basin and rangeJohn A. McPhee216cu5/3/1993
1568The fountainheadAyn Rand727cu5/25/1993
1573In suspect terrainJohn A. McPhee210cu6/7/1993
1577Rising from the plainsJohn A. McPhee214cu6/15/1993
1585Madness and civilization: a history of insanity in the Age of ReasonMichel Foucault299cu7/12/1993
1587The monkey wrench gangEdward Abbey356cu7/29/1993
1588The lathe of heavenUrsula K. Le Guin175cu8/3/1993
1589Looking for a shipJohn A. McPhee242cu8/5/1993
1590Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the flak catchersTom Wolfe153cu8/5/1993
1595The geography of nowhere: the rise and decline of America's man-made landscapeJames Howard Kunstler303cu8/23/1993
1598Oceanography in the next decade: building new partnershipsNational Research Council202cu9/10/1993
1601For God, country, and Coca-Cola: the unauthorized history of the great American soft drink and the company that makes itMark Pendergrast556cu9/27/1993
1605The man who tasted shapes: a bizarre medical mystery offers revolutionary insights into emotions, reasoning, and consciousnessRichard E. Cytowic249cu10/10/1993
1607After the war was over: Hanoi and SaigonNeil Sheehan131cu10/21/1993
1608Even cowgirls get the bluesTom Robbins365cu10/24/1993
1615Alan Turing: the enigmaAndrew Hodges587cu12/12/1993
1617A fableWilliam Faulkner437cu12/26/1993
1621The reivers, a reminiscenceWilliam Faulkner305cu1/15/1994
1636On shaky groundJohn J. Nance416cu4/10/1994
1652A positron named Priscilla: scientific discovery at the frontierMarcia Bartusiak348cu9/5/1994
1655The memory bookHarry Lorayne
Jerry Lucas
1666The Evening Star: Venus observedHenry S. F. Cooper274cu12/9/1994
1672American steel: hot metal men and the resurrection of the Rust BeltRichard Preston278cu2/15/1995
1676Table of contentsJohn A. McPhee293cu3/1/1995
1678Is sex necessary? or, Why you feel the way you doJames Thurber
E. B. White
1680Falling off the map: some lonely places of the worldPico Iyer190cu4/5/1995
1681The Nixon memo: political respectability, Russia, and the pressMarvin L. Kalb248cu4/8/1995
1682Essays of E. B. WhiteE. B. White277cu4/23/1995
1685The red queen: sex and the evolution of human natureMatt Ridley405cu5/21/1995
1687Being digitalNicholas Negroponte243cu5/26/1995
1688PopuluxeThomas Hine184cu5/28/1995
1689The crying of lot 49Thomas Pynchon183cu6/1/1995
1690The bill: how the adventures of Clinton's National Service bill reveal what is corrupt, comic, cynical, and noble, about WashingtonSteven Waldman301cu6/8/1995
1693A feeling for the organism: the life and work of Barbara McClintockEvelyn Fox Keller235cu6/26/1995
1694Generation X: tales for an accelerated cultureDouglas Coupland183cu7/15/1995
1698Mama makes up her mind: and other dangers of southern livingBailey White230cu8/19/1995
1699Show-stopper!: the breakneck race to create Windows NT and the next generation at MicrosoftG. Pascal Zachary312cu8/23/1995
1702Fatal defect: chasing killer computer bugsIvars Peterson260cu9/7/1995
1703The vandals' crown: how rebel currency traders overthrew the world's central banksGregory J. Millman305cu9/15/1995
1704Stories of ScottsboroJames E. Goodman465cu9/17/1995
1716Making love: an erotic odysseyRichard Rhodes175cu1/9/1996
1721Eye in the skyPhilip K. Dick255cu2/4/1996
1722The hippopotamusStephen Fry292cu2/6/1996
1723The world Jones madePhilip K. Dick192cu2/9/1996
1725Longitude: the true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his timeDava Sobel184cu3/4/1996
1727Coming of age: the story of our century by those who've lived itStuds Terkel468cu3/9/1996
1728Naked Earth: the new geophysicsShawna Vogel217cu3/22/1996
1729The Screwtape lettersC. S. Lewis160cu3/22/1996
1732QED and the men who made it: Dyson, Feynman, Schwinger, and TomonagaS. S. Schweber732cu5/5/1996
1733The book of guys: storiesGarrison Keillor340cu5/8/1996
1734The Maltese falconDashiell Hammett229cu5/10/1996
1735Franny and ZooeyJ. D. Salinger201cu5/12/1996
1736In cold blood: a true account of a multiple murder and its consequencesTruman Capote343cu5/21/1996
1737The White House messChristopher Buckley224cu5/25/1996
1738Annie JohnJamaica Kincaid148cu6/5/1996
1739A thousand acresJane Smiley371cu6/8/1996
1740The periodic tablePrimo Levi233cu6/14/1996
1741A man named Hoffman, and other narratives of medical detectionBerton Roueche276cu6/19/1996
1742The incurable wound and further narratives of medical detectionBerton Roueche177cu6/21/1996
1743Up in the old hotel and other storiesJoseph Mitchell718cu6/26/1996
1745The man who grew two breasts: and other true tales of medical detectionBerton Roueche197cu7/1/1996
1746The four lovesC. S. Lewis128cu7/3/1996
1747Eleven blue men, and other narratives of medical detectionBerton Roueche215cu7/6/1996
1748Case studies in oceanography and marine affairsOpen University Oceanography Course Team248cu7/9/1996
1749Sea change: a message of the oceansSylvia A. Earle361cu7/20/1996
175121st century jet: the making and marketing of the Boeing 777Karl Sabbagh366cu7/31/1996
1752Seawater: its composition, properties, and behaviourOpen University Oceanography Course Team165cu8/2/1996
1753Something hidden behind the ranges: a Himalayan questDaniel Taylor-Ide298cu8/4/1996
1754The bluest eyeToni Morrison160cu8/6/1996
1756Journey to nowhere: a New World tragedyShiva Naipaul336cu9/1/1996
1757The mismeasure of manStephen Jay Gould444cu9/3/1996
1758The secret agent: a simple taleJoseph Conrad311cu9/11/1996
1759Homage to CataloniaGeorge Orwell232cu9/15/1996
1762Plastic: the making of a synthetic centuryStephen Fenichell356cu10/9/1996
1766Oceanography, a view of earthM. Grant Gross446cu11/13/1996
1770The car that could: the inside story of GM's revolutionary electric vehicleMichael Shnayerson295cu12/1/1996
1773Tracks: a novelLouise Erdrich226cu12/9/1996
1776Full house: the spread of excellence from Plato to DarwinStephen Jay Gould244cu12/18/1996
1787First light: the search for the edge of the universeRichard Preston275cu2/20/1997
1805Jesse: the life and pilgrimage of Jesse JacksonMarshall Frady552cu6/2/1997
1806Thank you for smokingChristopher Buckley272cu6/3/1997
1809Oceanography: contemporary readings in ocean sciencesR. Gordon Pirie425cu6/28/1997
1818The light at the edge of the universe: dispatches from the front lines of cosmologyMichael D. Lemonick339cu8/15/1997
1840Raising LazarusRobert Jon Pensack
Dwight Arnan Williams
1841The origin of SatanElaine H. Pagels214cu1/20/1998
1845The run of his life: the people v. O.J. SimpsonJeffrey Toobin466cu2/15/1998
1846One world, ready or not: the manic logic of global capitalismWilliam Greider528cu3/6/1998
1847Budding prospects: a pastoralT. Coraghessan Boyle326cu3/22/1998
1848In our image: America's empire in the PhilippinesStanley Karnow494cu3/29/1998
1850The old man and the seaErnest Hemingway159cu4/11/1998
1852Hidden histories of scienceRobert B. Silvers193cu4/14/1998
1853The Zimmermann telegramBarbara Wertheim Tuchman224cu4/15/1998
1944Country of my skull: guilt, sorrow, and the limits of forgiveness in the new South AfricaAntjie Krog403cu11/13/2000
1945Home from nowhere: remaking our everyday world for the twenty-first CenturyJames Howard Kunstler318cu11/20/2000
1954The crofter and the lairdJohn A. McPhee159cu2/2/2001
1955The island of the lost mapsMiles Harvey405cu2/11/2001
1956American dreamer: the life and times of Henry A. WallaceJohn C. Culver
John Hyde
1958The potato: how the humble spud rescued the western worldLarry Zuckerman304cu3/14/2001
1959American tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the origins of the Vietnam WarDavid E. Kaiser566cu4/1/2001
1960The truth never stands in the way of a good storyJan Harold Brunvand217cu4/2/2001
1961Bobos in paradise: the new upper class and how they got thereDavid Brooks284cu4/21/2001
1962Fast food nation: the dark side of the all-American mealEric Schlosser356cu5/2/2001
1964The advent of the algorithm: the idea that rules the worldDavid Berlinski345cu5/18/2001
1966La place de la concorde suisseJohn A. McPhee149cu5/28/2001
1969A question of intent: a great American battle with a deadly industryDavid A. Kessler492cu6/20/2001
1970Double fold: libraries and the assault on paperNicholson Baker370cu7/13/2001
1972Journey beyond Selene: remarkable expeditions past our moon and to the ends of the solar systemJeffrey Kruger314cu7/23/2001
1974The search for the Panchen LamaIsabel Hilton335cu8/6/2001
1975A different nature: the paradoxical world of zoos and their uncertain futureDavid Hancocks279cu8/12/2001
1976Frontiers of illusion: science, technology, and the politics of progressDaniel R. Sarewitz235cu8/19/2001
1979Divided we stand: a biography of New York's World Trade CenterEric Darton241cu9/22/2001
1980The Little Ice Age: how climate made history, 1300-1850Brian M. Fagan246cu9/25/2001
1981American terrorist: Timothy McVeigh & the Oklahoma City bombingLou Michel426cu9/28/2001
1983At home in the heart of AppalachiaJohn O'Brien306cu10/18/2001
1984Tales of known space: the universe of Larry NivenLarry Niven240cu10/22/2001
1989Remembering DennyCalvin Trillin209cu11/12/2001
1990The great arc: the dramatic tale of how India was mapped and Everest was namedJohn Keay182cu11/24/2001
2006I'll be short: essentials for a decent working societyRobert B. Reich121cu7/12/2002
2007The rise of Theodore RooseveltEdmund Morris886cu7/29/2002
2009Theodore RexEdmund Morris772cu8/21/2002
2010American science policy since World War IIBruce L. R. Smith230cu9/12/2002
2011A peace to end all peace: creating the modern Middle East, 1914-1922David Fromkin635cu9/23/2002
2012Who rules in science: An opinionated guide to the warsJames Robert Brown236cu10/1/2002
2014Palace walkNajib Mahfuz498cu11/5/2002
2018Palace of desireNajib Mahfuz422cu12/29/2002
2020Uncle Tungsten: memories of a chemical boyhoodOliver W. Sacks337cu1/6/2003
2021Inviting disaster: lessons from the edge of technology : an inside look at catastrophes and why they happenJames R. Chiles338cu1/15/2003
2024America's undeclared war: what's killing our cities and how to stop itDaniel Lazare353cu1/29/2003
2025The second coming of Steve JobsAlan Deutschman321cu2/3/2003
2026Things that make us smart: defending human attributes in the age of the machineDonald A. Norman290cu2/12/2003
2027Mosquito: a natural history of our most persistent and deadly foeAndrew Spielman
Michael D'Antonio
2028Pakistan: in the shadow of Jihad and AfghanistanMary Anne Weaver284cu2/22/2003
2031The man who tried to save the world: the dangerous life and mysterious disappearance of Fred CunyScott Anderson374cu3/15/2003
2032The emergence of agricultureBruce D. Smith231cu3/18/2003
2033Shadow: five presidents and the legacy of WatergateBob Woodward592cu3/24/2003
2035Envisioning informationEdward R. Tufte126cu4/28/2003
2036Sugar StreetNajib Mahfuz308cu5/14/2003
2037The Ottoman centuries: the rise and fall of the Turkish empirePatrick Balfour Kinross638cu6/16/2003
2039The secret life of dust: from the cosmos to the kitchen counter, the big consequences of little thingsHannah Holmes240cu7/6/2003
2040Genie: an abused child's flight from silenceRuss Rymer221cu7/13/2003
2043Elements of design: Rowena Reed Kostellow and the structure of visual relationshipsGail Greet Hannah144cu8/12/2003
2046The invisible computer: why good products can fail, the personal computer is so complex, and information appliances are the solutionDonald A. Norman302cu9/9/2003
2047The lion's grave: dispatches from AfghanistanJon Lee Anderson244cu10/5/2003
2048Charlie Wilson's war: the extraordinary story of the largest covert operation in historyGeorge Crile550cu10/30/2003
2051 The key to my neighbor's house: seeking justice in Bosnia and RwandaElizabeth Neuffer492cu12/22/2003
2058Space policy in the twenty-first centuryW. Henry Lambright283cu1/23/2004
2059The Concorde conspiracyJohn Costello
Terry Hughes
2065Of paradise and power: America and Europe in the New World OrderRobert Kagan103cu5/16/2004
2070New soldierJohn Kerry174cu6/8/2004
2071Behind deep blue: building the computer that defeated the world chess championFeng-hsiung Hsu298cu6/15/2004
2072Great projects: the epic story of the building of America, from the taming of the Mississippi to the invention of the internetJames Tobin322cu6/20/2004
2073Why we buy: the science of shoppingPaco Underhill255cu6/24/2004
2081The space shuttle decision: NASA's search for a reusable space vehicleT. A. Heppenheimer470cu9/28/2004
2082The outlaw sea: a world of freedom, chaos, and crimeWilliam Langewiesche239cu10/18/2004
2084Spaceflight and the myth of presidential leadershipRoger D. Launius
Howard E. McCurdy
2090Creativity: flow and the psychology of discovery and inventionMihaly Csikszentmihalyi456cu1/31/2005
2091Going nucular: language, politics, and culture in confrontational timesGeoffrey Nunberg298cu2/2/2005
2092Sunquakes: probing the interior of the sunJack B. Zirker265cu2/25/2005
2096Lyndon Johnson and the Great SocietyJohn A. Andrew III224cu6/2/2005
2097The Great Society: a twenty year critiqueBarbara Jordan
Elspeth Rostow
2098The secret of Apollo: systems management in American and European space programsStephen B. Johnson290cu6/10/2005
2102The quantum quarkAndrew Watson476cu8/20/2005
2103American dream: three women, ten kids, and a nation's drive to end welfareJason DeParle422cu8/24/2005
2112The Challenger launch decision: risky technology, culture, and deviance at NASADiane Vaughan575cu2/1/2006
2115Fermat's enigma: the epic quest to solve the world's greatest mathematical problemSimon Singh336cu4/18/2006
2116The founding fishJohn A. McPhee358cu5/24/2006
2117Jarhead: a Marine's chronicle of the Gulf War and other battlesAnthony Swofford260cu6/19/2006
2119American theocracy: the peril and politics of radical religion, oil, and borrowed money in the 21st centuryKevin P. Phillips462cu7/24/2006
2121The great influenza: the epic story of the deadliest plague in historyJohn M. Barry546cu8/2/2006
2123The city of falling angelsJohn Berendt414cu9/12/2006
2124No shame in my game: the working poor in the inner cityKatherine S. Newman388cu9/19/2006
2125The pursuit of fairness: a history of affirmative actionTerry H. Anderson320cu11/15/2006
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