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What I have read since 1974

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900Moon rocksHenry S. F. Cooper197b1/1/1982
901The nuclear baronsPeter Pringle
James Spigelman
902EarthlightArthur Charles Clarke176c1/9/1982
903Carrying the fire; an astronaut's journeysMichael Collins498ewl1/17/1982
904Shuttle: the world's first spaceshipRobert M. Powers335c1/19/1982
9052001; a space odysseyArthur Charles Clarke221ewl1/21/1982
906Spaceliner: the New York Times report on the Columbia's voyage into tomorrowWilliam Stockton
John N. Wilford
907Relativity; the special and the general theory, a popular expositionAlbert Einstein164c1/26/1982
908The making of an ex-astronautBrian O'Leary243c1/28/1982
909EnterpriseJerry Grey288b1/29/1982
91013: the flight that failedHenry S. F. Cooper199b1/30/1982
911Your future in NASASol Levine185b1/31/1982
912A gift from EarthLarry Niven254b2/6/1982
913Astronauts and cosmonauts biographical and statistical data reportUnited States311ill2/23/1982
914Apollo 17 at Taurus LittrowDavid A. Anderton32ill2/28/1982
915Agreement governing the activities of states on the moon and other celestial bodiesEilene Marie Slack Galloway379ill3/1/1982
916Atlas of Mars:Raymond M. Batson146ill3/7/1982
917A house in spaceHenry S. F. Cooper183ill3/8/1982
918The restaurant at the end of the universeDouglas Adams250c3/17/1982
919The radiant universe: electronic images from spaceMichael Marten
John Chesterman
920Space technology spinoffsGene Gurney88c3/28/1982
921The making of a moon, the story of the earth satellite programArthur Charles Clarke205c3/29/1982
922The making of Space: 1999, a Gerry Anderson ProductionTim Heald259b3/30/1982
923The entropy effectVonda N. McIntyre224b4/2/1982
924First on the moon. A voyage with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins [and] Edwin E. Aldrin, JrNeil Armstrong
Gene Farmer
Dora Hamblin
925The best of Fritz LeiberFritz Leiber301b4/11/1982
926The voyages of Apollo: the exploration of the Moon, Mars, and the asteroidsRichard S. Lewis308b4/17/1982
927Black holes: the edge of space, the end of timeWalter Sullivan303c4/19/1982
928A specter is haunting TexasFritz Leiber241b4/22/1982
929OutlandAlan Dean Foster269c4/25/1982
930Soviet scienceZhores A. Medvedev262c4/27/1982
931Confrontation in spaceG. Harry Stine209b4/29/1982
932The Jupiter effect reconsideredJohn R. Gribbin
Stephen H. Plagemann
933Mudd's angelsJudith A. Lawrence177den5/8/1982
934Space: from Gemini to the moon & beyondRobert W. Peterson323c5/8/1982
935The UFO handbook: a guide to investigating, evaluating, and reporting UFO sightingsAllan Hendry297rw5/11/1982
936The promise of spaceArthur Charles Clarke325c5/16/1982
937Write if you get work: the best of Bob and RayBob Elliot
Ray Goulding
938Space frontierWernher Von Braun307c5/23/1982
939The Illustrated encyclopedia of space technology: a comprehensive history of space explorationKenneth Gatland289b6/4/1982
940Skylab: a chronologyRoland W. Newkirk458ill6/8/1982
941UFO's -- a scientific debateCarl Sagan
Thornton Page
942Apollo SoyuzWalter Froehlich131ill6/15/1982
943Flight to MercuryBruce C. Murray
Eric Burgess
944Alien landscapesRobert Holdstock
Malcom Edwards
945The voyage of Mariner 10: mission to Venus and MercuryJames A. Dunne224ill6/16/1982
946By Jupiter!: the remarkable journey of Pioneer 10Lou Jacobs108c6/17/1982
947The mote in God's eyeLarry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
948The inner planets: new light on the rocky worlds of Mercury, Venus, Earth, the moon, Mars, and the asteroidsClark R. Chapman170c6/22/1982
949Childhood's endArthur Charles Clarke220c6/23/1982
950Star trek, the wrath of Khan: a novelVonda N. McIntyre223ewl6/24/1982
951The abode of lifeLee Correy207ewl6/25/1982
952Perry's planetJack C. Haldeman132ewl6/26/1982
953The brick moon, from the papers of Captain Frederic InghamEdward Everett Hale80ill6/26/1982
954Planet of judgmentJoe W. Haldeman151ewl6/27/1982
955The Best of Trek #3: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
956From the earth to the moonJules Verne188b7/1/1982
957Lucifer's hammerLarry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
958Life beyond Earth: the intelligent Earthling's guide to life in the universeGerald Feinberg
Robert Shapiro
959Oath of fealtyLarry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
960World without endJoe W. Haldeman150ewl7/8/1982
961Space: From Sputnik to GeminiLester A. Sobel310c7/9/1982
962The Best of Trek #4: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
963Close encounters of the third kindSteven Spielberg256ewl7/10/1982
964David Starr, space rangerPaul French144ewl7/12/1982
965Doctor Who and the dinosaur invasionMalcolm Hulke138ewl7/12/1982
966Doctor Who and the genesis of the DaleksTerrance Dicks144ewl7/13/1982
967Pioneer odyssey: encounter with a giantRichard O. Fimmel171ill7/13/1982
968The pioneer mission to JupiterUnited States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.46ill7/14/1982
969King David's spaceshipJerry Pournelle275c7/17/1982
970The war games of ZelosEdmund Cooper176ewl7/18/1982
971We are not alone; the search for intelligent life on other worldsWalter Sullivan319ewl7/21/1982
972Intelligent life in the universeI. S. Shklovskii
Carl Sagan
973Aliens: 3 novellasBen Bova156c7/25/1982
974The making of Star trek -- the motion pictureGene Roddenberry
Susan Sackett
975The covenant of the crown: a star trek novelHoward Weinstein191ewl7/28/1982
976The invasion of the body snatchersJack Finney219ewl7/28/1982
977The fountains of ParadiseArthur Charles Clarke245c7/30/1982
978Operation NeptuneChristopher Nicole219ewl7/31/1982
979First flights to the moonHal Clement217c7/31/1982
980Time probe; the sciences in science fictionArthur Charles Clarke242c8/2/1982
981The mystery of the merry magicianEllery Queen, Jr.220ewl8/2/1982
982Famous stories of code and cipherRaymond Tostevin Bond383ewl8/4/1982
983Rendezvous with RamaArthur Charles Clarke303b8/6/1982
984Enola GayGordon Thomas
Max Morgan Witts
985The deep rangeArthur Charles Clarke238b8/8/1982
986Islands in the skyArthur Charles Clarke209b8/8/1982
987The Martian ChroniclesRay Bradbury222sv8/9/1982
988New earths: transforming other planets for humanityJames E. Oberg283c8/18/1982
989E.T., the extra-terrestrial, in his adventure on earth: a novelWilliam Kotzwinkle246c9/1982
990Fields for presidentW. C. Fields
Michael Taylor
991SpaceJames A. Michener622c9/1982
992The lion of Comarre & Against the fall of nightArthur Charles Clarke214c9/1982
993SlanA. E. Van Vogt176sv9/1982
994Imperial EarthArthur Charles Clarke303b9/1982
995Tales of ten worldsArthur Charles Clarke206b9/1982
996The happy sadistRobert Newton Peck163den10/1982
997Night's black agentsFritz Leiber275c10/1982
998The galactic whirlpoolDavid Gerrold223b10/24/1982
999The green millenniumFritz Leiber257c10/30/1982
1000The other side of the skyArthur Charles Clarke245b11/4/1982
1001DuneFrank Herbert541js11/7/1982
1002The Thurber carnivalJames Thurber369gjh11/11/1982
1003The people's Doonesbury: notes from underfoot, 1978-1980G. B. Trudeau214c11/12/1982
1004Fantasy voyages: great science fiction from the Saturday evening postVincent Miranda311c11/12/1982
1005Special deliveranceClifford D. Simak186c11/13/1982
1006Accidents will happen: the case against nuclear powerEnvironmental Action Foundation339c11/17/1982
1007Sands of MarsArthur Charles Clarke216ill11/24/1982
1008Destiny times threeFritz Leiber
Norman Spinrad
1009Life, the universe, and everythingDouglas Adams227c12/2/1982
1010Keeping faith: memoirs of a presidentJimmy Carter622c12/4/1982
1011Space traveller's handbook: every man's comprehensive manual to space flightMichael Freeman208c12/4/1982
1012The city and the starsArthur Charles Clarke310ill12/11/1982
1013Expedition to earthArthur Charles Clarke181ill12/12/1982
1014FoundationIsaac Asimov227c12/15/1982
1015Foundation and empireIsaac Asimov227c12/18/1982
1016Second foundationIsaac Asimov225c12/19/1982
1017Foundation's edgeIsaac Asimov366c12/23/1982
1018John Carter of MarsEdgar Rice Burroughs208c12/27/1982
1019The Wall Street journal: the story of Dow Jones & the nation's business newspaperLloyd Wendt448c12/29/1982
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