List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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2745Just my type: a book about fontsSimon Garfield356umd1/21/2013
2753The liberal hour: Washington and the politics of change in the 1960sG. Calvin Mackenzie
Robert Weisbrot
2754The hockey stick and the climate wars: dispatches from the front linesMichael E. Mann395umd4/29/2013
2755Simpler: the future of governmentCass R. Sunstein260umd6/8/2013
2756On the map: why the world looks the way it doesSimon Garfield464umd6/14/2013
2757Heat wave: a social autopsy of disaster in ChicagoEric Klinenberg305umd6/28/2013
2758The (honest) truth about dishonesty: how we lie to everyone--especially ourselvesDan Ariely285umd6/22/2013
2759The box: how the shipping container made the world smaller and the world economy biggerMarc Levinson376umd7/24/2013
2760The great A&P and the struggle for small business in AmericaMarc Levinson358umd7/31/2013
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