List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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1348Bluebeard: a novelKurt Vonnegut300elp2/29/1988
1367Democracy in AmericaAlexis de Tocqueville
Richard D. Heffner
1388The bonfire of the vanitiesTom Wolfe690elp12/27/1988
1392Showdown at Gucci Gulch: lawmakers, lobbyists, and the unlikely triumph of tax reformJeffrey H. Birnbaum
Alan S. Murray
1416Invisible manRalph Ellison569elp11/18/1989
1418The end of natureBill McKibben226elp1/6/1990
1421The cider house rulesJohn Irving598elp1/13/1990
1422Spy notes on McInerney's bright lights, big city, Janowitz's slaves of New York, Ellis' less than zero, and all those other hip urban novels of the 1980s89elp1/15/1990
1436The devil's advocateMorris L. West351elp5/11/1990
1439The shoes of the fishermanMorris L. West288elp5/25/1990
1440Waiting for Godot: tragicomedy in 2 actsSamuel Beckett60elp5/27/1990
1443Skinny legs and allTom Robbins422elp6/15/1990
1445A prayer for Owen Meany: a novelJohn Irving543elp6/29/1990
1454Animal liberationPeter Singer297elp8/19/1990
1456Green rage: radical environmentalism and the unmaking of civilizationChristopher Manes291elp8/27/1990
1458The new industrial stateJohn Kenneth Galbraith384elp9/23/1990
1465Ronald Reagan, the movie and other episodes in political demonologyMichael Paul Rogin366elp12/1/1990
1472MatigariNgugi wa Thiongo175elp2/16/1991
1473The mummy, or Ramses the damned: a novelAnne Rice436elp2/20/1991
1477The science of soundThomas D. Rossing686elp3/31/1991
1502Three blind mice: how the TV networks lost their wayKen Auletta642elp12/28/1991
1503The power broker: Robert Moses and the fall of New YorkRobert A. Caro1246elp1/9/1992
1658Something happenedJoseph Heller530elp10/16/1994
1660Generations: the history of America's future, 1584 to 2069William Strauss
Neil Howe
1684The last empire: De Beers, diamonds, and the worldStefan Kanfer409elp5/13/1995
1695Sexing the millennium: women and the sexual revolutionLinda Grant282elp7/22/1995
1696Land of desire: merchants, power, and the rise of a new American cultureWilliam Leach510elp7/29/1995
1697Third sex, third gender: beyond sexual dimorphism in culture and historyGilbert Herdt614elp8/14/1995
1701A confederacy of duncesJohn Kennedy Toole462elp8/29/1995
1706A son of the circusJohn Irving682elp11/14/1995
1707The witching hourAnne Rice1043elp11/27/1995
1708The Great Depression: America in the 1930sT. H. Watkins375elp12/3/1995
1709Lasher: lives of the Mayfair witchesAnne Rice628elp12/10/1995
1710The quest for life in amberGeorge O. Poinar
Roberta Poinar
1711Real places: an unconventional guide to America's generic landscapeGrady Clay297elp12/19/1995
1712Talk dirty to me: an intimate philosophy of sexSallie Tisdale338elp12/25/1995
171428 Barbary Lane: the Tales of the city omnibus volume IArmistead Maupin713elp1/6/1996
1717Welcome to the jungle: the why behind "Generation X"Geoffrey T. Holtz289elp1/12/1996
171913th gen: abort, retry, ignore, fail?Neil Howe
William Strauss
1720The ransom of Russian artJohn A. McPhee181elp2/3/1996
1730The coming plague: newly emerging diseases in a world out of balanceLaurie Garrett750elp4/25/1996
1755Infinite jest: a novelDavid Foster Wallace1079elp8/28/1996
1765Genius in disguise: Harold Ross of the New YorkerThomas Kunkel497elp11/12/1996
1768Thinking in pictures: and other reports from my life with autismTemple Grandin222elp11/22/1996
1771Sparring with Charlie: motorbiking down the Ho Chi Minh trailChristopher Hunt289elp12/2/1996
1772High fidelityNick Hornby323elp12/6/1996
1775Eat fatRichard Klein247elp12/13/1996
1777Engineers of dreams: great bridge builders and the spanning of AmericaHenry Petroski479elp1/2/1997
1779The death of Satan: how Americans have lost the sense of evilAndrew Delbanco274elp1/5/1997
1784No contest: corporate lawyers and the perversion of justice in AmericaRalph Nader
Wesley J. Smith
1786The pillars of Hercules: a grand tour of the MediterraneanPaul Theroux509elp2/17/1997
1788The quitEvan Harris107elp2/22/1997
1789The unbearable lightness of beingMilan Kundera314elp2/26/1997
1794The house of the spiritsIsabel Allende433elp3/20/1997
1800The right to privacyEllen Alderman
Caroline Kennedy
1801Deadly feasts: tracking the secrets of a terrifying new plagueRichard Rhodes259elp4/21/1997
1807The English patient: a novelMichael Ondaatje305elp6/9/1997
1810PalimpsestGore Vidal435elp7/4/1997
1811Sleep thieves: an eye-opening exploration into the science and mysteries of sleepStanley Coren304elp7/8/1997
1814Giving good weightJohn A. McPhee261elp7/23/1997
1815Sahara unveiled: a journey across the desertWilliam Langewiesche301elp7/26/1997
1816Cod: a biography of the fish that changed the worldMark Kurlansky294elp8/8/1997
1820The heart can be filled anywhere on earth: Minneota, MinnesotaBill Holm257elp8/21/1997
1824Yellow fever, black goddess: the coevolution of people and plaguesChristopher Wills324elp9/22/1997
1827Sex and the cityCandace Bushnell228elp10/5/1997
1828The porcelain god: a social history of the toiletJulie L. Horan216elp10/7/1997
1833The devil problem and other true storiesDavid Remnick435elp11/29/1997
1834Why things bite back: technology and the revenge of unintended consequencesEdward Tenner431elp12/5/1997
1835Buckley, the right wordWilliam F. Buckley, Jr.524elp12/8/1997
1836The river at the center of the world: a journey up the Yangtze and back in Chinese timeSimon Winchester410elp12/15/1997
183736 views of Mount Fuji: on finding myself in JapanCathy N. Davidson295elp12/16/1997
1838Voltaire's bastards: the dictatorship of reason in the WestJohn Ralston Saul640elp1/3/1998
1839Girls lean back everywhere: the law of obscenity and the assault on geniusEdward De Grazia814elp1/15/1998
1849A natural history of the sensesDiane Ackerman331elp4/8/1998
1851Close to the machine: technophilia and its discontentsEllen Ullman189elp4/12/1998
1854Desert placesRobyn Davidson280elp5/3/1998
1855The cloud forest: a chronicle of the South American wildernessPeter Matthiessen280elp5/16/1998
1856Tropical classical: essays from several directionsPico Iyer314elp5/17/1998
1857No mercy: a journey to the heart of the CongoRedmond O'Hanlon461elp5/23/1998
1858Malaria dreams: an African adventureStuart Stevens236elp5/25/1998
1859A history of the breastMarilyn Yalom331elp5/29/1998
1863And the waters turned to blood: the ultimate biological threatRodney Barker362elp7/12/1998
1864Buzz: the science and lore of alcohol and caffeineStephen Braun214elp7/19/1998
1865Pass the butterworms: remote journeys oddly renderedTim Cahill283elp7/28/1998
1866Biomimicry: innovation inspired by natureJanine M. Benyus308elp8/10/1998
18817 tattoos: a memoir in the fleshPeter Trachtenberg263elp11/21/1998
1882TimequakeKurt Vonnegut250elp11/24/1998
1884Inside the sky: a meditation on flightWilliam Langewiesche240elp12/10/1998
1885Opium: a historyMartin Booth381elp12/11/1998
1886An evening among headhunters: & other reports from roads less traveledLawrence Millman227elp12/25/1998
1887Glass, paper, beans: revelations on the nature and value of ordinary thingsLeah Hager Cohen299elp1/11/1999
1889Desperate journeys, abandoned souls: true stories of castaways and other survivorsEdward E. Leslie586elp1/30/1999
1891Modoc: the true story of the greatest elephant that ever livedRalph Helfer325elp2/16/1999
1895VillagesRichard Critchfield388elp3/17/1999
1909ApplesFrank Browning241elp7/23/1999
1911The intuitionistColson Whitehead255elp8/14/1999
1912King Leopold's ghost: a story of greed, terror, and heroism in Colonial AfricaAdam Hochschild366elp8/16/1999
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