List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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1509A gift of wingsRichard Bach299dcbt2/27/1992
1545The making of the atomic bombRichard Rhodes886dcbt2/8/1993
1622Black holes and baby universes and other essaysS. W. Hawking182dcbt1/16/1994
1645N.P.: a novelBanana Yoshimoto194dcbt6/17/1994
1782Feynman's lost lecture: the motion of planets around the sunDavid L. Goodstein
Judith R. Goodstein
1783A view of the sea: a discussion between a chief engineer and an oceanographer about the machinery of the ocean circulationHenry M. Stommel165dcbt2/3/1997
1823The El Nino-Southern Oscillation: interannual predictability and interdecadal variabilityDavid Christopher Bradfield Torrence195dcbt9/19/1997
1947The Endurance: Shackleton's legendary Antarctic expeditionCaroline Alexander
Frank Hurley
1948The golden compassPhilip Pullman399dcbt12/7/2000
1985Hubbert's peak: the impending world oil shortageKenneth S. Deffeyes208dcbt10/23/2001
1986MicroserfsDouglas Coupland371dcbt10/27/2001
1987Alice, let's eat: further adventures of a happy eaterCalvin Trillin182dcbt11/6/2001
1988The inflationary universe: the quest for a new theory of cosmic originsAlan H. Guth358dcbt11/12/2001
1994The survival of the bark canoeJohn A. McPhee114dcbt1/4/2002
1997The map that changed the world: William Smith and the birth of modern geologySimon Winchester329dcbt3/17/2002
1998The shape of the river: long-term consequences of considering race in college and university admissionsWilliam G. Bowen
Derek Curtis Bok
2088In confidence: Moscow's ambassador to America's six Cold War presidents (1962-1986)Anatoliy F. Dobrynin672dcbt1/14/2005
2160The years with RossJames Thurber310dcbt2/8/2008
2538The Englishman who posted himself and other curious objectsJohn Tingey175dcbt11/15/2011
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