List of books read in 1983

What I have read since 1974

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1020Dune messiahFrank Herbert256b1/2/1983
1021Children of DuneFrank Herbert444b1/9/1983
1022I, robotIsaac Asimov192b1/11/1983
1023The young traveller in spaceArthur Charles Clarke72ill1/12/1983
1024Guide to MarsPatrick Moore214c1/15/1983
1025Understanding physics: Light, magnetism and electricityIsaac Asimov249c1/22/1983
1026God Emperor of DuneFrank Herbert411c1/23/1983
1027Mondale: portrait of an American politicianFinlay Lewis287rw2/3/1983
1028Bryan: a political biography of William Jennings BryanLouis William Koenig736c2/4/1983
1029Chains of the sea: three original novellas of science fictionGeorge Alec Effinger
Gardner R. Dozois
Gordon Eklund
1030The electric war: the fight over nuclear powerSheldon M. Novick376c2/10/1983
1031Prelude to spaceArthur Charles Clarke179ewl2/12/1983
1032Prelude to Mars: an omnibus containing the complete novels Prelude to space and The sands of Mars and sixteen short storiesArthur Charles Clarke497c2/12/1983
1033Aliens from space: the real story of unidentified flying objectsDonald E. Keyhoe322c2/15/1983
1034The puzzle palace: a report on America's most secret agencyJames Bamford465c2/20/1983
1035It all started with Columbus: being an unexpurgated, unabridged, and unlikely history of the United States from Christopher Columbus to John F. Kennedy for those who, having perused a volume of history in school, swore they would never read anotherRichard Willard Armour119ewl2/22/1983
1036Jokes, and how to tell themLarry Adler138c3/1/1983
1037The best of Trek #5: from the magazine for Star Trek fansG. B. Love
Walter Irwin
1038How to give a speechHenry Gilfond61c3/5/1983
10391984George Orwell267rw3/17/1983
1040The Book of insults, ancient & modern: an amiable history of insult, invective, imprecation & incivility (literary, political & historical) hurled through the ages & compiled as a public serviceNancy McPhee160c3/26/1983
1041In search of Reagan's brainG. B. Trudeau114c4/8/1983
1042The Doonesbury chroniclesG. B. Trudeau218b4/9/1983
1043The dancing wu li masters: an overview of the new physicsGary Zukav352c4/9/1983
1044The truth about the neutron bomb: the inventor of the bomb speaks outS. T. Cohen226c4/15/1983
1045The wreck of the "Rusty Nail"G. B. Trudeau122skc4/18/1983
1046Return to earthEdwin E. Aldrin338c4/19/1983
1047Letters to John GlennJohn Glenn250c4/22/1983
1048The collapsing universeIsaac Asimov204b4/24/1983
1049Doonesbury's greatest hitsG. B. Trudeau218b4/26/1983
1050Classroom PeanutsCharles M. Schulz204c4/26/1983
1051Earth is room enough: science fiction tales of our own planetIsaac Asimov192c4/30/1983
1052... and then I told the President; the secret papers of Art BuchwaldArt Buchwald242b5/1/1983
1053Son of the great societyArt Buchwald242b5/8/1983
1054A general introduction to psychoanalysisSigmund Freud480ewl5/11/1983
1055Have I ever lied to you?Art Buchwald256b5/13/1983
1056Understanding physics: The electron, proton and neutronIsaac Asimov269b5/15/1983
1057The visitorsClifford D. Simak250c5/15/1983
1058Physics and philosophy: the revolution in modern scienceWerner Heisenberg213c5/21/1983
1059"I am not a crook"Art Buchwald250b5/21/1983
1060Project PopeClifford D. Simak311c5/27/1983
1061Straight HerblockHerbert Block224c5/30/1983
1062Where the evil dwellsClifford D. Simak249b6/2/1983
1063Washington is leakingArt Buchwald249b6/5/1983
1064The first three minutes: a modern view of the origin of the universeSteven Weinberg188ill6/6/1983
1065The evolution of physics: the growth of ideas from early concepts to relativity and quantaAlbert Einstein
Leopold Infeld
1066Nightfall, and other storiesIsaac Asimov343c6/10/1983
1067MastodoniaClifford D. Simak212b6/11/1983
1068The white plagueFrank Herbert445b6/15/1983
1069Tales from the White HartArthur Charles Clarke148ill6/23/1983
1070An introduction to non-Euclidean geometryDavid Gans274ill6/30/1983
1071Einstein: the life and timesRonald William Clark718c7/5/1983
1072Franklin D. Roosevelt: the apprenticeshipFrank Burt Freidel456c7/8/1983
1073Armaments and disarmament in the nuclear age: a handbookStockholm International Peace308c7/10/1983
1074The fifth generation: artificial intelligence and Japan's computer challenge to the worldEdward A. Feigenbaum
Pamela McCorduck
1075The ABC of relativityBertrand Russell144ewl7/13/1983
1076Counting sheep:Art Buchwald219c7/14/1983
1077Laid back in WashingtonArt Buchwald311c7/15/1983
1078Beachheads in space: a blueprint for the futureJerry Grey274c7/16/1983
1079Port EternityC. J. Cherryh191c7/17/1983
1080The hopeful futureG. Harry Stine238c7/23/1983
1081Quarks: the stuff of matterHarald Fritzsch297ewl7/28/1983
1082Herblock's special for todayHerbert Block255c7/30/1983
1083The Buchwald stops hereArt Buchwald295b7/31/1983
1084The werewolf principleClifford D. Simak212b8/1/1983
1085The Jesus incidentFrank Herbert
Bill Ransom
1086Skirmish: the great short fiction of Clifford D. SimakClifford D. Simak320c8/13/1983
1087The right and the power: the prosecution of WatergateLeon Jaworski305c8/15/1983
1088Bloom County: "loose tails"Berke Breathed148ewl8/15/1983
1089Wernher von Braun: the authoritative and definitive biographical profile of the father of modern spaceErik Bergaust589ewl8/15/1983
1090Return of the JediJames Kahn213c8/16/1983
1091The Andromeda strainMichael Crichton291c8/17/1983
1092The Lazarus effectFrank Herbert
Bill Ransom
1093Mushroom: the story of the A-bomb kidJohn Aristotle Phillips
David Michaels
1094The ambidextrous universe: mirror asymmetry and time-reversed worldsMartin Gardner293c8/23/1983
1095The mouse that roaredLeonard Wibberley280b8/24/1983
1096The mouse on the moonLeonard Wibberley124c8/25/1983
1097The red doveDerek Lambert236c8/30/1983
1098Down the Seine and up the Potomac with Art BuchwaldArt Buchwald500b8/31/1983
1099The fellowship of the talismanClifford D. Simak249b9/17/1983
1100The price of power: Kissinger in the Nixon White HouseSeymour M. Hersh698c10/1/1983
1101The sovereign state of ITTAnthony Sampson323c10/16/1983
1102The mouse on Wall StreetLeonard Wibberley159c10/19/1983
1103The mouse that saved the WestLeonard Wibberley187c10/20/1983
1104The Klingon gambitRobert E. Vardeman158ewl10/27/1983
1105CityClifford D. Simak252b10/29/1983
1106While Reagan sleptArt Buchwald334c10/30/1983
1107Time is the simplest thingClifford D. Simak192b11/5/1983
1108Under PressureFrank Herbert220b11/8/1983
1109Brave new worldAldous Huxley177b11/13/1983
1110You give great meeting, SidG. B. Trudeau124skc11/15/1983
1111Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 7 selections from his other writingsBenjamin Franklin264b11/19/1983
1112But this war had such promiseG. B. Trudeau124b11/22/1983
1113From approximately coast to coast ... it's The Bob and Ray showBob Elliott
Ray Goulding
1114The robots of dawnIsaac Asimov419c12/4/1983
1115Disturbing the universeFreeman J. Dyson283c12/17/1983
1116The youngest science: notes of a medicine-watcherLewis Thomas270c12/23/1983
1117The neutrino, ghost particle of the atomIsaac Asimov188c12/26/1983
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