List of books read in 1994

What I have read since 1974

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1618The courage of their convictions: sixteen Americans who fought their way to the Supreme CourtPeter H. Irons430kl1/1/1994
1619Love in the time of choleraGabriel Garcia Marquez348bo1/2/1994
1620Empire: a novelGore Vidal486ewl1/8/1994
1621The reivers, a reminiscenceWilliam Faulkner305cu1/15/1994
1622Black holes and baby universes and other essaysS. W. Hawking182dcbt1/16/1994
1623Tortilla flatJohn Steinbeck207ewl1/20/1994
1624Secrets of life, secrets of death: essays on language, gender, and scienceEvelyn Fox Keller195ewl1/26/1994
1625To play the kingMichael Dobbs251bo2/4/1994
1626Coming into the countryJohn A. McPhee348ewl3/5/1994
1627The physics of baseballRobert Kemp Adair142ewl3/10/1994
1628Taming the storm: the life and times of Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., and the South's fight over civil rightsJack Bass512kl3/13/1994
1629Rumpole of the BaileyJohn Clifford Mortimer218bo3/26/1994
1630The trials of RumpoleJohn Clifford Mortimer200bo3/26/1994
1631Rumpole's returnJohn Clifford Mortimer228bo3/26/1994
1632The end of history and the last manFrancis Fukuyama418ewl3/27/1994
1633The second Rumpole omnibusJohn Clifford Mortimer667bo4/2/1994
1634Gideon's trumpetAnthony Lewis277bo4/5/1994
1635The chip: how two Americans invented the microchip and launched a revolutionT. R. Reid243ill4/8/1994
1636On shaky groundJohn J. Nance416cu4/10/1994
1637A history of warfareJohn Keegan432ewl4/26/1994
1638Battle for justice: how the Bork nomination shook AmericaEthan Bronner399kl5/1/1994
1639A leg to stand onOliver W. Sacks222ewl5/8/1994
1640Seeing voicesOliver W. Sacks186ewl5/21/1994
1641The last tycoon: an unfinished novelF. Scott Fitzgerald163ewl5/28/1994
1642The bean trees: a novelBarbara Kingsolver232ewl5/30/1994
1643Sex, gender, and the politics of ERA: a state and the nationDonald G. Mathews
Jane Sherron De Hart
1644Liberty and sexuality: the right to privacy and the making of Roe v. WadeDavid J. Garrow981bo6/16/1994
1645N.P.: a novelBanana Yoshimoto194dcbt6/17/1994
1646It's all in your head: remarkable facts about the human mindJean Stine
Camden Benares
1647A sense of where you are: a profile of William Warren BradleyJohn A. McPhee144bo7/10/1994
1648Hollywood: a novel of America in the 1920sGore Vidal437bo7/21/1994
1649Naked lunchWilliam S. Burroughs232ewl8/7/1994
1650The agenda: inside the Clinton White HouseBob Woodward352ewl8/18/1994
1651Lenin's tomb: the last days of the soviet empireDavid Remnick588kl9/3/1994
1652A positron named Priscilla: scientific discovery at the frontierMarcia Bartusiak348cu9/5/1994
1653Barrel fever: stories and essaysDavid Sedaris196ewl9/11/1994
1654Warrior marks: female genital mutilation and the sexual blinding of womenAlice Walker
Pratibha Parmar
1655The memory bookHarry Lorayne
Jerry Lucas
1656The lawn: a history of an American obsessionVirginia Scott Jenkins246bo9/25/1994
1657No ordinary time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: the home front in World War IIDoris Kearns Goodwin759ewl10/7/1994
1658Something happenedJoseph Heller530elp10/16/1994
1659The light stuff: space humor-from Sputnik to shuttleBob Ward295ewl10/21/1994
1660Generations: the history of America's future, 1584 to 2069William Strauss
Neil Howe
1661Meeting at the crossroads: women's psychology and girls' developmentLyn Mikel Brown
Carol Gilligan
1662The path to powerRobert A. Caro882ewl11/8/1994
1663The liarStephen Fry277ewl11/12/1994
1664Stop obsessing!: how to overcome your obsessions and compulsionsEdna B. Foa
Andrew Wilson
1665Means of ascentRobert A. Caro506ewl12/4/1994
1666The Evening Star: Venus observedHenry S. F. Cooper274cu12/9/1994
1667Witchcraze: a new history of the European witch huntsAnne Llewellyn Barstow255ewl12/18/1994
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