List of books read in 2007

What I have read since 1974

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2126Talking right: how conservatives turned liberalism into a tax-raising, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Volvo-driving, New York times-reading, body-piercing, Hollywood-loving, left-wing freak showGeoffrey Nunberg264xczt1/23/2007
2127Shaping thingsBruce Sterling144xczt1/31/2007
2128A crack in the edge of the world: America and the great California earthquake of 1906Simon Winchester512ewl2/12/2007
2129A commonwealth of thieves: the improbable birth of AustraliaThomas Keneally400ewl3/18/2007
2132The arcanum: the extraordinary true storyJanet Gleeson324pg4/4/2007
2133A history of God: the 4000-year quest of Judaism, Christianity, and IslamKaren Armstrong460mt4/6/2007
2134Objects of desire: design and society since 1750Adrian Forty245pg4/12/2007
2135The areas of my expertise: an almanac of complete world knowledge compiled with instructive annotation and arranged in useful order ...John Hodgman256ewl4/14/2007
2136Active liberty: interpreting our democratic ConstitutionStephen G. Breyer161pg4/22/2007
2137The future of successRobert B. Reich289mc4/23/2007
2138Breakfast of champions; or, Goodbye blue Monday!Kurt Vonnegut295pg4/30/2007
213931 days: the crisis that gave us the government we have todayBarry Werth398mc5/8/2007
2140Uncommon carriersJohn A. McPhee248pg5/9/2007
2141How doctors thinkJerome E. Groopman320pg5/15/2007
2142Freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everythingSteven D. Levitt
Stephen J. Dubner
2143Don't make me think!: a common sense approach to Web usabilitySteve Krug201pg5/31/2007
2144A mind at a timeMelvin D. Levine352mc6/21/2007
2145The honest broker: making sense of science in policy and politicsRoger A. Pielke, Jr.198ewl7/9/2007
2146Logo design workbook: a hands-on guide to creating logosSean Adams
Noreen Morioka
Terry Stone
2147A history of the Federal ReserveAllan H. Meltzer808ewl8/4/2007
2148The happiest baby on the block: the new way to calm crying and help your baby sleep longerHarvey Karp314mct8/15/2007
2149Visual explanations: images and quantities, evidence and narrativeEdward R. Tufte156pg8/27/2007
2150The Pentagon: a history: the untold story of the wartime race to build the Pentagon--and to restore it sixty years laterSteve Vogel626mc9/14/2007
2151The nine: inside the secret world of the Supreme CourtJeffrey Toobin369ewl10/12/2007
2152The paradox of choice: why more is lessBarry Schwartz265mc11/6/2007
2153Before the dawn: recovering the lost history of our ancestorsNicholas Wade312mc12/4/2007
2154ImperiumRyszard Kapuscinski331mc11/21/2007
2155The wisdom of crowds: why the many are smarter than the few and how collective wisdom shapes business, economies, societies, and nationsJames Surowiecki320mc12/18/2007
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