List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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812The land and people of the West IndiesPhilip Manderson Sherlock172rw11/5/1980
814The land and people of ChileJ. David Bowen159rw11/16/1980
816The land and people of the GuianasAlan Mark Fletcher149rw11/30/1980
817The land and people of UruguayLavinia G. Dobler160rw12/6/1980
818The land and people of PeruJ. David Bowen158rw12/21/1980
821The land and people of ColombiaLionel Landry159rw12/26/1980
882Soviet space exploration; the first decadeWilliam Roy Shelton339rw10/7/1981
885U.S. on the moon; what it means to usUS. News & World Report253rw10/17/1981
935The UFO handbook: a guide to investigating, evaluating, and reporting UFO sightingsAllan Hendry297rw5/11/1982
1027Mondale: portrait of an American politicianFinlay Lewis287rw2/3/1983
10391984George Orwell267rw3/17/1983
1227Cat's cradleKurt Vonnegut191rw4/20/1986
1229The grapes of wrathJohn Steinbeck502rw5/18/1986
2331The universe in a mirror: the saga of the Hubble Telescope and the visionaries who built itRobert Zimmerman287rw2/10/2011
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