List of books read in 1995

What I have read since 1974

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1668How we die: reflections on life's final chapterSherwin B. Nuland278ewl1/8/1995
1669Can you trust a tomato in January?: everything you wanted to know (and a few things you didn't) about food in the grocery storeVince Staten239ewl1/16/1995
1670"Retained by the people": a history of American Indians and the Bill of RightsJohn R. Wunder278ewl2/6/1995
1671The world of JeevesP. G. Wodehouse654ewl2/11/1995
1672American steel: hot metal men and the resurrection of the Rust BeltRichard Preston278cu2/15/1995
1673Jeeves in the offingP. G. Wodehouse204bo2/16/1995
1674Invisible masters: compulsions and the fear that drives themGeorge H. Weinberg385ewl2/21/1995
1675The hot zoneRichard Preston300ewl2/23/1995
1676Table of contentsJohn A. McPhee293cu3/1/1995
1677The forgotten plague: how the battle against tuberculosis was won -- and lostFrank Ryan460ewl3/12/1995
1678Is sex necessary? or, Why you feel the way you doJames Thurber
E. B. White
1679How buildings learn: what happens after they're builtStewart Brand243ewl3/27/1995
1680Falling off the map: some lonely places of the worldPico Iyer190cu4/5/1995
1681The Nixon memo: political respectability, Russia, and the pressMarvin L. Kalb248cu4/8/1995
1682Essays of E. B. WhiteE. B. White277cu4/23/1995
1683Reflections on gender and scienceEvelyn Fox Keller193ewl5/7/1995
1684The last empire: De Beers, diamonds, and the worldStefan Kanfer409elp5/13/1995
1685The red queen: sex and the evolution of human natureMatt Ridley405cu5/21/1995
1686Tender is the nightF. Scott Fitzgerald313ewl5/25/1995
1687Being digitalNicholas Negroponte243cu5/26/1995
1688PopuluxeThomas Hine184cu5/28/1995
1689The crying of lot 49Thomas Pynchon183cu6/1/1995
1690The bill: how the adventures of Clinton's National Service bill reveal what is corrupt, comic, cynical, and noble, about WashingtonSteven Waldman301cu6/8/1995
1691The total package: the evolution and secret meanings of boxes, bottles, cans, and tubesThomas Hine289ewl6/15/1995
1692What a lesbian looks like: writings by lesbians on their lives and lifestyles from the archives of the National Lesbian and Gay SurveyNational Lesbian and Gay Survey166ewl6/24/1995
1693A feeling for the organism: the life and work of Barbara McClintockEvelyn Fox Keller235cu6/26/1995
1694Generation X: tales for an accelerated cultureDouglas Coupland183cu7/15/1995
1695Sexing the millennium: women and the sexual revolutionLinda Grant282elp7/22/1995
1696Land of desire: merchants, power, and the rise of a new American cultureWilliam Leach510elp7/29/1995
1697Third sex, third gender: beyond sexual dimorphism in culture and historyGilbert Herdt614elp8/14/1995
1698Mama makes up her mind: and other dangers of southern livingBailey White230cu8/19/1995
1699Show-stopper!: the breakneck race to create Windows NT and the next generation at MicrosoftG. Pascal Zachary312cu8/23/1995
1700Rama IIArthur Charles Clarke
Gentry Lee
1701A confederacy of duncesJohn Kennedy Toole462elp8/29/1995
1702Fatal defect: chasing killer computer bugsIvars Peterson260cu9/7/1995
1703The vandals' crown: how rebel currency traders overthrew the world's central banksGregory J. Millman305cu9/15/1995
1704Stories of ScottsboroJames E. Goodman465cu9/17/1995
1705Dark sun: the making of the hydrogen bombRichard Rhodes731ewl10/24/1995
1706A son of the circusJohn Irving682elp11/14/1995
1707The witching hourAnne Rice1043elp11/27/1995
1708The Great Depression: America in the 1930sT. H. Watkins375elp12/3/1995
1709Lasher: lives of the Mayfair witchesAnne Rice628elp12/10/1995
1710The quest for life in amberGeorge O. Poinar
Roberta Poinar
1711Real places: an unconventional guide to America's generic landscapeGrady Clay297elp12/19/1995
1712Talk dirty to me: an intimate philosophy of sexSallie Tisdale338elp12/25/1995
1713The hungry soul: eating and the perfecting of our natureLeon Kass248ewl12/27/1995
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