List of books read in 2002

What I have read since 1974

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1993Star-crossed orbits: inside the U.S.-Russian space allianceJames E. Oberg355ewl1/2/2002
1994The survival of the bark canoeJohn A. McPhee114dcbt1/4/2002
1995Prediction: science, decision making, and the future of natureDaniel R. Sarewitz
Roger A. Pielke, Jr.
Radford Byerly
1996Science, money, and politics: political triumph and ethical erosionDaniel S. Greenberg530ewl3/10/2002
1997The map that changed the world: William Smith and the birth of modern geologySimon Winchester329dcbt3/17/2002
1998The shape of the river: long-term consequences of considering race in college and university admissionsWilliam G. Bowen
Derek Curtis Bok
1999The death and life of great American citiesJane Jacobs598mct5/19/2002
2000Master of the senateRobert A. Caro1167ewl5/30/2002
2001Me talk pretty one dayDavid Sedaris272ewl6/9/2002
2002Poirot investigatesAgatha Christie245ewl6/24/2002
2003The way we talk nowGeoffrey Nunberg243ewl6/28/2002
2004Salt: a world historyMark Kurlansky484ewl6/30/2002
2005Stolen lives: twenty years in a desert jailMalika Oufkir
Michele Fitoussi
Ros Schwartz
2006I'll be short: essentials for a decent working societyRobert B. Reich121cu7/12/2002
2007The rise of Theodore RooseveltEdmund Morris886cu7/29/2002
2008City of light: the story of fiber opticsJeff Hecht316bo8/2/2002
2009Theodore RexEdmund Morris772cu8/21/2002
2010American science policy since World War IIBruce L. R. Smith230cu9/12/2002
2011A peace to end all peace: creating the modern Middle East, 1914-1922David Fromkin635cu9/23/2002
2012Who rules in science: An opinionated guide to the warsJames Robert Brown236cu10/1/2002
2013I have landed: the end of a beginning in natural historyStephen Jay Gould418ewl10/13/2002
2014Palace walkNajib Mahfuz498cu11/5/2002
2015Botany of desire: a plant's eye view of the worldMichael Pollan271xczt11/11/2002
2016Complications: notes from the life of a young surgeonAtul Gawande251bo11/29/2002
2017The design of everyday thingsDonald A. Norman257ewl12/21/2002
2018Palace of desireNajib Mahfuz422cu12/29/2002
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