List of books read in 1997

What I have read since 1974

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1777Engineers of dreams: great bridge builders and the spanning of AmericaHenry Petroski479elp1/2/1997
1778We are still married: stories & lettersGarrison Keillor375cbl1/4/1997
1779The death of Satan: how Americans have lost the sense of evilAndrew Delbanco274elp1/5/1997
1780John Marshall: definer of a nationJean Edward Smith736kl1/29/1997
1781You'll never make love in this town againJennie Louise Frankel
Terrie Maxine Frankel
Joanne Parrent
1782Feynman's lost lecture: the motion of planets around the sunDavid L. Goodstein
Judith R. Goodstein
1783A view of the sea: a discussion between a chief engineer and an oceanographer about the machinery of the ocean circulationHenry M. Stommel165dcbt2/3/1997
1784No contest: corporate lawyers and the perversion of justice in AmericaRalph Nader
Wesley J. Smith
1785The Fourth Turning: an American prophecy: what the cycles of history tell us about America's next rendezvous with destinyWilliam Strauss
Neil Howe
1786The pillars of Hercules: a grand tour of the MediterraneanPaul Theroux509elp2/17/1997
1787First light: the search for the edge of the universeRichard Preston275cu2/20/1997
1788The quitEvan Harris107elp2/22/1997
1789The unbearable lightness of beingMilan Kundera314elp2/26/1997
1790In our defense: the Bill of Rights in actionEllen Alderman
Caroline Kennedy
1791Waves, tides, and shallow-water processesOpen University Oceanography Course Team187ewl3/7/1997
1792NakedDavid Sedaris291ewl3/11/1997
1793Resurrection: the struggle for a new RussiaDavid Remnick398ewl3/14/1997
1794The house of the spiritsIsabel Allende433elp3/20/1997
1795The double helix: a personal account of the discovery of the structure of DNAJames D. Watson143rlh3/20/1997
1796The war in Algeria: memoirs of a paratrooperPierre Leulliette273ewl3/27/1997
1797The power and the gloryGraham Greene213xczt3/29/1997
1798Ocean circulationOpen University Oceanography Course Team238ewl4/3/1997
1799The sea around usRachel Carson169ewl4/8/1997
1800The right to privacyEllen Alderman
Caroline Kennedy
1801Deadly feasts: tracking the secrets of a terrifying new plagueRichard Rhodes259elp4/21/1997
1802Locked in the cabinetRobert B. Reich339kl4/28/1997
1803The solid earth: an introduction to global geophysicsC. M. R. Fowler472ewl4/28/1997
1804Irons in the fireJohn A. McPhee215ewl5/19/1997
1805Jesse: the life and pilgrimage of Jesse JacksonMarshall Frady552cu6/2/1997
1806Thank you for smokingChristopher Buckley272cu6/3/1997
1807The English patient: a novelMichael Ondaatje305elp6/9/1997
1808Rising tide: the great Mississippi flood of 1927 and how it changed AmericaJohn M. Barry524ewl6/25/1997
1809Oceanography: contemporary readings in ocean sciencesR. Gordon Pirie425cu6/28/1997
1810PalimpsestGore Vidal435elp7/4/1997
1811Sleep thieves: an eye-opening exploration into the science and mysteries of sleepStanley Coren304elp7/8/1997
1812A civil actionJonathan Harr500kl7/11/1997
1813The choiceBob Woodward462ewl7/14/1997
1814Giving good weightJohn A. McPhee261elp7/23/1997
1815Sahara unveiled: a journey across the desertWilliam Langewiesche301elp7/26/1997
1816Cod: a biography of the fish that changed the worldMark Kurlansky294elp8/8/1997
1817WLT, a radio romanceGarrison Keillor401ewl8/14/1997
1818The light at the edge of the universe: dispatches from the front lines of cosmologyMichael D. Lemonick339cu8/15/1997
1819The limits of sciencePeter Medawar108ewl8/17/1997
1820The heart can be filled anywhere on earth: Minneota, MinnesotaBill Holm257elp8/21/1997
1821The Gulf stream: a physical and dynamical descriptionHenry M. Stommel248ewl8/22/1997
1822Descriptive physical oceanography: an introductionGeorge L. Pickard
William J. Emery
1823The El Nino-Southern Oscillation: interannual predictability and interdecadal variabilityDavid Christopher Bradfield Torrence195dcbt9/19/1997
1824Yellow fever, black goddess: the coevolution of people and plaguesChristopher Wills324elp9/22/1997
1825Satellite gravity and the geosphere: contribution to the study of the solid earth and its fluid envelopeNational Research Council112ewl9/25/1997
1826Firewall: the Iran-Contra conspiracy and cover-upLawrence E. Walsh544ewl9/30/1997
1827Sex and the cityCandace Bushnell228elp10/5/1997
1828The porcelain god: a social history of the toiletJulie L. Horan216elp10/7/1997
1829The girls in the balcony: women, men, and the New York TimesNan Robertson274kl10/13/1997
1830Bully for brontosaurus: reflections in natural historyStephen Jay Gould540xczt10/17/1997
1831Eight little piggies: reflections in natural historyStephen Jay Gould479xczt10/28/1997
1832Dinosaur in a haystack: reflections in natural historyStephen Jay Gould480xczt11/6/1997
1833The devil problem and other true storiesDavid Remnick435elp11/29/1997
1834Why things bite back: technology and the revenge of unintended consequencesEdward Tenner431elp12/5/1997
1835Buckley, the right wordWilliam F. Buckley, Jr.524elp12/8/1997
1836The river at the center of the world: a journey up the Yangtze and back in Chinese timeSimon Winchester410elp12/15/1997
183736 views of Mount Fuji: on finding myself in JapanCathy N. Davidson295elp12/16/1997
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