List of books read in 1986

What I have read since 1974

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1214Great expectations; Master Humphrey's clock; Hard timesCharles Dickens469c1/4/1986
1215The Today show: an inside look at 25 tumultuous years ... and the colorful and controversial people behind the scenesRobert Metz204ewl1/6/1986
1216Jailbird: a novelKurt Vonnegut246c1/8/1986
1217BabbittSinclair Lewis401c1/15/1986
1218Deadeye DickKurt Vonnegut240c2/1/1986
1219Physics and beyond: encounters and conversationsWerner Heisenberg247c2/2/1986
1220Huckleberry FinnMark Twain387c2/22/1986
1221You can fool all of the people all the timeArt Buchwald332c2/25/1986
1222Welcome to the monkey houseKurt Vonnegut308c3/4/1986
1223The starship and the canoeKenneth Brower270c3/19/1986
1224The Philippines: a young republic on the moveAlbert Ravenholt204ewl3/23/1986
1225Galapagos: a novelKurt Vonnegut295c3/30/1986
1226Our gang (starring Tricky and his friends)Philip Roth208c4/3/1986
1227Cat's cradleKurt Vonnegut191rw4/20/1986
1228Assault on the Liberty: the true story of the Israeli attack on an American Intelligence shipJames M. Ennes299c5/16/1986
1229The grapes of wrathJohn Steinbeck502rw5/18/1986
1230Israel & the Arabs: the June 1967 warHal Kosut216c5/19/1986
1231All the king's menRobert Penn Warren438ewl5/30/1986
1232Palm Sunday: an autobiographical collageKurt Vonnegut330c6/5/1986
1233Pudd'nhead WilsonMark Twain143c6/15/1986
1234They dare to speak out: people and institutions confront Israel's lobbyPaul Findley362c6/21/1986
1235The bridge across forever: a lovestoryRichard Bach316c7/31/1986
1236Time and againJack Finney399ewl8/1/1986
1237Convergent seriesLarry Niven227ewl8/4/1986
1238SiddharthaHermann Hesse122c8/6/1986
1239Have space suit -- will travelRobert A. Heinlein255c8/8/1986
1240It can't happen here: a novelSinclair Lewis458c8/10/1986
1241The mind's I: fantasies and reflections on self and soulDouglas R. Hofstadter501b8/14/1986
1242SteppenwolfHermann Hesse243b8/15/1986
1243Mother nightKurt Vonnegut192ewl8/29/1986
1244My view of the worldErwin Schrodinger110cmu8/31/1986
1245The eyes of HeisenbergFrank Herbert158ewl9/1/1986
1246The Heisenberg variationsJohn Bricuth95cmu9/19/1986
1247The sirens of TitanKurt Vonnegut319cmu9/29/1986
1249The German atomic bomb: the history of nuclear research in Nazi GermanyDavid John Cawdell Irving329cmu10/12/1986
1250QED: the strange theory of light and matterRichard Phillips Feynman158cmu10/20/1986
1251Inner exile: recollections of a life with Werner HeisenbergElisabeth Heisenberg170cmu10/22/1986
1252Moe Berg: athlete, scholar, spyLouis Kaufman274ill11/7/1986
1253Things fall apartChinua Achebe192ewl11/7/1986
1254The physicists: a play in two actsFriedrich Durrenmatt94cmu11/13/1986
1255An evening with Richard NixonGore Vidal157cmu11/13/1986
1256ArrowsmithSinclair Lewis335ewl11/18/1986
1257The great Ukrainian partisan movement and other tales of the Eisenhower yearsCharles Merrill245ewl11/22/1986
1258Bloom County Babylon: five years of basic naughtinessBerke Breathed224ewl11/16/1986
1259The inferno: a verse rendering for the modern readerDante Alighieri288ewl12/4/1986
1260The plagueAlbert Camus278cmu12/5/1986
1261The walled garden: the story of a schoolCharles Merrill219ewl12/8/1986
1262The war without a name: France in Algeria, 1954-1962John E. Talbott305cmu12/12/1986
1263Wampeters, foma & granfalloons (opinions)Kurt Vonnegut285cmu12/13/1986
1264The catcher in the ryeJ. D. Salinger214c12/18/1986
1265The story of EnglishRobert McCrum
William Cran
Robert MacNeil
1266For whom the bell tollsErnest Hemingway471cmu12/31/1986
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