List of books read in 1987

What I have read since 1974

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1267The book of Frank HerbertFrank Herbert189ewl1/3/1987
1268Still life with WoodpeckerTom Robbins277cmu1/6/1987
1269The sun also risesErnest Hemingway247cmu1/9/1987
1270The making of the President, 1960Theodore Harold White400cmu1/12/1987
1271The Tao of physics: an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticismFritjof Capra346ewl1/16/1987
1272Doctor NoIan Fleming188cmu1/22/1987
1273The searchC. P. [Charles Percy] Snow343cmu2/8/1987
1274Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland: or, Stories of c, G, and hGeorge Gamow91cmu2/10/1987
1275Main StreetSinclair Lewis319ewl2/22/1987
1276Lawyer's lawyer: the life of John W. DavisWilliam Henry Harbaugh648cmu3/4/1987
1277Eenie, meenie, minie tweed: Eyebeam and the real worldSam Hurt122jg3/5/1987
1278What is life?: the physical aspect of the living cellErwin Schrodinger92cmu3/6/1987
1279Looking backward, 2000-1887Edward Bellamy337cmu3/14/1987
1280Erwin Schrodinger: an introduction to his writingsWilliam T. Scott175cmu3/18/1987
1281The Tower Commission report: the full text of the President's Special Review BoardUnited States550ewl3/29/1987
1282The penal colony, stories and short piecesFranz Kafka317jls4/7/1987
1283Lyndon Johnson and the American dreamDoris Kearns Goodwin463ewl4/10/1987
1284The tragedy of MacbethWilliam Shakespeare
Virginia A. LaMar
Louis B. Wright
1285MacBirdBarbara Garson109ewl4/12/1987
1286Happy birthday, Wanda June: a playKurt Vonnegut199cmu4/17/1987
1287Crisis resolution: Presidential decision making in the Mayaguez and Korean confrontationsRichard G. Head
Frisco W. Short
Richard C. McFarlane
1288The man who fell to earthDavid Fickling94cmu4/28/1987
1289Chaucer's Canterbury tales:Geoffrey Chaucer448ewl5/16/1987
1290Crime & punishment, a novel in six parts and an epilogueFyodor Dostoyevsky
Constance Garnett
1291The Tao of PoohBenjamin Hoff158ewl5/25/1987
1292Tesla, man out of timeMargaret Cheney320cmu5/31/1987
1293No exit, and three other playsJean Paul Sartre281cmu6/7/1987
1294Advice to a young scientistP. B. Medawar109cmu6/7/1987
1295Lake Wobegon daysGarrison Keillor337cmu6/12/1987
1296Between time and Timbuktu, or, Prometheus-5: a space fantasyKurt Vonnegut282cmu6/12/1987
1297Cat on a hot tin roofTennessee Williams168cmu6/13/1987
1298Cyrus VanceDavid S. McLellan194cmu6/13/1987
1299The color purple: a novelAlice Walker245cmu6/14/1987
1300Deep blackWilliam E. Burrows401cmu6/20/1987
1301The Brethren: inside the Supreme CourtBob Woodward
Scott Armstrong
1302The Falcon and the Snowman: a true story of friendship and espionageRobert Lindsey359c7/8/1987
1303Oliver TwistCharles Dickens419c7/14/1987
1304Catch-22: a novelJoseph Heller484c7/16/1987
1305Enterprise, the first adventureVonda N. McIntyre371ewl7/19/1987
1306Godel, Escher, Bach: an eternal golden braidDouglas R. Hofstadter777ewl7/24/1987
1307Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon, and the destruction of CambodiaWilliam Shawcross464ewl7/27/1987
1308A separate peace: a novelJohn Knowles186c7/29/1987
1309To kill a mockingbirdHarper Lee296c7/31/1987
1310Jitterbug perfumeTom Robbins342c8/3/1987
1311Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyDouglas Adams247c8/5/1987
1312Star trek lives!Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Joan Winston
Sondra Marshak
1313GoldfingerIan Fleming191cbl8/7/1987
1314I was a teen-age dwarfMax Shulman182cbl8/8/1987
1315The many loves of Dobie Gillis: eleven campus storiesMax Shulman211cbl8/10/1987
1316Without feathersWoody Allen221cbl8/10/1987
1317The march of folly: from Troy to VietnamBarbara Wertheim Tuchman447cmu8/25/1987
1318A civil tongueEdwin Newman207cmu8/29/1987
1319Where's the rest of me?Ronald Reagan
Richard G. Holbut
1320The good earthPearl S. Buck375cmu9/10/1987
1321Carl Friedrich Gauss, a biographyTord Hall176cmu9/16/1987
1322Scientists against timeJames Phinney Baxter473cmu9/29/1987
1323Thirteen days: a memoir of the Cuban missile crisisRobert F. Kennedy224cmu10/1/1987
1324A time to heal: the autobiography of Gerald R. FordGerald R. Ford454cmu10/10/1987
1325Squad helps dog bite victim, and other flubs from the nation's pressGloria Cooper122res10/10/1987
1326Congressional odyssey: the saga of a Senate billT. R. Reid140ewl10/14/1987
1327The once and future kingT. H. White639ewl10/19/1987
132820,000 leagues under the seaJules Verne253ewl10/23/1987
1329RagtimeE. L. Doctorow270cmu10/24/1987
1330The illuminatus! trilogyRobert Shea
Robert Anton Wilson
1331Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance: an inquiry into valuesRobert M. Pirsig412cmu12/13/1987
1332Institutional disability: the saga of transportation policy for the disabledRobert A. Katzmann211ewl12/13/1987
1333Stranger in a strange landRobert A. Heinlein438c12/23/1987
1334The story of J. Robert OppenheimerDenise Royal196c12/24/1987
1335Billy Budd, sailorHerman Melville102cbl12/27/1987
1336The Herblock bookHerbert Block244cbl12/28/1987
1337Jackie Mason's AmericaJackie Mason187c12/29/1987
1338The scarlet letterNathaniel Hawthorne254c12/31/1987
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