List of books read in 1981

What I have read since 1974

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822The making of Star trekStephen E. Whitfield
Gene Roddenberry
823The Best of Trek: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
824The best of Trek #2: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
827Star Trek log sixAlan Dean Foster195b3/17/1981
828Mars!Jeff Rovin244c3/22/1981
829Star trek ; log sevenAlan Dean Foster182b4/14/1981
830Star trek: log eightAlan Dean Foster183b4/17/1981
831South AmericaWilliam E. Carter86c4/26/1981
832Star Trek log nineAlan Dean Foster183b4/30/1981
833Star Trek log tenAlan Dean Foster250b5/2/1981
834An introduction to controlled thermonuclear fusionM. O. Hagler
M. Kristiansen
835Star Trek, the motion picture: a novelGene Roddenberry
Alan Dean Foster
836Star trek, the new voyagesSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
837The price of the phoenixSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
838The fate of the phoenixSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
839Lucy, the beginnings of humankindDonald C. Johanson
Maitland Edey
840Star trek 12James Blish
A. Lawrence
841Star Trek: the new voyages, 2Sondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
842Spock, Messiah!Theodore R. Cogswell
Charles A. Spanjo
843CosmosCarl Sagan365c6/28/1981
844Columbia and beyond: the story of the space shuttleFranklyn Mansfield Branley88wi6/28/1981
845The making of the trek conventions: or, How to throw a party for 12,000 of your most intimate friendsJoan Winston252ill6/30/1981
846Star trek, a taste of ArmageddonRobert D. Hamner
Gene L. Coon
847Day of the doveJerome Bixby152b7/2/1981
848Star trek, where no man has gone beforeSamuel Anthony Peeples159b7/3/1981
849The Empire strikes backDonald F. Glut214c7/4/1981
850The flight of the horseLarry Niven212b7/10/1981
851Space 1999: #1, Planets of perilMichael Butterworth173b7/13/1981
852Trek to Madworld: a Star Trek novelStephen Goldin177b7/14/1981
853Mystery at the ski jumpCarolyn Keene196c7/15/1981
854The clue of the dancing puppetCarolyn Keene196c7/15/1981
855The double jinx mysteryCarolyn Keene196c7/16/1981
856The phantom of Pine HillCarolyn Keene196c7/17/1981
857The invisible intruderCarolyn Keene196c7/17/1981
858The crooked banisterCarolyn Keene196c7/18/1981
859Star trek, a piece of the actionDavid P. Harmon
Gene L. Coon
860Star trek, the deadly yearsDavid P. Harmon150b7/20/1981
861Space 1999Michael Butterworth157b7/20/1981
862A hole in spaceLarry Niven196b7/21/1981
863Star trek: good news in modern imagesBetsy Caprio156ill7/30/1981
864Murmurs of Earth: the Voyager interstellar recordCarl Sagan276c8/1/1981
865Broca's brain: reflections on the romance of scienceCarl Sagan398c8/5/1981
866Meaning in Star TrekKarin Blair157ill8/8/1981
867Einstein's brain: a novelMark Olshaker323c8/10/1981
868A world out of time: a novelLarry Niven243c8/12/1981
869RingworldLarry Niven342b8/16/1981
870The Ringworld engineersLarry Niven357c8/19/1981
871ProtectorLarry Niven218b8/22/1981
872Neutron starLarry Niven285b8/25/1981
873Star trek, the motion picture: the photostory285ewl8/26/1981
874When Harlie was one: a novelDavid Gerrold247c8/29/1981
875Einstein's universeNigel Calder154b9/7/1981
876Red star in orbitJames E. Oberg272ewl9/12/1981
877The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxyDouglas Adams215c9/15/1981
878The dragons of Eden: speculations on the evolution of human intelligenceCarl Sagan263c9/20/1981
879The wind from the sun; stories of the space ageArthur Charles Clarke193c9/22/1981
880From atoms to quarks: an introduction to the strange world of particle physicsJames S. Trefil225ill9/30/1981
881Skylab: a guidebookLeland F. Belew245b10/3/1981
882Soviet space exploration; the first decadeWilliam Roy Shelton339rw10/7/1981
883Mastering Rubik's cube: the solution to the 20th century's most amazing puzzleDon Taylor31c10/8/1981
884The comet is coming!: The feverish legacy of Mr. HalleyNigel Calder160b10/10/1981
885U.S. on the moon; what it means to usUS. News & World Report253rw10/17/1981
886The simple solution to Rubik's cubeJames G. Nourse64c11/2/1981
887Man discovers the galaxiesRichard Berendzen228c11/3/1981
888Satellites and what they doWalter B. Hendrickson272c11/3/1981
889Apollo expeditions to the moonEdgar Cortright313ill11/12/1981
890Apollo 14: science at Fra MauroWalter Froehlich48ill11/12/1981
891Nuclear nightmares: an investigation into possible warsNigel Calder168b11/17/1981
892The Martian landscape: the 1:5,000,000 map seriesLander Imaging Team160ill11/29/1981
893American space exploration; the first decadeWilliam Roy Shelton367ill12/6/1981
894Viking project: hearings before the Subcommittee on Space Science and Applications of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, U.S.United States. Congress House Committee on Science and Technology298ill12/10/1981
895The cosmic connection; an extraterrestrial perspectiveCarl Sagan274b12/13/1981
896To the red planetEric Burgess181ill12/14/1981
897The right stuffTom Wolfe436c12/27/1981
898The physicistsC. P. Snow192c12/28/1981
899Pictorial guide to the planetsJoseph Hollister Jackson
John H. Baumert
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