List of books read in 1974

What I have read since 1974

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1The digging-est dogAl Perkins631974-75
2Don and Donna go to batAl Perkins631974-75
3The bears' vacationStan Berenstain631974-75
4Goodnight painted ponyJohn McInnes401974-75
5Butternut BillEdith S. McCall481974-75
6ChesterSyd Hoff641974-75
7The giving treeShel Silverstein571974-75
8Weekly Reader Books presents The happy birthday presentJoan Heilbroner631974-75
9Who ever heard of a tiger in a treeJohn McInnes401974-75
10ChristmasBarbara Cooney401974-75
11I don't, I doLeland B. Jacobs401974-75
12The riddle walkLilian Moore401974-75
13Come over to my houseTheo. LeSieg631974-75
14Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The giant jam sandwichJohn Vernon Lord301974-75
15Splish splashEthel Kessler321974-75
16The secret kittenAnne Mallett401974-75
17ABC; an alphabet bookThomas Matthiesen541974-75
18Christopher's paradeRichard Hefter331974-75
19Dr. Seuss's ABCDr Seuss631974-75
20The bike lessonStan Berenstain611974-75
21The big honey huntStan Berenstain601974-75
22King Midas and the golden touchAl Perkins621974-75
23The bears' picnicStan Berenstain561974-75
24I wish that I had duck feetTheo. LeSieg641974-75
25SummerAlice Low611974-75
26Mixed-up magicWayne Carley401974-75
27Tommy and the telephone;Ellen MacGregor321974-75
28Me and my flying machineMarianna Mayer411974-75
29Never tease a weaselJean Conder Soule421974-75
30How Joe the Bear and Sam the Mouse got togetherBeatrice Schenk De Regniers401974-75
31FortunatelyRemy Charlip401974-75
32A goat for CarloJudith Lawrence401974-75
33Do baby bears sit in chairs?Ethel Kessler321974-75
34Pam and PamMargaret Gans321974-75
35What is a turtleGene Darby481974-75
36Jimmy and Joe catch an elephantSally Glendinning381974-75
37Harry and the lady next doorGene Zion621974-75
38Jimmy and Joe fly a kiteSally Glendinning381974-75
39Jimmy and Joe see a monsterSally Glendinning381974-75
40A big ball of stringMarion Holland641974-75
41Jimmy and Joe find a ghostSally Glendinning401974-75
42Jimmy and Joe get a hen's surpriseSally Glendinning391974-75
43Ann can flyFred B. Phleger631974-75
44A trip to the zooCarla Greene451974-75
45Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle and the piratesAl Perkins611974-75
46Jimmy and Joe look for a bearSally Glendinning401974-75
47Jimmy and Joe meet a Halloween witchSally Glendinning401974-75
48Jimmy and Joe go to the fairSally Glendinning391974-75
49Here comes nightMiriam Schlein321974-75
50Go, dog, go!P. D. Eastman641974-75
51In a people houseDr Seuss261974-75
52Grover and the Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum, featuring lovable, furry old GroverNorman Stiles321974-75
53A fish out of waterHelen Marion Palmer641974-75
54The nose bookAl Perkins281974-75
55Hand, hand, fingers, thumbAl Perkins281974-75
56Green eggs and hamDr Seuss621974-75
57Hop on PopDr Seuss641974-75
58It's a dealPoul Stroyer241974-75
59The king, the mice and the cheeseNancy Gurney631974-75
60Put me in the zooRobert Lopshire581974-75
61Big beds and little bedsDorothy Z. Seymour241974-75
62Are you my mother?P. D. Eastman631974-75
63Ten apples up on top!Theo. LeSieg591974-75
64One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fishDr Seuss621974-75
65Old hat, new hatStan Berenstain291974-75
66Bears on wheelsStan Berenstain351974-75
67The foot bookDr Seuss321974-75
68The ear bookAl Perkins281974-75
69Mr Brown can moo! Can you?Dr Seuss271974-75
70Becky, the rabbitGene Darby471974-75
71Open your eyesRoz Abisch01974-75
72Tell me a riddleTillie Olsen1251974-75
73How far is far?Alvin R. Tresselt421974-75
74Harry, the dirty dogGene Zion321974-75
75The eye bookTheo. LeSieg291974-75
76Pedie and the twins, a read-it-yourself storyBernice Morgan Bryant321974-75
77Walt Disney presents Peter and the wolfWalt Disney191974-75
78Percy the parrot strikes outWayne Carley371974-75
79How we celebrate our spring holidaysMarjorie Ann Banks481974-75
80Walt Disney Productions presents The emperor's new clothesWalt Disney441974-75
81MuttBianca Bradbury291974-75
82Andy wouldn't talkJane Thayer461974-75
83Walt Disney's CinderellaWalt Disney441974-75
84Poems about fur and feather friendsLeland B. Jacobs401974-75
85All about me; verses I can readLeland B. Jacobs391974-75
86The listening walkPaul Showers401974-75
87Ginger's upstairs petJohn Ryckman401974-75
88The story of FerdinandMunro Leaf701974-75
89Mouse, mouse, go out of my houseElizabeth Low371974-75
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