List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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834An introduction to controlled thermonuclear fusionM. O. Hagler
M. Kristiansen
835Star Trek, the motion picture: a novelGene Roddenberry
Alan Dean Foster
845The making of the trek conventions: or, How to throw a party for 12,000 of your most intimate friendsJoan Winston252ill6/30/1981
863Star trek: good news in modern imagesBetsy Caprio156ill7/30/1981
866Meaning in Star TrekKarin Blair157ill8/8/1981
880From atoms to quarks: an introduction to the strange world of particle physicsJames S. Trefil225ill9/30/1981
889Apollo expeditions to the moonEdgar Cortright313ill11/12/1981
890Apollo 14: science at Fra MauroWalter Froehlich48ill11/12/1981
892The Martian landscape: the 1:5,000,000 map seriesLander Imaging Team160ill11/29/1981
893American space exploration; the first decadeWilliam Roy Shelton367ill12/6/1981
894Viking project: hearings before the Subcommittee on Space Science and Applications of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, U.S.United States. Congress House Committee on Science and Technology298ill12/10/1981
896To the red planetEric Burgess181ill12/14/1981
913Astronauts and cosmonauts biographical and statistical data reportUnited States311ill2/23/1982
914Apollo 17 at Taurus LittrowDavid A. Anderton32ill2/28/1982
915Agreement governing the activities of states on the moon and other celestial bodiesEilene Marie Slack Galloway379ill3/1/1982
916Atlas of Mars:Raymond M. Batson146ill3/7/1982
917A house in spaceHenry S. F. Cooper183ill3/8/1982
940Skylab: a chronologyRoland W. Newkirk458ill6/8/1982
941UFO's -- a scientific debateCarl Sagan
Thornton Page
942Apollo SoyuzWalter Froehlich131ill6/15/1982
943Flight to MercuryBruce C. Murray
Eric Burgess
945The voyage of Mariner 10: mission to Venus and MercuryJames A. Dunne224ill6/16/1982
953The brick moon, from the papers of Captain Frederic InghamEdward Everett Hale80ill6/26/1982
967Pioneer odyssey: encounter with a giantRichard O. Fimmel171ill7/13/1982
968The pioneer mission to JupiterUnited States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.46ill7/14/1982
972Intelligent life in the universeI. S. Shklovskii
Carl Sagan
1007Sands of MarsArthur Charles Clarke216ill11/24/1982
1012The city and the starsArthur Charles Clarke310ill12/11/1982
1013Expedition to earthArthur Charles Clarke181ill12/12/1982
1023The young traveller in spaceArthur Charles Clarke72ill1/12/1983
1064The first three minutes: a modern view of the origin of the universeSteven Weinberg188ill6/6/1983
1065The evolution of physics: the growth of ideas from early concepts to relativity and quantaAlbert Einstein
Leopold Infeld
1069Tales from the White HartArthur Charles Clarke148ill6/23/1983
1070An introduction to non-Euclidean geometryDavid Gans274ill6/30/1983
1190A fall of moondustArthur Charles Clarke248ill3/10/1985
1252Moe Berg: athlete, scholar, spyLouis Kaufman274ill11/7/1986
1635The chip: how two Americans invented the microchip and launched a revolutionT. R. Reid243ill4/8/1994
2209The dynamics of defeat: the Vietnam War in Hau Nghia ProvinceEric M. Bergerud383ill6/10/2009
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