List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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661The cat from outer spaceTed Key166ewl1978-79
691The Great BrainJohn Dennis Fitzgerald187ewl1979
693Particles: an introduction to particle physicsMichael Chester147ewl1979
695The science of chemistryIra Maximilian Freeman
Rea Patton
702The black hole: a novelAlan Dean Foster186ewl1979-80
703The brown fox mysteryEllery Queen, Jr.214ewl1979-80
721The life and words of John F. KennedyJames Playsted Wood80ewl1979-80
725Mr. Yowder and the steamboatGlen Rounds48ewl1979-80
732Nine roads to tomorrow: dramatic developments in scientific technologyD. S. Halacy175ewl1979-80
733Operation manhuntChristopher Nicole225ewl1979-80
734Operation destructChristopher Nicole230ewl1979-80
746Space shuttleDavid Baker72ewl1979-80
748Star trek spaceflight chronologyStan Goldstein
Fred Goldstein
Susan Sackett
840Star trek 12James Blish
A. Lawrence
873Star trek, the motion picture: the photostory285ewl8/26/1981
876Red star in orbitJames E. Oberg272ewl9/12/1981
903Carrying the fire; an astronaut's journeysMichael Collins498ewl1/17/1982
9052001; a space odysseyArthur Charles Clarke221ewl1/21/1982
937Write if you get work: the best of Bob and RayBob Elliot
Ray Goulding
950Star trek, the wrath of Khan: a novelVonda N. McIntyre223ewl6/24/1982
951The abode of lifeLee Correy207ewl6/25/1982
952Perry's planetJack C. Haldeman132ewl6/26/1982
954Planet of judgmentJoe W. Haldeman151ewl6/27/1982
955The Best of Trek #3: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
960World without endJoe W. Haldeman150ewl7/8/1982
962The Best of Trek #4: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
963Close encounters of the third kindSteven Spielberg256ewl7/10/1982
964David Starr, space rangerPaul French144ewl7/12/1982
965Doctor Who and the dinosaur invasionMalcolm Hulke138ewl7/12/1982
966Doctor Who and the genesis of the DaleksTerrance Dicks144ewl7/13/1982
970The war games of ZelosEdmund Cooper176ewl7/18/1982
971We are not alone; the search for intelligent life on other worldsWalter Sullivan319ewl7/21/1982
974The making of Star trek -- the motion pictureGene Roddenberry
Susan Sackett
975The covenant of the crown: a star trek novelHoward Weinstein191ewl7/28/1982
976The invasion of the body snatchersJack Finney219ewl7/28/1982
978Operation NeptuneChristopher Nicole219ewl7/31/1982
981The mystery of the merry magicianEllery Queen, Jr.220ewl8/2/1982
982Famous stories of code and cipherRaymond Tostevin Bond383ewl8/4/1982
984Enola GayGordon Thomas
Max Morgan Witts
1031Prelude to spaceArthur Charles Clarke179ewl2/12/1983
1035It all started with Columbus: being an unexpurgated, unabridged, and unlikely history of the United States from Christopher Columbus to John F. Kennedy for those who, having perused a volume of history in school, swore they would never read anotherRichard Willard Armour119ewl2/22/1983
1037The best of Trek #5: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
1054A general introduction to psychoanalysisSigmund Freud480ewl5/11/1983
1075The ABC of relativityBertrand Russell144ewl7/13/1983
1081Quarks: the stuff of matterHarald Fritzsch297ewl7/28/1983
1088Bloom County: "loose tails"Berke Breathed148ewl8/15/1983
1089Wernher von Braun: the authoritative and definitive biographical profile of the father of modern spaceErik Bergaust589ewl8/15/1983
1104The Klingon gambitRobert E. Vardeman158ewl10/27/1983
1122The Prometheus designSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
1124Black fireSonni Cooper220ewl2/6/1984
1125TriangleSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
1139Web of the Romulans: a Star Trek novelM. S. Murdock220ewl3/14/1984
1140Yesterday's son: a Star Trek novelA. C. Crispin191ewl3/16/1984
1141InfernoLarry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
1142Mutiny on the Enterprise: a Star Trek novelRobert E. Vardeman189ewl3/22/1984
1145The wounded skyDiane Duane256ewl4/7/1984
1147The Trellisane confrontation a Star Trek novelDavid Dvorkin190ewl4/8/1984
1148The great GatsbyF. Scott Fitzgerald182ewl4/16/1984
1150CoronaGreg Bear192ewl4/19/1984
1151Chekov's Enterprise: a personal journal of the making of Star Trek-the motion pictureWalter Koenig222ewl4/20/1984
1152Star trek speaksSusan Sackett
Fred Goldstein
Stan Goldstein
1153The making of Star trek II, the wrath of KhanAllan Asherman223ewl4/21/1984
1154'Toons for our times: a Bloom County book of heavy meadow rump 'n rollBerke Breathed96ewl5/12/1984
1162Star Trek III: the search for SpockVonda N. McIntyre297ewl6/21/1984
1176The selling of the President, 1968Joe McGinniss253ewl10/7/1984
11782010: odyssey twoArthur Charles Clarke291ewl10/18/1984
1179National Lampoon's DoonEllis Weiner221ewl11/10/1984
1184So long, and thanks for all the fishDouglas Adams204ewl12/31/1984
1188Ships to the starsFritz Leiber122ewl1/26/1985
1189"Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman!": adventures of a curious characterRichard Phillips Feynman350ewl1/31/1985
1192Buckaroo BanzaiEarl Mac Rauch223ewl3/17/1985
1193Atoms and evilRobert Bloch160ewl3/24/1985
1198Penguin dreams and stranger thingsBerke Breathed120ewl6/8/1985
1209Flatland: a romance of many dimensionsEdwin Abbott Abbott103ewl10/10/1985
1211In search of Schrodinger's cat: quantum physics and realityJohn R. Gribbin302ewl10/19/1985
1215The Today show: an inside look at 25 tumultuous years ... and the colorful and controversial people behind the scenesRobert Metz204ewl1/6/1986
1224The Philippines: a young republic on the moveAlbert Ravenholt204ewl3/23/1986
1231All the king's menRobert Penn Warren438ewl5/30/1986
1236Time and againJack Finney399ewl8/1/1986
1237Convergent seriesLarry Niven227ewl8/4/1986
1243Mother nightKurt Vonnegut192ewl8/29/1986
1245The eyes of HeisenbergFrank Herbert158ewl9/1/1986
1253Things fall apartChinua Achebe192ewl11/7/1986
1256ArrowsmithSinclair Lewis335ewl11/18/1986
1257The great Ukrainian partisan movement and other tales of the Eisenhower yearsCharles Merrill245ewl11/22/1986
1258Bloom County Babylon: five years of basic naughtinessBerke Breathed224ewl11/16/1986
1259The inferno: a verse rendering for the modern readerDante Alighieri288ewl12/4/1986
1261The walled garden: the story of a schoolCharles Merrill219ewl12/8/1986
1267The book of Frank HerbertFrank Herbert189ewl1/3/1987
1271The Tao of physics: an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticismFritjof Capra346ewl1/16/1987
1275Main StreetSinclair Lewis319ewl2/22/1987
1281The Tower Commission report: the full text of the President's Special Review BoardUnited States550ewl3/29/1987
1283Lyndon Johnson and the American dreamDoris Kearns Goodwin463ewl4/10/1987
1284The tragedy of MacbethWilliam Shakespeare
Virginia A. LaMar
Louis B. Wright
1285MacBirdBarbara Garson109ewl4/12/1987
1289Chaucer's Canterbury tales:Geoffrey Chaucer448ewl5/16/1987
1291The Tao of PoohBenjamin Hoff158ewl5/25/1987
1305Enterprise, the first adventureVonda N. McIntyre371ewl7/19/1987
1306Godel, Escher, Bach: an eternal golden braidDouglas R. Hofstadter777ewl7/24/1987
1307Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon, and the destruction of CambodiaWilliam Shawcross464ewl7/27/1987
1326Congressional odyssey: the saga of a Senate billT. R. Reid140ewl10/14/1987
1327The once and future kingT. H. White639ewl10/19/1987
132820,000 leagues under the seaJules Verne253ewl10/23/1987
1332Institutional disability: the saga of transportation policy for the disabledRobert A. Katzmann211ewl12/13/1987
1346The Western alliance: European-American relations since 1945Alfred Grosser375ewl2/3/1988
1347The road to confrontation: American policy toward China and Korea, 1947-1950William Whitney Stueck326ewl2/24/1988
1349The CIA in Guatemala: the foreign policy of interventionRichard H. Immerman291ewl3/6/1988
1350JFK: ordeal in AfricaRichard D. Mahoney338ewl3/18/1988
1351Veil: the secret wars of the CIA, 1981-1987Bob Woodward543ewl3/29/1988
1352The rivals: America and Russia since World War IIAdam Bruno Ulam405ewl4/5/1988
1353Dangerous relations: the Soviet Union in world politics, 1970-1982Adam Bruno Ulam325ewl4/11/1988
1359Interactions: a journey through the mind of a particle physicist and the matter of this worldSheldon L. Glashow347ewl5/19/1988
1362Star Trek IV: the voyage home: a novelVonda N. McIntyre274ewl5/29/1988
1370The Mossad inside stories: Israel's secret intelligence serviceDennis Eisenberg
Uri Dan
Eli Landau
1371The all-American boysWalter Cunningham321ewl8/20/1988
1384Tales too ticklish to tell: Bloom CountyBerke Breathed122ewl12/18/1988
1386What do YOU care what other people think?: further adventures of a curious characterRichard Phillips Feynman255ewl12/21/1988
1395The mathematical tourist: snapshots of modern mathematicsIvars Peterson240ewl4/24/1989
1396Leaving homeGarrison Keillor244ewl4/26/1989
1397A brief history of time: from the big bang to black holesS. W. Hawking198ewl4/28/1989
1398The complete Yes minister: the diaries of a cabinet ministerJonathan Lynn
Anthony Jay
1400Mind children: the future of robot and human intelligenceHans P. Moravec214ewl5/30/1989
1402Steve Jobs: the journey is the rewardJeffrey S. Young440ewl6/19/1989
1405Raising a baby the government way: mothers' letters to the Children's Bureau, 1915-1932Molly Ladd-Taylor212ewl8/30/1989
1406The changing American family and public policyAndrew J. Cherlin261ewl9/3/1989
1407The Puritan family: religion & domestic relations in seventeenth-century New EnglandEdmund Sears Morgan196ewl9/8/1989
1408For her own good: 150 years of the experts' advice to womenBarbara Ehrenreich
Barbara Ehrenreich
1409Love & the American delinquent: the theory and practice of "progressive" juvenile justice, 1825-1920Steven L. Schlossman302ewl9/24/1989
1412A cycle of outrage: America's reaction to the juvenile delinquent in the 1950sJames Burkhart Gilbert258ewl10/13/1989
1413Domestic tyranny: the making of social policy against family violence from colonial times to the presentElizabeth Hafkin Pleck273ewl10/15/1989
1414Heroes of their own lives:Linda Gordon383ewl10/23/1989
1419Blott on the landscapeTom Sharpe238ewl1/8/1990
1420Future shockAlvin Toffler561ewl1/11/1990
1423Intervention: how America became involved in VietnamGeorge McTurnan Kahin550ewl2/1/1990
1424A bright shining lie: John Paul Vann and America in VietnamNeil Sheehan861ewl2/3/1990
1426Lyndon Johnson's war: the road to stalemate in VietnamLarry Berman254ewl2/17/1990
1429On strategy: a critical analysis of the Vietnam WarHarry G. Summers279ewl3/14/1990
1430The quiet AmericanGraham Greene188ewl3/16/1990
1431Billy Bathgate: a novelE. L. Doctorow323ewl3/20/1990
1432The bad war: an oral history of the Vietnam WarKim Willenson451ewl3/22/1990
1433The Army and VietnamAndrew F. Krepinevich318ewl3/30/1990
1434Everything we had: an oral history of the Vietnam WarAl Santoli268ewl4/10/1990
1438Reading the numbers: a survival guide to the measurements, numbers, and sizes encountered in everyday lifeMary Blocksma224ewl5/18/1990
1444Spike Lee's gotta have it: inside guerrilla filmmakingSpike Lee366ewl6/24/1990
1446The emperor's new mind: concerning computers, minds, and the laws of physicsRoger Penrose466ewl7/3/1990
1451The Feynman lectures on physics: quantum mechanicsRichard Phillips Feynman
Robert B. Leighton
Matthew Sands
1457The Feynman Lectures on physics:Richard Phillips Feynman
Robert B. Leighton
Matthew Sands
1459Contemporary climatologyA. Henderson-Sellers
Peter J. Robinson
1461The powers that beDavid Halberstam1071ewl11/6/1990
1462Feynman lectures on physics the electromagnetic fieldRichard Phillips Feynman
Robert B. Leighton
Matthew Sands
1464Fear of falling: the inner life of the middle classBarbara Ehrenreich292ewl11/20/1990
1468Yes, Prime Minister: the diaries of the Right Hon. James HackerJonathan Lynn
Antony Jay
1475The reckoningDavid Halberstam786ewl3/12/1991
1479A field guide to the atmosphereVincent J. Schaefer
John A. Day
1480Schaum's outline of theory and problems of tensor calculusDavid C. Kay228ewl5/19/1991
1481Tuva or bust!: Richard Feynman's last journeyRalph Leighton254ewl5/20/1991
1483The First Amendment bookRobert J. Wagman265ewl6/16/1991
1485Fatal visionJoe McGinniss653ewl7/7/1991
1486Classics of western literature: Bloom County, 1986-1989Berke Breathed251ewl7/13/1991
1487Islands of truth: a mathematical mystery cruiseIvars Peterson325ewl7/20/1991
1488The worldly philosophers: the lives, times, and ideas of the great economic thinkersRobert L. Heilbroner365ewl8/3/1991
1489The guns of AugustBarbara Wertheim Tuchman575ewl8/27/1991
1490Elmer GantrySinclair Lewis447ewl9/1/1991
1493Blank check: the Pentagon's black budgetTim Weiner273ewl10/20/1991
1497Labor of love, labor of sorrow: Black women, work, and the family from slavery to the presentJacqueline Jones432ewl11/28/1991
1500Abortion: the clash of absolutesLaurence H. Tribe298ewl12/23/1991
1504Star trek VI, the undiscovered country: a novelJ. M. Dillard301ewl1/11/1992
1505Backlash: the undeclared war against American womenSusan Faludi552ewl1/14/1992
1507All fall down: America's tragic encounter with IranGary Sick432ewl1/30/1992
1510The man who knew infinity: a life of the genius RamanujanRobert Kanigel438ewl3/8/1992
1513The Federalist papersClinton Rossiter560ewl3/26/1992
1516Rivethead: tales from the assembly lineBen Hamper234ewl4/13/1992
1518Black Hills white justice:Edward Lazarus486ewl5/16/1992
1520The autobiography of Malcolm XMalcolm X460ewl5/25/1992
1521The Samson option: Israel's nuclear arsenal and American foreign policySeymour M. Hersh354ewl5/31/1992
1531The prisoner: shattered visageDean Motter
Mark Askwith
1534The national debtLawrence Malkin309ewl8/8/1992
1537SlackerRichard Linklater153ewl9/7/1992
1539Re-making love: the feminization of sexBarbara Ehrenreich
Elizabeth Hess
Gloria Jacobs
1540Possessing the secret of joyAlice Walker286ewl10/17/1992
1541Why we lost the ERAJane J. Mansbridge327ewl10/27/1992
1543By any means necessary: the trials and tribulations of the making of Malcolm XSpike Lee312ewl11/17/1992
1544Burr: a novelGore Vidal564ewl2/1/1993
1546Turning point: a candidate, a state, and a nation come of ageJimmy Carter223ewl2/9/1993
1547The age of missing informationBill McKibben254ewl2/10/1993
1548The official Prisoner companionMatthew White
Jaffer Ali
1549Genius: the life and science of Richard FeynmanJames Gleick532ewl2/14/1993
15501876: a novelGore Vidal443ewl2/18/1993
1551The prize: the epic quest for oil, money, and powerDaniel Yergin885ewl2/27/1993
1554The temple of my familiarAlice Walker417ewl3/11/1993
1557Pipe dream blues: racism and the war on drugsClarence Lusane293ewl3/18/1993
1559The house of Morgan: an American banking dynasty and the rise of modern financeRon Chernow812ewl4/3/1993
1561The second sexSimone de Beauvoir814ewl4/18/1993
1562The beauty myth: how images of beauty are used against womenNaomi Wolf348ewl4/20/1993
1564The last days of The New YorkerGigi Mahon358ewl5/6/1993
1567The ages of Gaia: a biography of our living earthJames Lovelock252ewl5/15/1993
1571OrangesJohn A. McPhee149ewl6/1/1993
1576The toughest job in baseball: what managers do, how they do it, and why it gives them ulcersPeter Pascarelli252ewl6/13/1993
1578Joy, the life of Charles Eagle Plume: America's foremost interpreter of Indian lore, life and cultureHenry F. Pedersen307ewl6/17/1993
1581KitchenBanana Yoshimoto152ewl6/23/1993
1582Assembling CaliforniaJohn A. McPhee304ewl6/28/1993
1584The control of natureJohn A. McPhee272ewl7/7/1993
1586The electric kool-aid acid testTom Wolfe372ewl7/25/1993
1591MeridianAlice Walker220ewl8/7/1993
1592Listening to ProzacPeter D. Kramer409ewl8/11/1993
1593Conduct unbecoming: lesbians and gays in the U.S. military: Vietnam to the Persian GulfRandy Shilts784ewl8/14/1993
1594Bad science: the short life and weird times of cold fusionGary Taubes503ewl8/20/1993
1596Atlas shruggedAyn Rand1084ewl9/7/1993
1603The 158-pound marriageJohn Irving255ewl10/3/1993
1604Feminist ethicsClaudia Card300ewl10/7/1993
1606Setting free the bearsJohn Irving340ewl10/20/1993
1612Lincoln: a novelGore Vidal657ewl11/20/1993
1613Fire with fire: the new female power and how to use itNaomi Wolf373ewl11/21/1993
1614A justice for all: William J. Brennan, Jr., and the decisions that transformed AmericaKim Isaac Eisler303ewl11/23/1993
1620Empire: a novelGore Vidal486ewl1/8/1994
1623Tortilla flatJohn Steinbeck207ewl1/20/1994
1624Secrets of life, secrets of death: essays on language, gender, and scienceEvelyn Fox Keller195ewl1/26/1994
1626Coming into the countryJohn A. McPhee348ewl3/5/1994
1627The physics of baseballRobert Kemp Adair142ewl3/10/1994
1632The end of history and the last manFrancis Fukuyama418ewl3/27/1994
1637A history of warfareJohn Keegan432ewl4/26/1994
1639A leg to stand onOliver W. Sacks222ewl5/8/1994
1640Seeing voicesOliver W. Sacks186ewl5/21/1994
1641The last tycoon: an unfinished novelF. Scott Fitzgerald163ewl5/28/1994
1642The bean trees: a novelBarbara Kingsolver232ewl5/30/1994
1646It's all in your head: remarkable facts about the human mindJean Stine
Camden Benares
1649Naked lunchWilliam S. Burroughs232ewl8/7/1994
1650The agenda: inside the Clinton White HouseBob Woodward352ewl8/18/1994
1653Barrel fever: stories and essaysDavid Sedaris196ewl9/11/1994
1654Warrior marks: female genital mutilation and the sexual blinding of womenAlice Walker
Pratibha Parmar
1657No ordinary time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: the home front in World War IIDoris Kearns Goodwin759ewl10/7/1994
1659The light stuff: space humor-from Sputnik to shuttleBob Ward295ewl10/21/1994
1661Meeting at the crossroads: women's psychology and girls' developmentLyn Mikel Brown
Carol Gilligan
1662The path to powerRobert A. Caro882ewl11/8/1994
1663The liarStephen Fry277ewl11/12/1994
1665Means of ascentRobert A. Caro506ewl12/4/1994
1667Witchcraze: a new history of the European witch huntsAnne Llewellyn Barstow255ewl12/18/1994
1668How we die: reflections on life's final chapterSherwin B. Nuland278ewl1/8/1995
1669Can you trust a tomato in January?: everything you wanted to know (and a few things you didn't) about food in the grocery storeVince Staten239ewl1/16/1995
1670"Retained by the people": a history of American Indians and the Bill of RightsJohn R. Wunder278ewl2/6/1995
1671The world of JeevesP. G. Wodehouse654ewl2/11/1995
1674Invisible masters: compulsions and the fear that drives themGeorge H. Weinberg385ewl2/21/1995
1675The hot zoneRichard Preston300ewl2/23/1995
1677The forgotten plague: how the battle against tuberculosis was won -- and lostFrank Ryan460ewl3/12/1995
1679How buildings learn: what happens after they're builtStewart Brand243ewl3/27/1995
1683Reflections on gender and scienceEvelyn Fox Keller193ewl5/7/1995
1686Tender is the nightF. Scott Fitzgerald313ewl5/25/1995
1691The total package: the evolution and secret meanings of boxes, bottles, cans, and tubesThomas Hine289ewl6/15/1995
1692What a lesbian looks like: writings by lesbians on their lives and lifestyles from the archives of the National Lesbian and Gay SurveyNational Lesbian and Gay Survey166ewl6/24/1995
1705Dark sun: the making of the hydrogen bombRichard Rhodes731ewl10/24/1995
1713The hungry soul: eating and the perfecting of our natureLeon Kass248ewl12/27/1995
1726MiamiJoan Didion238ewl3/7/1996
1731An anthropologist on Mars: seven paradoxical talesOliver W. Sacks330ewl4/30/1996
1744Encounters with the archdruidJohn A. McPhee246ewl6/28/1996
1750Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot and other observationsAl Franken271ewl7/21/1996
1769America on wheels: the first 100 years: 1896 -- 1996Frank Coffey
Joseph Layden
1774Lost islands: the story of islands that have vanished from nautical chartsHenry M. Stommel146ewl12/12/1996
1785The Fourth Turning: an American prophecy: what the cycles of history tell us about America's next rendezvous with destinyWilliam Strauss
Neil Howe
1790In our defense: the Bill of Rights in actionEllen Alderman
Caroline Kennedy
1791Waves, tides, and shallow-water processesOpen University Oceanography Course Team187ewl3/7/1997
1792NakedDavid Sedaris291ewl3/11/1997
1793Resurrection: the struggle for a new RussiaDavid Remnick398ewl3/14/1997
1796The war in Algeria: memoirs of a paratrooperPierre Leulliette273ewl3/27/1997
1798Ocean circulationOpen University Oceanography Course Team238ewl4/3/1997
1799The sea around usRachel Carson169ewl4/8/1997
1803The solid earth: an introduction to global geophysicsC. M. R. Fowler472ewl4/28/1997
1804Irons in the fireJohn A. McPhee215ewl5/19/1997
1808Rising tide: the great Mississippi flood of 1927 and how it changed AmericaJohn M. Barry524ewl6/25/1997
1813The choiceBob Woodward462ewl7/14/1997
1817WLT, a radio romanceGarrison Keillor401ewl8/14/1997
1819The limits of sciencePeter Medawar108ewl8/17/1997
1821The Gulf stream: a physical and dynamical descriptionHenry M. Stommel248ewl8/22/1997
1822Descriptive physical oceanography: an introductionGeorge L. Pickard
William J. Emery
1825Satellite gravity and the geosphere: contribution to the study of the solid earth and its fluid envelopeNational Research Council112ewl9/25/1997
1826Firewall: the Iran-Contra conspiracy and cover-upLawrence E. Walsh544ewl9/30/1997
1843The gnostic gospelsElaine H. Pagels182ewl1/27/1998
1844Adam, Eve, and the serpentElaine H. Pagels189ewl2/10/1998
1860When we were coloredClifton L. Taulbert153ewl6/1/1998
1861Is the temperature rising?: the uncertain science of global warmingS. George Philander262ewl6/7/1998
1868Island of the colorblind; and, Cycad islandOliver W. Sacks311ewl8/31/1998
1869On good land: the autobiography of an urban farmMichael Ableman144ewl9/1/1998
1870No longer at easeChinua Achebe129ewl9/5/1998
1871A man of the people: a novelChinua Achebe141ewl9/11/1998
1873The tree where man was bornPeter Matthiessen256ewl10/8/1998
1875Whatever it takes: the real struggle for political power in AmericaElizabeth Drew300ewl10/26/1998
1878The jungles of randomness: a mathematical safariIvars Peterson239ewl11/5/1998
1888Liquid crystals: nature's delicate phase of matterPeter J. Collings222ewl1/18/1999
1890The Humane Society of the United States complete guide to dog careMarion S. Lane390ewl2/9/1999
1894The physics of skiing: skiing at the Triple PointDavid Lind
Scott Patrick Sanders
1901Confucius lives next door: what living in the East teaches us about living in the WestT. R. Reid276ewl4/24/1999
1904Global Positioning System: theory and practiceB. Hofmann-Wellenhof
Herbert Lichtenegger
James Collins
1906To end a warRichard C. Holbrooke410ewl6/7/1999
1910Just checking: scenes from the life of an obsessive-compulsiveEmily Colas165ewl8/12/1999
1913Crystal fire: the invention of the transistor and the birth of the information ageMichael Riordan
Lillian Hoddeson
1916The man who loved only numbers: the story of Paul Erdos and the search for mathematical truthPaul Hoffman301ewl9/12/1999
1924A people's history of the Supreme CourtPeter H. Irons542ewl12/27/1999
1925The big test: the secret history of the American meritocracyNicholas Lemann406ewl1/2/2000
1927Stiffed: the betrayal of the American manSusan Faludi662ewl1/26/2000
1931Rattling the cage: toward legal rights for animalsSteven M. Wise362ewl4/11/2000
1932Suburban nation : the rise of sprawl and the decline of the American DreamAndres Duany
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk
Jeff Speck
1940The 103rd ballot: Democrats and the disaster in Madison Square GardenRobert K. Murray336ewl8/8/2000
1942The tipping point: how little things can make a big differenceMalcolm Gladwell279ewl8/27/2000
1943Tides: a scientific historyDavid Edgar Cartwright292ewl9/24/2000
1951Betrayal of trust: the collapse of global public healthLaurie Garrett754ewl1/8/2001
1953From Paris to the moonAdam Gopnik338ewl1/30/2001
1965Far Appalachia: following the New River northNoah Adams238ewl5/22/2001
1971Body of secrets: anatomy of the ultra-secret National Security Agency: from the Cold War through the dawn of a new centuryJames Bamford721ewl7/19/2001
1977Travels with Charley: in search of AmericaJohn Steinbeck275ewl9/9/2001
1978Very good, Jeeves!P. G. Wodehouse263ewl9/9/2001
1982The last great revolutionRobin B. Wright351ewl10/3/2001
1991Closed chambers: the first eyewitness account of the epic struggles inside the Supreme CourtEdward Lazarus576ewl12/14/2001
1992A beautiful mind: the life of mathematical genius and Nobel Laureate John NashSylvia Nasar481ewl12/25/2001
1993Star-crossed orbits: inside the U.S.-Russian space allianceJames E. Oberg355ewl1/2/2002
1995Prediction: science, decision making, and the future of natureDaniel R. Sarewitz
Roger A. Pielke, Jr.
Radford Byerly
1996Science, money, and politics: political triumph and ethical erosionDaniel S. Greenberg530ewl3/10/2002
2000Master of the senateRobert A. Caro1167ewl5/30/2002
2001Me talk pretty one dayDavid Sedaris272ewl6/9/2002
2002Poirot investigatesAgatha Christie245ewl6/24/2002
2003The way we talk nowGeoffrey Nunberg243ewl6/28/2002
2004Salt: a world historyMark Kurlansky484ewl6/30/2002
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