List of books read in 1993

What I have read since 1974

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1544Burr: a novelGore Vidal564ewl2/1/1993
1545The making of the atomic bombRichard Rhodes886dcbt2/8/1993
1546Turning point: a candidate, a state, and a nation come of ageJimmy Carter223ewl2/9/1993
1547The age of missing informationBill McKibben254ewl2/10/1993
1548The official Prisoner companionMatthew White
Jaffer Ali
1549Genius: the life and science of Richard FeynmanJames Gleick532ewl2/14/1993
15501876: a novelGore Vidal443ewl2/18/1993
1551The prize: the epic quest for oil, money, and powerDaniel Yergin885ewl2/27/1993
1552Capitol games: Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, and the story of a Supreme Court nominationTimothy M. Phelps
Helen Winternitz
1553Knock woodCandice Bergen354cu3/6/1993
1554The temple of my familiarAlice Walker417ewl3/11/1993
1555To engineer is human: the role of failure in successful designHenry Petroski247cu3/13/1993
1556In my placeCharlayne Hunter-Gault257bo3/14/1993
1557Pipe dream blues: racism and the war on drugsClarence Lusane293ewl3/18/1993
1558The pencil: a history of design and circumstanceHenry Petroski434cu3/22/1993
1559The house of Morgan: an American banking dynasty and the rise of modern financeRon Chernow812ewl4/3/1993
1560The evolution of useful thingsHenry Petroski288cu4/6/1993
1561The second sexSimone de Beauvoir814ewl4/18/1993
1562The beauty myth: how images of beauty are used against womenNaomi Wolf348ewl4/20/1993
1563Basin and rangeJohn A. McPhee216cu5/3/1993
1564The last days of The New YorkerGigi Mahon358ewl5/6/1993
1565The battle for human nature: science, morality, and modern lifeBarry Schwartz348jm5/10/1993
1566Alvarez: adventures of a physicistLuis W. Alvarez348rlh5/11/1993
1567The ages of Gaia: a biography of our living earthJames Lovelock252ewl5/15/1993
1568The fountainheadAyn Rand727cu5/25/1993
1569Minnesota rag: the dramatic story of the landmark Supreme Court case that gave new meaning to freedom of the pressFred W. Friendly243bo5/26/1993
1570Like water for chocolate: a novel in monthly installments, with recipes, romances, and home remediesLaura Esquivel246jm5/28/1993
1571OrangesJohn A. McPhee149ewl6/1/1993
1572The compass rose: short storiesUrsula K. Le Guin271jm6/2/1993
1573In suspect terrainJohn A. McPhee210cu6/7/1993
1574The handmaid's taleMargaret Eleanor Atwood395jm6/8/1993
1575Jurassic Park: a novelMichael Crichton399jm6/10/1993
1576The toughest job in baseball: what managers do, how they do it, and why it gives them ulcersPeter Pascarelli252ewl6/13/1993
1577Rising from the plainsJohn A. McPhee214cu6/15/1993
1578Joy, the life of Charles Eagle Plume: America's foremost interpreter of Indian lore, life and cultureHenry F. Pedersen307ewl6/17/1993
1579You just don't understand: women and men in conversationDeborah Tannen330rlh6/21/1993
1580Two nations: black and white, separate, hostile, unequalAndrew Hacker257rlh6/22/1993
1581KitchenBanana Yoshimoto152ewl6/23/1993
1582Assembling CaliforniaJohn A. McPhee304ewl6/28/1993
1583Kaffir boy: the true story of a Black youth's coming of age in Apartheid South AfricaMark Mathabane354rlh6/30/1993
1584The control of natureJohn A. McPhee272ewl7/7/1993
1585Madness and civilization: a history of insanity in the Age of ReasonMichel Foucault299cu7/12/1993
1586The electric kool-aid acid testTom Wolfe372ewl7/25/1993
1587The monkey wrench gangEdward Abbey356cu7/29/1993
1588The lathe of heavenUrsula K. Le Guin175cu8/3/1993
1589Looking for a shipJohn A. McPhee242cu8/5/1993
1590Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the flak catchersTom Wolfe153cu8/5/1993
1591MeridianAlice Walker220ewl8/7/1993
1592Listening to ProzacPeter D. Kramer409ewl8/11/1993
1593Conduct unbecoming: lesbians and gays in the U.S. military: Vietnam to the Persian GulfRandy Shilts784ewl8/14/1993
1594Bad science: the short life and weird times of cold fusionGary Taubes503ewl8/20/1993
1595The geography of nowhere: the rise and decline of America's man-made landscapeJames Howard Kunstler303cu8/23/1993
1596Atlas shruggedAyn Rand1084ewl9/7/1993
1597Princess: a true story of life behind the veil in Saudi ArabiaJean P. Sasson283jm9/8/1993
1598Oceanography in the next decade: building new partnershipsNational Research Council202cu9/10/1993
1599Kaffir boy in America: an encounter with apartheidMark Mathabane303rlh9/11/1993
1600Animal dreams: a novelBarbara Kingsolver342jm9/14/1993
1601For God, country, and Coca-Cola: the unauthorized history of the great American soft drink and the company that makes itMark Pendergrast556cu9/27/1993
1602It only hurts when I laughStan Freberg273bo10/2/1993
1603The 158-pound marriageJohn Irving255ewl10/3/1993
1604Feminist ethicsClaudia Card300ewl10/7/1993
1605The man who tasted shapes: a bizarre medical mystery offers revolutionary insights into emotions, reasoning, and consciousnessRichard E. Cytowic249cu10/10/1993
1606Setting free the bearsJohn Irving340ewl10/20/1993
1607After the war was over: Hanoi and SaigonNeil Sheehan131cu10/21/1993
1608Even cowgirls get the bluesTom Robbins365cu10/24/1993
1609The vampire LestatAnne Rice481jm10/31/1993
1610After virtue: a study in moral theoryAlasdair C. MacIntyre286jm11/7/1993
1611The queen of the damnedAnne Rice448jfg11/12/1993
1612Lincoln: a novelGore Vidal657ewl11/20/1993
1613Fire with fire: the new female power and how to use itNaomi Wolf373ewl11/21/1993
1614A justice for all: William J. Brennan, Jr., and the decisions that transformed AmericaKim Isaac Eisler303ewl11/23/1993
1615Alan Turing: the enigmaAndrew Hodges587cu12/12/1993
1616The claiming of sleeping beautyA. N. Roquelaure253bo12/24/1993
1617A fableWilliam Faulkner437cu12/26/1993
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