List of books read in 2004

What I have read since 1974

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2054American fried: adventures of a happy eaterCalvin Trillin215xczt1/1/2004
2055Emotional design: why we love (or hate) everyday thingsDonald A. Norman257ewl1/9/2004
2056Uncommon genius: how great ideas are bornDenise G. Shekerjian244bo1/12/2004
2057Inventing VictorJennifer Bannan218ewl1/15/2004
2058Space policy in the twenty-first centuryW. Henry Lambright283cu1/23/2004
2059The Concorde conspiracyJohn Costello
Terry Hughes
2060Third helpingsCalvin Trillin184xczt2/12/2004
2061A heartbreaking work of staggering geniusDave Eggers437bo2/28/2004
2062Empire: how Spain became a world power, 1492-1763Henry Kamen609mt3/10/2004
2063Essence of decision: explaining the Cuban Missile CrisisGraham T. Allison
Philip Zelikow
2064The Chunnel: the amazing story of the undersea crossing of the English ChannelDrew Fetherston404ewl4/18/2004
2065Of paradise and power: America and Europe in the New World OrderRobert Kagan103cu5/16/2004
2066Rumpole and the age of miraclesJohn Clifford Mortimer225bo5/19/2004
2067Global positioning system: signals, measurements, and performanceMisra Pratap
Per Enge
2068Feeding a yen: savoring local specialities, from Kansas City to CuzcoCalvin Trillin197xczt5/25/2004
2069Changing minds: the art and science of changing our own and other people's mindsHoward Gardner244ewl6/7/2004
2070New soldierJohn Kerry174cu6/8/2004
2071Behind deep blue: building the computer that defeated the world chess championFeng-hsiung Hsu298cu6/15/2004
2072Great projects: the epic story of the building of America, from the taming of the Mississippi to the invention of the internetJames Tobin322cu6/20/2004
2073Why we buy: the science of shoppingPaco Underhill255cu6/24/2004
2074Soft power: the means to success in world politicsJoseph S. Nye181bo6/30/2004
2075My lifeBill Clinton957ewl7/13/2004
2076The 9/11 Commission report: final report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United StatesThomas H. Kean
Lee H. Hamilton
2077Eco-pioneers: practical visionaries solving today's environmental problemsSteve Lerner462xczt8/22/2004
2078Living in style: without losing your mindMarco Pasanella199xczt8/26/2004
2079Flow: the psychology of optimal experienceMihaly Csikszentmihalyi303ewl9/8/2004
2080Clickers in the classroomDouglas Duncan72ewl9/24/2004
2081The space shuttle decision: NASA's search for a reusable space vehicleT. A. Heppenheimer470cu9/28/2004
2082The outlaw sea: a world of freedom, chaos, and crimeWilliam Langewiesche239cu10/18/2004
2083Pendulum: Leon Foucault and the triumph of scienceAmir D. Aczel275ewl11/15/2004
2084Spaceflight and the myth of presidential leadershipRoger D. Launius
Howard E. McCurdy
2085The United States of Europe: the new superpower and the end of American supremacyT. R. Reid305ewl11/30/2004
2086Eugene McCarthy: the rise and fall of postwar American liberalismDominic Sandbrook416cbl12/29/2004
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