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263George Washington, leader of the peopleClara Ingram Judson2246/17/1976
264Weeks and weeksMabel Watts436/17/1976
265Jim and Alan on a cotton farm;Joan Liffring-Zug646/17/1976
266On beyond zebraDr Seuss606/20/1976
267The Indians knewTillie S. Pine326/23/1976
268The Egyptians knewTillie S. Pine
Joseph Levine
269From this to thatKeith Warren Jennison06/23/1976
270Amelia BedeliaPeggy Parish306/23/1976
271Little boy Brown;Isobel Harris446/23/1976
272What the moon is likeFranklyn Mansfield Branley336/24/1976
273Soo Ling finds a wayJune Behrens316/24/1976
274Indian summerF. N. Monjo626/25/1976
275The pile of junkMiriam Schlein446/25/1976
276Weekly Reader Books presents What spot?Crosby Newell Bonsall646/25/1976
277AstronauticsJulian May286/30/1976
278Benjie on his ownJoan M. Lexau386/25/1976
279Hildilid's nightCheli Duran306/25/1976
280Katie's magic glassesJane Goodsell436/30/1976
281The little islandMargaret Wise Brown447/7/1976
282Shivers and the case of the secret hamburgersLisl Weil407/8/1976
283The runawayDorothy Clewes637/12/1976
284A trip to the aquariumCarla Greene467/13/1976
285Down the mountain; a book about the ever-changing soilMargaret Farrington Bartlett637/16/1976
286Nate the greatMarjorie Weinman Sharmat607/16/1976
287District of Columbia, from its glorious past to the presentAllan Carpenter957/20/1976
288Down, down the mountainEllis Credle477/21/1976
289How do I go?Mary Ann Hoberman
Norman Hoberman
290MachinesAnne F. Rockwell
Harlow Rockwell
291Friday night is papa nightRuth A. Sonneborn317/24/1976
292The mystery of the watching eyesJeanette Brown MacKenzie1197/28/1976
293Robbie and the sled dog raceSara Machetanz
Fred Machetanz
294The happy voyageJudith Gwyn Brown327/29/1976
295Day and nightRoger Duvoisin367/29/1976
296Ski pupDon Freeman567/29/1976
297Picture book of West VirginiaBernadine Bailey308/2/1976
298The spooky tail of Prewitt peacockBill Peet308/3/1976
299A book of astronauts for youFranklyn Mansfield Branley488/4/1976
300The blue jackalMehlli Gobhai338/4/1976
301Yankee DoodleRichard Schackburg338/4/1976
302Buzzy bear in the gardenDorothy Bronson Marino08/28/1976
303April's kittensClare Turlay Newberry328/19/1976
304Theodore's rivalEdward Ormondroyd338/28/1976
305The snowed-in family; a Judy Jo storyMabel Betsy Hill1258/28/1976
306The forgotten secretRobert Pack08/29/1976
307Martha, the movie mouseArnold Lobel01976-77
308The rocking-chair ghostMary C. Jane581976-77
309Being an American can be funMunro Leaf551976-77
310Big tracks, little tracksFranklyn Mansfield Branley331976-77
311The happy lion and the bearLouise Fatio321976-77
312Kick, pass, and runLeonard P. Kessler641976-77
313The true book of dinosaursMary Lou Clark01976-77
314Abraham LincolnIngri D'Aulaire
Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
315The beginning knowledge book of butterfliesKathy Sammis341976-77
316Corgiville fairTasha Tudor481976-77
317The first book of mammalsMargaret Williamson621976-77
318The king who was too busyEugene Fern481976-77
319Safety can be fun;Munro Leaf631976-77
320Just only JohnJack Kent431976-77
321The careless kangarooEarle Goodenow311976-77
322Jennifer takes over P.S. 94Mary H. Lystad301976-77
323FrictionEdward Victor281976-77
324Buzzy Bear's winter partyDorothy Bronson Marino331976-77
325Who built the bridge?Norman Bate461976-77
326Adventure in spaceSara Bulette591976-77
327UptownJohn Steptoe241976-77
328Mister Penny;Marie Hall Ets4711976-77
329Thidwick, the big-hearted mooseDr Seuss411976-77
330Willie MaysGeorge Sullivan641976-77
331The little spotted fishJane Yolen321976-77
332Talking without words; I can. Can you?Marie Hall Ets321976-77
333Mister Penny's race horseMarie Hall Ets631976-77
334The little band and the inaugural paradeMargaret R. Moore
John Travers Moore
335Hank AaronGeorge Sullivan601976-77
336The magic feather dusterWill01976-77
337The king's stiltsDr Seuss481976-77
338The magic Christmas treeLee Kingman481976-77
339A bag full of nothingJay Williams321976-77
340My nursery schoolHarlow Rockwell241976-77
341Richard Scarry's Best counting book everRichard Scarry441976-77
342Richard Scarry's Animal nursery talesRichard Scarry691976-77
343Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The bear's water picnicJohn Yeoman
Quentin Blak
344Bunya the witchRobert Kraus
Mischa Richter
345The star thiefAndrea Di Noto01976-77
346Away to the moonJohn Symonds641976-77
347Secrets of the heart and bloodAnne Terry White
Gerald S. Lietz
348Billions of bugsHaris Petie321976-77
349Dear garbage manGene Zion321976-77
350Peanuts classicsCharles M. Schulz01976-77
351GlendaJanice May Udry551976-77
352Sports hero: Brooks RobinsonMarshall Burchard
Sue Burchard
353The Sneetches, and other storiesDr Seuss651976-77
354McElligot's poolDr Seuss561976-77
355The first book of science experimentsRose Wyler721976-77
356Funniest storybook everRichard Scarry581976-77
357The Wright brothers; kings of the airMervyn D. Kaufman801976-77
358How the Grinch stole ChristmasDr Seuss561976-77
359If I ran the zooDr Seuss561976-77
360Scrambled eggs super!Dr Seuss541976-77
361I had trouble in getting to Solla SollewDr Seuss631976-77
362ABC word bookRichard Scarry611976-77
363Louis Braille, the boy who invented books for the blindMargaret Davidson801976-77
364How schools help usM. K. Hage481976-77
365The story of the White HouseNatalie Miller311976-77
366Oh, the thinks you can think!Dr Seuss391976-77
367The Bears' almanac; a year in Bear countryStan Berenstain
Jan Berenstain
368Father Christmas goes on holidayRaymond Briggs321976-77
369If I ran the circusDr Seuss651976-77
370Miss Suzy's birthdayMiriam Young401976-77
371Pssst! DoggieEzra Jack Keats321976-77
372Old Witch rescues Halloween!Wende Devlin
Harry Devlin
373The silver Christmas treePat Hutchins321976-77
374The shape of me and other stuffDr Seuss291976-77
375What is gravity?Fred Murt King
George R. Otto
376What is spaceElmer R. Kane
Merill C. Fellger
377Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents Morris and Boris: three storiesBernard Wiseman641976-77
378The Berenstains' B bookStan Berenstain
Janice Berenstain
379More fables of AesopJack Kent551976-77
380A fly went byMike McClintock651976-77
381The Christmas pinataJack Kent341976-77
382Dooly and the snortsnootJack Kent311976-77
383The great escape; or, The sewer storyPeter J. Lippman451976-77
384Bears in the nightStan Berenstain
Janice Berenstain
385Junk day on Juniper Street, and other easy-to-read storiesLilian Moore711976-77
386Trick or treatLouis Slobodkin391976-77
387Jinx gloveMatt Christopher471976-77
388A hole, a box, and a stickGladys Yessayan Cretan321976-77
389The traffic stopper that became a grandmother visitorUlf Lofgren281976-77
390Fish out of schoolEvelyn S. Shaw631976-77
391The new teacherMiriam Cohen321976-77
392JuliusSyd Hoff641976-77
393Weekly Reader Books presents Danny and the dinosaurSyd Hoff641976-77
394The monkey in the rocketJean Bethell621976-77
395Sherlock Hemlock and the great twiddlebug mystery: or, The mystery of the terrible mess in my friend's front yardBetty Lou281976-77
396Ernie the cave king and Sherlock the smart person in theDaniel Wilcox301976-77
397Dr. Merlin's Magic ShopScott Corbett431976-77
398Six special places: story and picturesMonica De Bruyn321976-77
399It's a long way to TipperaryCharles M. Schulz2001976-77
400Who's the funny-looking kid with the big nose?Charles M. Schulz2001976-77
401Rockets don't go to Chicago, AndyJane Thayer461976-77
402Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The candy egg bunnyLisl Weil321976-77
403The day the tide went out ... and out ... and out ... and out ...David McKee281976-77
404The secret birthday messageEric Carle261976-77
405Horton hatches the eggDr Seuss551976-77
406Cranberry ChristmasWende Devlin
Harry Devlin
407Just for youMercer Mayer301976-77
408The strawberry book of colorsRichard Hefter301976-77
409The wizard of Wallaby WallowJack Kent541976-77
410The story of traffic controlRoss Robert Olney721976-77
411Weekly Reader Books presents Mouse talesArnold Lobel581976-77
412The Pink Panther rides againDavid Lee Harrison311976-77
413Walt Disney's Donald Duck: the lost jungle cityWalt Disney2481976-77
414Sports hero Johnny BenchMarshall Burchard
Sue Burchard
415Happy birthday to you!Dr Seuss571976-77
416Weekly Reader Books presents OliverSyd Hoff641976-77
417Richard Scarry's great big schoolhouseRichard Scarry691976-77
418Bugs Bunny: the last crusaderRita Ritchie2481976-77
419Richard Scarry's Hop aboard! Here we go!Richard Scarry481976-77
420The cheerful quietBetty F. Horvath391976-77
421The mad king of ChichibooJohn Verney321976-77
422The monster riddle bookJane Sarnoff
Reynold Ruffins
423A great big ugly man came up and tied his horse to me; a book of nonsense verseWallace Tripp461976-77
424You're the scaredy-catMercer Mayer401976-77
425Matt's mittMarilyn Sachs321976-77
426Project 1-2-3Eve Merriam401976-77
427The shaggy dogElizabeth L. Griffen961976-77
428Animal cracksRobert M. Quackenbush631976-77
429The land of lost buttonsKayako Nishimaki
Shigeo Nakamura
4301 2 3 ;Ulf Lofgren1241976-77
431The terrible thing that happened at our houseMarge Blaine331976-77
432The story of Noah's ark:Jane Latourette301976-77
433The Bobbsey twins: the secret at the seashoreLaura Lee Hope1741976-77
434Forgetful FredJay Williams341976-77
435A monster too manyJanet McNeill601976-77
436Our animal friends at Maple Hill FarmAlice Provensen
Martin Provensen
437Weekly Reader Books presents Speak softly, and carry a beagleCharles M. Schulz1001976-77
438Babar's fair will be opened next SundayLaurent de Brunhoff401976-77
439And to think that I saw it on Mulberry StreetDr Seuss321976-77
440Morris the moose goes to schoolBernard Wiseman641976-77
441What's wrong with being crabby?Charles M. Schulz2001976-77
442Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The ghost on Saturday nightSid Fleischman571976-77
443War and peasMichael Foreman321976-77
444The loudest noise in the worldBenjamin Elkin641976-77
445Truck drivers: what do they do?Carla Greene641976-77
446Weekly Reader Books presents A ghost named FredNathaniel Benchley541976-77
447Dorrie and the haunted housePatricia Coombs471976-77
448Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The tyrannosaurus gameSteven Kroll391976-77
449The castles of the two brothersAileen Friedman401976-77
450Humbug rabbitLorna Balian321976-77
451Dr. Seuss's sleep bookDr Seuss561976-77
452The Easter egg artistsAdrienne Adams321976-77
453Ring for liberty: story and picturesVirginia Parsons321976-77
454Granfa' Grig had a pig and other rhymes without reasonWallace Tripp961976-77
455Go! The story of outer spaceCharles Spain Verral711976-77
456Molecules and atomsEdward Victor321976-77
457The sign of the twisted candlesCarolyn Keene1761976-77
458Joe Kaufman's how we are born, how we grow, how our bodies work, and how we learnJoe Kaufman931976-77
459Bennett Cerf's book of animal riddlesBennett Cerf621976-77
460Yummers!James Marshall301976-77
461Watson, the smartest dog in the U.S.AKarla Kuskin321976-77
462The Bear detectives: the case of the missing pumpkinStan Berenstain
Jan Berenstain
463Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents Sir Toby Jingle's beastly journeyWallace Tripp321976-77
464How come ...?: Easy answers to hard questionsJoyce Richards611976-77
465Speak up, Edie!Johanna Johnston451976-77
466If I rode a dinosaurMiriam Young321976-77
467How Tom beat Captain Najork and his hired sportsmenRussell Hoban321976-77
468Your family treeJean Komaiko
Kate Rosenthal
469Benjamin's 365 birthdaysJudi Barrett371976-77
470The mole family's ChristmasRussell Hoban391976-77
471Danny Dunn and the homework machineJay Williams
Raymond Abroshkin
472The Snoopy festivalCharles M. Schulz2501976-77
473Tell me some moreCrosby Newell Bonsall641976-77
474I'll teach my dog 100 wordsMichael K. Frith291976-77
475IzzieSusan Pearson401976-77
476The revolt of the darumasWinifred Esther Wise381976-77
477The boy who spoke ChineseJessica Krasilovsky331976-77
478Young man in the White House: John Fitzgerald KennedyI. E. Levine2421976-77
479Project: geniusWilliam Dimmity Hayes921976-77
480Professor Wormbog in search for the zipperump-a-zooMercer Mayer441976-77
481SpacePatrick Moore2161976-77
482Detective MoleRobert M. Quackenbush631976-77
483Dead as the dodoLynne Edwards
Brian Edwards
484The 500 hats of Bartholomew CubbinsDr Seuss471976-77
485Roger and the foxLavinia R. Davis431976-77
486Troll weatherElizabeth Coatsworth421976-77
487Weekly Reader children's book club presents The mouse and the motorcycleBeverly Cleary1581976-77
488Annie Oakley: the shooting starCharles Parlin Graves781976-77
489The great custard pie panicScott Corbett471976-77
490Benjamin FranklinIngri D'Aulaire
Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
491Off to the racesFred B. Phleger631976-77
492Dorrie and the blue witchPatricia Coombs481976-77
493Popeye goes on a picnicCrosby Newell221976-77
494What do they do? Policemen and firemenCarla Greene641976-77
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