List of books read in 1990

What I have read since 1974

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1418The end of natureBill McKibben226elp1/6/1990
1419Blott on the landscapeTom Sharpe238ewl1/8/1990
1420Future shockAlvin Toffler561ewl1/11/1990
1421The cider house rulesJohn Irving598elp1/13/1990
1422Spy notes on McInerney's bright lights, big city, Janowitz's slaves of New York, Ellis' less than zero, and all those other hip urban novels of the 1980s89elp1/15/1990
1423Intervention: how America became involved in VietnamGeorge McTurnan Kahin550ewl2/1/1990
1424A bright shining lie: John Paul Vann and America in VietnamNeil Sheehan861ewl2/3/1990
1425Raising PG kids in an X-rated societyTipper Gore219carn2/4/1990
1426Lyndon Johnson's war: the road to stalemate in VietnamLarry Berman254ewl2/17/1990
1427The inner game of tennisW. Timothy Gallwey141hill2/23/1990
1428The Sino-Vietnamese relationship and the Soviet UnionCharles McGregor94cmu2/27/1990
1429On strategy: a critical analysis of the Vietnam WarHarry G. Summers279ewl3/14/1990
1430The quiet AmericanGraham Greene188ewl3/16/1990
1431Billy Bathgate: a novelE. L. Doctorow323ewl3/20/1990
1432The bad war: an oral history of the Vietnam WarKim Willenson451ewl3/22/1990
1433The Army and VietnamAndrew F. Krepinevich318ewl3/30/1990
1434Everything we had: an oral history of the Vietnam WarAl Santoli268ewl4/10/1990
1435Fear and loathing: on the campaign trail '72Hunter S. Thompson505cmu4/30/1990
1436The devil's advocateMorris L. West351elp5/11/1990
1437Generation of swine: tales of shame and degradation in the '80sHunter S. Thompson304cmu5/17/1990
1438Reading the numbers: a survival guide to the measurements, numbers, and sizes encountered in everyday lifeMary Blocksma224ewl5/18/1990
1439The shoes of the fishermanMorris L. West288elp5/25/1990
1440Waiting for Godot: tragicomedy in 2 actsSamuel Beckett60elp5/27/1990
1441Interview with the vampire: a novelAnne Rice346carn6/10/1990
1442What I saw at the revolution: a political life in the Reagan eraPeggy Noonan353cmu6/13/1990
1443Skinny legs and allTom Robbins422elp6/15/1990
1444Spike Lee's gotta have it: inside guerrilla filmmakingSpike Lee366ewl6/24/1990
1445A prayer for Owen Meany: a novelJohn Irving543elp6/29/1990
1446The emperor's new mind: concerning computers, minds, and the laws of physicsRoger Penrose466ewl7/3/1990
1447The mysteries of PittsburghMichael Chabon297cmu7/8/1990
1448Flashbacks: on returning to VietnamMorley Safer206carn7/11/1990
1449Helter skelter: the true story of the Manson murdersVincent Bugliosi
Curt Gentry
1450Strictly speaking: will America be the death of English?Edwin Newman205carn7/17/1990
1451The Feynman lectures on physics: quantum mechanicsRichard Phillips Feynman
Robert B. Leighton
Matthew Sands
1452Secrets of the temple: how the Federal Reserve runs the countryWilliam Greider798carn7/26/1990
1453AwakeningsOliver W. Sacks338carn8/13/1990
1454Animal liberationPeter Singer297elp8/19/1990
1455Uplift the race: the construction of School dazeSpike Lee
Lisa Jones
1456Green rage: radical environmentalism and the unmaking of civilizationChristopher Manes291elp8/27/1990
1457The Feynman Lectures on physics:Richard Phillips Feynman
Robert B. Leighton
Matthew Sands
1458The new industrial stateJohn Kenneth Galbraith384elp9/23/1990
1459Contemporary climatologyA. Henderson-Sellers
Peter J. Robinson
1460The illuminati papersRobert Anton Wilson149pc10/24/1990
1461The powers that beDavid Halberstam1071ewl11/6/1990
1462Feynman lectures on physics the electromagnetic fieldRichard Phillips Feynman
Robert B. Leighton
Matthew Sands
1463The hearts of men: American dreams and the flight from commitmentBarbara Ehrenreich206carn11/17/1990
1464Fear of falling: the inner life of the middle classBarbara Ehrenreich292ewl11/20/1990
1465Ronald Reagan, the movie and other episodes in political demonologyMichael Paul Rogin366elp12/1/1990
1466Eugene V. Debs: citizen and socialistNick Salvatore437carn12/16/1990
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