List of books read in 1998

What I have read since 1974

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1838Voltaire's bastards: the dictatorship of reason in the WestJohn Ralston Saul640elp1/3/1998
1839Girls lean back everywhere: the law of obscenity and the assault on geniusEdward De Grazia814elp1/15/1998
1840Raising LazarusRobert Jon Pensack
Dwight Arnan Williams
1841The origin of SatanElaine H. Pagels214cu1/20/1998
1842Hot talk, cold science: global warming's unfinished debateFred S. Singer110jmw1/24/1998
1843The gnostic gospelsElaine H. Pagels182ewl1/27/1998
1844Adam, Eve, and the serpentElaine H. Pagels189ewl2/10/1998
1845The run of his life: the people v. O.J. SimpsonJeffrey Toobin466cu2/15/1998
1846One world, ready or not: the manic logic of global capitalismWilliam Greider528cu3/6/1998
1847Budding prospects: a pastoralT. Coraghessan Boyle326cu3/22/1998
1848In our image: America's empire in the PhilippinesStanley Karnow494cu3/29/1998
1849A natural history of the sensesDiane Ackerman331elp4/8/1998
1850The old man and the seaErnest Hemingway159cu4/11/1998
1851Close to the machine: technophilia and its discontentsEllen Ullman189elp4/12/1998
1852Hidden histories of scienceRobert B. Silvers193cu4/14/1998
1853The Zimmermann telegramBarbara Wertheim Tuchman224cu4/15/1998
1854Desert placesRobyn Davidson280elp5/3/1998
1855The cloud forest: a chronicle of the South American wildernessPeter Matthiessen280elp5/16/1998
1856Tropical classical: essays from several directionsPico Iyer314elp5/17/1998
1857No mercy: a journey to the heart of the CongoRedmond O'Hanlon461elp5/23/1998
1858Malaria dreams: an African adventureStuart Stevens236elp5/25/1998
1859A history of the breastMarilyn Yalom331elp5/29/1998
1860When we were coloredClifton L. Taulbert153ewl6/1/1998
1861Is the temperature rising?: the uncertain science of global warmingS. George Philander262ewl6/7/1998
1862Parting the waters: America in the King years 1954-63Taylor Branch1064kl7/5/1998
1863And the waters turned to blood: the ultimate biological threatRodney Barker362elp7/12/1998
1864Buzz: the science and lore of alcohol and caffeineStephen Braun214elp7/19/1998
1865Pass the butterworms: remote journeys oddly renderedTim Cahill283elp7/28/1998
1866Biomimicry: innovation inspired by natureJanine M. Benyus308elp8/10/1998
1867Pieces of the frameJohn A. McPhee308apl8/19/1998
1868Island of the colorblind; and, Cycad islandOliver W. Sacks311ewl8/31/1998
1869On good land: the autobiography of an urban farmMichael Ableman144ewl9/1/1998
1870No longer at easeChinua Achebe129ewl9/5/1998
1871A man of the people: a novelChinua Achebe141ewl9/11/1998
1872Pillar of fire: America in the King years, 1963-65Taylor Branch746apl9/24/1998
1873The tree where man was bornPeter Matthiessen256ewl10/8/1998
1874The last apocalypse: Europe at the year 1000 A.D.James Reston299xczt10/21/1998
1875Whatever it takes: the real struggle for political power in AmericaElizabeth Drew300ewl10/26/1998
1876Golden arches east: McDonald's in East AsiaJames L. Watson256apl10/30/1998
1877Dream reaper: the story of an old-fashioned inventor in the high-tech, high-stakes world of modern agricultureCraig Canine300apl11/2/1998
1878The jungles of randomness: a mathematical safariIvars Peterson239ewl11/5/1998
1879From the good earth: a celebration of growing food around the worldMichael Ableman168apl11/7/1998
1880The crucible of creation: the Burgess Shale and the rise of animalsSimon Conway Morris242ut11/17/1998
18817 tattoos: a memoir in the fleshPeter Trachtenberg263elp11/21/1998
1882TimequakeKurt Vonnegut250elp11/24/1998
1883Holidays on iceDavid Sedaris123ut12/2/1998
1884Inside the sky: a meditation on flightWilliam Langewiesche240elp12/10/1998
1885Opium: a historyMartin Booth381elp12/11/1998
1886An evening among headhunters: & other reports from roads less traveledLawrence Millman227elp12/25/1998
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