List of books read in 1984

What I have read since 1974

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1118A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's courtMark Twain450c1/2/1984
1119The evening stars: the making of the network news anchorBarbara Matusow302c1/6/1984
1120The ten thousand day war: Vietnam, 1945-1975Michael Maclear368c1/18/1984
1121Project space station: plans for a permanent manned space centerBrian O'Leary159c1/19/1984
1122The Prometheus designSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
1123Y.A.P.: The official young aspiring professional's fast-track handbookC. E. Crimmins126c1/29/1984
1124Black fireSonni Cooper220ewl2/6/1984
1125TriangleSondra Marshak
Myrna Culbreath
1126The 1st treasury of HermanJim Unger223b2/12/1984
1127The best of Trek #6: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
1128Animal farm: a fairy storyGeorge Orwell128b2/18/1984
1129The Santaroga barrierFrank Herbert255b2/21/1984
1130The second Herman treasuryJim Unger207b2/21/1984
1131Herman, the third treasuryJim Unger207b2/22/1984
1132Shakespeare's planetClifford D. Simak218b2/25/1984
1133McGovern: the man and his beliefsGeorge S. McGovern
Shirley MacLaine
1134The lives of a cell: notes of a biology watcherLewis Thomas153c2/28/1984
1135The leatherstocking tales. Vol. IJames Fenimore Cooper833c3/30/1984
1136Right from the start: a chronicle of the McGovern campaignGary Hart334c3/8/1984
1137War in spaceJames W. Canan186b3/9/1984
1138The medusa and the snail: more notes of a biology watcherLewis Thomas175b3/11/1984
1139Web of the Romulans: a Star Trek novelM. S. Murdock220ewl3/14/1984
1140Yesterday's son: a Star Trek novelA. C. Crispin191ewl3/16/1984
1141InfernoLarry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
1142Mutiny on the Enterprise: a Star Trek novelRobert E. Vardeman189ewl3/22/1984
1143The complete robotIsaac Asimov557c3/24/1984
1144Late night thoughts on listening to Mahler's Ninth symphonyLewis Thomas168c3/27/1984
1145The wounded skyDiane Duane256ewl4/7/1984
11461984 and beyondNigel Calder207c4/7/1984
1147The Trellisane confrontation a Star Trek novelDavid Dvorkin190ewl4/8/1984
1148The great GatsbyF. Scott Fitzgerald182ewl4/16/1984
1149Dream parkLarry Niven
Steven Barnes
1150CoronaGreg Bear192ewl4/19/1984
1151Chekov's Enterprise: a personal journal of the making of Star Trek-the motion pictureWalter Koenig222ewl4/20/1984
1152Star trek speaksSusan Sackett
Fred Goldstein
Stan Goldstein
1153The making of Star trek II, the wrath of KhanAllan Asherman223ewl4/21/1984
1154'Toons for our times: a Bloom County book of heavy meadow rump 'n rollBerke Breathed96ewl5/12/1984
1155A tale of two citiesCharles Dickens358c5/19/1984
1156Jules Feiffer's America, from Eisenhower to ReaganJules Feiffer254c5/21/1984
1157Heretics of DuneFrank Herbert480c6/6/1984
1158The First 25 years in space: a symposiumAllan Needell152c6/7/1984
1159UN: The first twenty-five yearsClark M. Eichelberger178c6/9/1984
1160The annotated Walden: Walden; or, Life in the woodsHenry David Thoreau502c6/20/1984
1161Best editorial cartoons of the yearCharles Brooks160c6/21/1984
1162Star Trek III: the search for SpockVonda N. McIntyre297ewl6/21/1984
1163VA. C. Crispin402c6/24/1984
1164The integral treesLarry Niven240c6/28/1984
1165Space-time and beyond: toward an explanation of the unexplainableBob Toben
Fred Alan Wolf
1166Soul catcherFrank Herbert246b7/12/1984
1167Weapons and hopeFreeman J. Dyson340b7/29/1984
1168My lai 4: a report on the massacre and its aftermathSeymour M. Hersh210b8/4/1984
1169A heritage of starsClifford D. Simak219b8/9/1984
1170The green brainFrank Herbert160c8/19/1984
1171Forecast 2000: George Gallup, Jr. predicts the future of AmericaGeorge Gallup179c8/19/1984
1172The worlds of Clifford SimakClifford D. Simak378b8/25/1984
1173All the President's menCarl Bernstein
Bob Woodward
1174Six crisesRichard M. Nixon460b9/16/1984
1175Best science fiction stories of Clifford D. SimakClifford D. Simak232b9/22/1984
1176The selling of the President, 1968Joe McGinniss253ewl10/7/1984
1177The final daysBob Woodward
Carl Bernstein
11782010: odyssey twoArthur Charles Clarke291ewl10/18/1984
1179National Lampoon's DoonEllis Weiner221ewl11/10/1984
1180The god makersFrank Herbert190b11/23/1984
1181Would you buy a used war from this man? A collection of political humor from National lampoon205nfpl11/24/1984
1182Stephen Hawking's universeJohn Boslough158c11/25/1984
1183Doonesbury dossier: the Reagan yearsG. B. Trudeau224c12/1/1984
1184So long, and thanks for all the fishDouglas Adams204ewl12/31/1984
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