List of books read in 1980

What I have read since 1974

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758The witchmaster's keyFranklin W. Dixon1966/1980
759The mysterious caravanFranklin W. Dixon1966/1980
760The yellow feather mysteryFranklin W. Dixon1966/17/1980
761The secret panelFranklin W. Dixon1966/17/1980
762Colonizing spaceErik Bergaust626/18/1980
763The first book of the Soviet UnionLouis Leo Snyder64c6/21/1980
764Germfree life; a new field in biological researchAlvin Silverstein96c6/24/1980
765TelecommunicationsMichael J. Barnes886/26/1980
766The phantom freighterFranklin W. Dixon1966/29/1980
767The secret agent on flight 101Franklin W. Dixon1967/3/1980
768The masked monkeyFranklin W. Dixon1967/3/1980
769The secret of the lost tunnelFranklin W. Dixon1967/4/1980
770The mystery of the Aztec warriorFranklin W. Dixon1967/5/1980
771Quasars, pulsars and black holes in spaceMelvin Berger57c7/6/1980
772The blue herring mysteryEllery Queen, Jr.2147/9/1980
773Mystery at Devil's PawFranklin W. Dixon1967/18/1980
774The sign of the crooked arrowFranklin W. Dixon1967/18/1980
775The clue of the screeching owlFranklin W. Dixon1967/19/1980
776Man's future in spacePatrick Moore887/19/1980
777The Moon, steppingstone to outer spaceDorothy Edwards Shuttlesworth
Lea Ann Williams
778Comets, meteoroids, and asteroids: mavericks of the solar systemFranklyn Mansfield Branley115c7/24/1980
779Science versus crimeWilliam Breckon88b7/25/1980
780The ghost at Skeleton RockFranklin W. Dixon1967/26/1980
781The Bombay boomerangFranklin W. Dixon1967/30/1980
782Mystery of the whale tattooFranklin W. Dixon1968/1/1980
783Star trek, 11James Blish188c8/3/1980
784Saudi ArabiaGeraldine Woods638/3/1980
785Kuwait and the rim of Arabia: Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, People's Democratic Republic of YemenGilda Berger648/4/1980
786Man-made fibresMike Lyth89b8/4/1980
787Living with computersBarry Blakeley
Robert Lewis
788The mystery of the spiral bridgeFranklin W. Dixon1968/8/1980
789The next 50 years on the moonErik Bergaust2728/8/1980
790Voices in the sky; the story of communications satellitesDon Dwiggins808/10/1980
791Skylab: pioneer space stationWilliam G. Holder
William D. Siuru Jr.
792Star Trek 9James Blish1838/18/1980
793Solar energyJohn Hoke838/19/1980
794The Star trek readerJames Blish422b8/23/1980
795LebanonGerald Newman668/24/1980
796Spare parts for peopleB. J. Williams88b8/24/1980
797The first book of Communist ChinaWilliam Kinmond878/26/1980
798IraqGeorge S. Fichter578/26/1980
799SyriaHenry Gilfond608/28/1980
800The first book of the AntarcticJoseph Bryan Icenhower668/31/1980
801The chemicals we eat and drinkAlvin Silverstein112c9/1/1980
802Star trekJames A. Lely32c9/1/1980
803The Star trek reader IIJames Blish457b9/6/1980
806IsraelNora Benjamin Kubie88b9/9/1980
808The Star trek reader IVJames Blish472b10/14/1980
809The first book of MexicoSam Epstein88c10/16/1980
810Chess in a nutshellFred Reinfeld143c10/28/1980
811Star Trek log oneAlan Dean Foster184b11/4/1980
812The land and people of the West IndiesPhilip Manderson Sherlock172rw11/5/1980
813The first book of Central America and PanamaPatricia Maloney Markun90c11/1980
814The land and people of ChileJ. David Bowen159rw11/16/1980
815I am not SpockLeonard Nimoy135b11/18/1980
816The land and people of the GuianasAlan Mark Fletcher149rw11/30/1980
817The land and people of UruguayLavinia G. Dobler160rw12/6/1980
818The land and people of PeruJ. David Bowen158rw12/21/1980
819Star Trek log twoAlan Dean Foster176b12/23/1980
820Star trek: log threeAlan Dean Foster215b12/24/1980
821The land and people of ColombiaLionel Landry159rw12/26/1980
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