List of books read in 2001

What I have read since 1974

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1951Betrayal of trust: the collapse of global public healthLaurie Garrett754ewl1/8/2001
1952Trilobite!: eyewitness to evolutionRichard A. Fortey284xczt1/16/2001
1953From Paris to the moonAdam Gopnik338ewl1/30/2001
1954The crofter and the lairdJohn A. McPhee159cu2/2/2001
1955The island of the lost mapsMiles Harvey405cu2/11/2001
1956American dreamer: the life and times of Henry A. WallaceJohn C. Culver
John Hyde
1957A history of Britain: at the edge of the world?: 3000 BC-AD 1603Simon Schama416mt3/3/2001
1958The potato: how the humble spud rescued the western worldLarry Zuckerman304cu3/14/2001
1959American tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the origins of the Vietnam WarDavid E. Kaiser566cu4/1/2001
1960The truth never stands in the way of a good storyJan Harold Brunvand217cu4/2/2001
1961Bobos in paradise: the new upper class and how they got thereDavid Brooks284cu4/21/2001
1962Fast food nation: the dark side of the all-American mealEric Schlosser356cu5/2/2001
1963Gardening for the future of the EarthHoward-Yana Shapiro
John Harrisson
1964The advent of the algorithm: the idea that rules the worldDavid Berlinski345cu5/18/2001
1965Far Appalachia: following the New River northNoah Adams238ewl5/22/2001
1966La place de la concorde suisseJohn A. McPhee149cu5/28/2001
1967Mauve: how one man invented a color that changed the worldSimon Garfield222kl6/12/2001
1968The panda's thumb: more reflections in natural historyStephen Jay Gould343xczt6/14/2001
1969A question of intent: a great American battle with a deadly industryDavid A. Kessler492cu6/20/2001
1970Double fold: libraries and the assault on paperNicholson Baker370cu7/13/2001
1971Body of secrets: anatomy of the ultra-secret National Security Agency: from the Cold War through the dawn of a new centuryJames Bamford721ewl7/19/2001
1972Journey beyond Selene: remarkable expeditions past our moon and to the ends of the solar systemJeffrey Kruger314cu7/23/2001
1973No apparent danger: the true story of volcanic disaster at Galeras and Nevado del RuizVictoria Bruce239kl7/27/2001
1974The search for the Panchen LamaIsabel Hilton335cu8/6/2001
1975A different nature: the paradoxical world of zoos and their uncertain futureDavid Hancocks279cu8/12/2001
1976Frontiers of illusion: science, technology, and the politics of progressDaniel R. Sarewitz235cu8/19/2001
1977Travels with Charley: in search of AmericaJohn Steinbeck275ewl9/9/2001
1978Very good, Jeeves!P. G. Wodehouse263ewl9/9/2001
1979Divided we stand: a biography of New York's World Trade CenterEric Darton241cu9/22/2001
1980The Little Ice Age: how climate made history, 1300-1850Brian M. Fagan246cu9/25/2001
1981American terrorist: Timothy McVeigh & the Oklahoma City bombingLou Michel426cu9/28/2001
1982The last great revolutionRobin B. Wright351ewl10/3/2001
1983At home in the heart of AppalachiaJohn O'Brien306cu10/18/2001
1984Tales of known space: the universe of Larry NivenLarry Niven240cu10/22/2001
1985Hubbert's peak: the impending world oil shortageKenneth S. Deffeyes208dcbt10/23/2001
1986MicroserfsDouglas Coupland371dcbt10/27/2001
1987Alice, let's eat: further adventures of a happy eaterCalvin Trillin182dcbt11/6/2001
1988The inflationary universe: the quest for a new theory of cosmic originsAlan H. Guth358dcbt11/12/2001
1989Remembering DennyCalvin Trillin209cu11/12/2001
1990The great arc: the dramatic tale of how India was mapped and Everest was namedJohn Keay182cu11/24/2001
1991Closed chambers: the first eyewitness account of the epic struggles inside the Supreme CourtEdward Lazarus576ewl12/14/2001
1992A beautiful mind: the life of mathematical genius and Nobel Laureate John NashSylvia Nasar481ewl12/25/2001
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