List of books read in 1978

What I have read since 1974

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610Rocket to LunaRichard Marsten211Summer/1978
611Communications satellites, message centers in spaceBernice Kohn58Summer/1978
612Encyclopedia Brown takes the caseDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
613Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the midnight visitorDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
614Encyclopedia Brown solves them allDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
615Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the dead eaglesDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
616Encyclopedia Brown saves the dayDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
617Encyclopedia Brown shows the wayDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
618Encyclopedia Brown keeps the peaceDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
619The peaceful atomBernice Kohn72Summer/1978
620Spencer and his friendsBarbara Dana120Summer/1978
621Explorers of the atomRoy A. Gallant79Summer/1978
622Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the secret pitchDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
623Encyclopedia Brown finds the cluesDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
624Encyclopedia Brown, boy detectiveDonald J. Sobol88Summer/1978
625CancerAlvin Silverstein
Virginia B. Silverstein
626Mystery of satellite 7Charles Ira Coombs160Summer/1978
627The clue in the jewel boxCarolyn Keene216Summer/1978
628MagnetsIrving Adler
Ruth Adler
629SproutJenifer Wayne90Summer/1978
630What happens to a hamburgerRaul Showers33Summer/1978
631Encyclopedia Brown gets his manDonald J. Sobol96Summer/1978
632Energy from the sunMelvin Berger32Summer/1978
633McBroom tells a lieSid Fleischman46Summer/1978
634The scarlet slipper mysteryCarolyn Keene214Summer/1978
635Mystery of the 99 stepsCarolyn Keene176Summer/1978
636Albert Einstein, young thinkerMarie Hammontree200Summer/1978
637ElectricitySam Epstein
Beryl Epstein
638The first book of Mars; an introduction to the red planetDavid C. Knight82Summer/1978
639City rocks, city blocks and the moonEdward Gallob48Summer/1978
640What makes a nuclear power plant work?Erich Fuchs25Summer/1978
641SupertrainsJohn Gabriel Navarra79Summer/1978
642All about the atomIra M. Freeman146Summer/1978
643You and relativityMary Lou Clark61Summer/1978
644Fat men from spaceDaniel Manus Pinkwater0Summer/1978
645The nine planetsFranklyn Mansfield Branley86Summer/1978
646Where are you going with that energy?Roy Doty
Len Maar
647Basil of Baker StreetEve Titus96Summer/1978
648Binary numbersClyde Watson33Summer/1978
649Basil and the lost colonyEve Titus951978-79
650Ask me a question about the atomSam Rosenfeld931978-79
651Pieces of another world; the story of moon rocksFranklyn Mansfield Branley581978-79
652Things that measurePhilip B. Carona721978-79
653The first book of lightGeorge Russell Harrison851978-79
654Geography can be funMunro Leaf631978-79
655The how and why wonder book of ants and beesRonald N. Rood461978-79
656Albert EinsteinArthur J. Beckhard1261978-79
657Robin Hood of Sherwood ForestAnn McGovern1641978-79
658The new world of the atomJames Stokley3331978-79
659Man and materials: mineralsIan Ridpath32b1978-79
660Man and materials: plasticsIan Ridpath32b1978-79
661The cat from outer spaceTed Key166ewl1978-79
662The "Snoopy, come home" movie bookCharles M. Schulz1281978-79
663The first book of national monumentsNorman M. Lobsenz901978-79
664How we hear; the story of hearingJudith Fryer321978-79
665Cup and saucer chemistryNathan Shalit931978-79
666The electron microscope: a tool of discoveryAaron E. Klein861978-79
667How and why experiments;George Willard Frasier3841978-79
668The giant book of strange but true sports storiesHoward Liss1471978-79
669The day the spaceship landedBeman Lord631978-79
670Color, from rainbows to lasersFranklyn Mansfield Branley871978-79
671Exploring the world of fossilsWilliam Henry Matthews1571978-79
672Funny stories to read or tellMildred Madeleine Corell Luckhardt1601978-79
673Sprout and the dogsitterJenifer Wayne891978-79
674You and atomic energy and its wonderful uses;John Bryan Lewellen561978-79
675Star wars:George Lucas214gc1978-79
676The how and why wonder book of the microscope and what you seeMartin L. Keen481978-79
677DesertsDelia Goetz641978-79
678The first book of national parksNorman M 1919- Lobsenz881978-79
679The simple facts of simple machinesElizabeth James
Carol Barkin
680Archimedes and his wonderful discoveriesArthur Jonas701978-79
681Stories from the twilight zoneRod Serling418g1978-79
682The day Lincoln was shotJim Bishop308g1978-79
683LasersGeorge Russell Harrison821978-79
684The dynamite book of top secret informationChip Lovitt801978-79
685"The Hindenburg is burning!" ; and other dirigible disastersMargaret Ronan98g1978-79
686The assassinations of John & Robert KennedyLeRoy Hayman156g1978-79
687Dorothy HamillS. H. Burchard62nf1978-79
688Tony and Mark score a winning run over diabetesEli Lilly and Company201978-79
689Eleanor RooseveltJane Goodsell381978-79
690The great Houdini: magician extraordinaryBeryl Williams Epstein182g1978-79
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