List of books read in 1992

What I have read since 1974

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1503The power broker: Robert Moses and the fall of New YorkRobert A. Caro1246elp1/9/1992
1504Star trek VI, the undiscovered country: a novelJ. M. Dillard301ewl1/11/1992
1505Backlash: the undeclared war against American womenSusan Faludi552ewl1/14/1992
1506The commandersBob Woodward398cu1/19/1992
1507All fall down: America's tragic encounter with IranGary Sick432ewl1/30/1992
1508Politics and war: European conflict from Philip II to HitlerDavid E. Kaiser435cu2/17/1992
1509A gift of wingsRichard Bach299dcbt2/27/1992
1510The man who knew infinity: a life of the genius RamanujanRobert Kanigel438ewl3/8/1992
1511U.S. mail: the story of the United States postal serviceArthur E. Summerfield256cu3/9/1992
1512Monopoly mail: privatizing the United States Postal ServiceDouglas K. Adie197cu3/20/1992
1513The Federalist papersClinton Rossiter560ewl3/26/1992
1514From Beirut to JerusalemThomas L. Friedman541bo3/29/1992
1515A clockwork orangeAnthony Burgess185bo4/11/1992
1516Rivethead: tales from the assembly lineBen Hamper234ewl4/13/1992
1517Batman: the dark knight returnsFrank Miller192rlh5/12/1992
1518Black Hills white justice:Edward Lazarus486ewl5/16/1992
1519Discipline and punish: the birth of the prisonMichel Foucault333cu5/20/1992
1520The autobiography of Malcolm XMalcolm X460ewl5/25/1992
1521The Samson option: Israel's nuclear arsenal and American foreign policySeymour M. Hersh354ewl5/31/1992
1522Why Gorbachev happened: his triumphs and his failureRobert G. Kaiser476bo6/7/1992
1523The Shah's last ride: the fate of an allyWilliam Shawcross463cu6/11/1992
1524The dispossessed: an ambiguous UtopiaUrsula K. Le Guin341cu6/14/1992
15252061: odyssey threeArthur Charles Clarke271cu6/14/1992
1526On wings of eaglesKen Follett369cu6/18/1992
1527The aspirin wars: money, medicine, and 100 years of rampant competitionCharles C. Mann
Mark L. Plummer
1528God save this honorable court: how the choice of Supreme Court justices shapes our historyLaurence H. Tribe171cu6/25/1992
1529The age of JacksonArthur Meier Schlesinger577bo7/5/1992
1530Savage inequalities: children in America's schoolsJonathan Kozol262cu7/9/1992
1531The prisoner: shattered visageDean Motter
Mark Askwith
1532Patenting the sun: polio and the Salk vaccineJane S. Smith413cu7/21/1992
1533Molly Ivins can't say that, can she?Molly Ivins284cu7/24/1992
1534The national debtLawrence Malkin309ewl8/8/1992
1535MITI and the Japanese miracle: the growth of industrial policy, 1925-1975Chalmers A. Johnson393rlh8/15/1992
1536Who will tell the people: the betrayal of American democracyWilliam Greider464bo8/25/1992
1537SlackerRichard Linklater153ewl9/7/1992
1538Teller's war: the top-secret story behind the Star Wars deceptionWilliam Broad350cu9/21/1992
1539Re-making love: the feminization of sexBarbara Ehrenreich
Elizabeth Hess
Gloria Jacobs
1540Possessing the secret of joyAlice Walker286ewl10/17/1992
1541Why we lost the ERAJane J. Mansbridge327ewl10/27/1992
1542The making of a senator: Dan QuayleRichard F. Fenno180cwc11/8/1992
1543By any means necessary: the trials and tribulations of the making of Malcolm XSpike Lee312ewl11/17/1992
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