List of books read in 1975

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90Little fur familyMargaret Wise Brown28Summer/1975
91That's just fine, and Who-o-o did itJoan M. Lexau39Summer/1975
92I spy: a picture book of objects in a child's home environmentLucille Ogle189Summer/1975
93Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents Part-time dogJane Thayer33Summer/1975
94A sunflower as big as the sunShan Ellentuck48Summer/1975
95One monster after anotherMercer Mayer42Summer/1975
96The little tiny roosterWill0Summer/1975
97Curious George learns the alphabetH. A. Rey72Summer/1975
98SaltAugusta R. Goldin33Summer/1975
99Belinda's new spring hatEleanor Lowenton Clymer32Summer/1975
100Inspector Peckit; story and pictures by Don FreemanDon Freeman32Summer/1975
101How many blocks is the world?Rose Blue48Summer/1975
102The world in the candy eggAlvin R. Tresselt321975-76
103Up and awayPaul McKee1921975-76
104The big book of real building and wrecking machinesGeorge J. Zaffo261975-76
105Leo Lion looks for booksDonna Lugg Pape641975-76
106I want to be a birdJoanne Kaiser641975-76
107Miss SuzyMiriam Young421975-76
108Pinocchio and his puppet show adventure421975-76
109Walt Disney Productions presents 101 Dalmatians421975-76
110Bennett Cerf's book of riddlesBennett Cerf621975-76
111Bennett Cerf's book of animal riddlesBennett Cerf621975-76
112More riddlesBennett Cerf641975-76
113Bennett Cerf's pop-up riddlesBennett Cerf171975-76
114Bennett Cerf's silliest pop-up riddlesBennett Cerf181975-76
115Let's go the CapitolBernard Rosenfield441975-76
116The old witch and the snoresIda DeLage461975-76
117Sally's caterpillarAnne F. Rockwell401975-76
118The Knobby Boys to the rescueWende Devlin01975-76
119Let's go to an automobile factoryRoger Butler481975-76
120The forgetful pirateLeonard P. Kessler631975-76
121What would you do?Leland B. Jacobs631975-76
122Weekly Reader Books presents Frog and toad are friendsArnold Lobel641975-76
123The chocolate chip mysteryJohn McInnes641975-76
124The rabbit's worldMiriam Schlein311975-76
125An elephant is not a catAlvin R. Tresselt01975-76
126The first golden geography: a beginner's introduction to our worldJane Werner Watson241975-76
127Indian Two Feet and the wolf cubsMargaret Friskey641975-76
128The mysterious gold and purple boxJane Werner Watson641975-76
129The king with six friendsJay Williams411975-76
130Sad Adam, glad AdamChristopher Davis311975-76
131Unlucky day at Camp How-Ja-DoWayne Carley621975-76
132You among the starsHerman Schneider601975-76
133Will you be my friend?Chihiro Iwasaki241975-76
134Zoo, where are you?Ann McGovern301975-76
135Let's go to a bakeryNaomi Buchheimer441975-76
136The jelly bean contestKathy Darling611975-76
137Mop top;Don Freeman481975-76
138Little Bat's secretKathy Darling641975-76
139The Bobbsey twins and the secret of Candy CastleLaura Lee Hope1751975-76
140Here comes Mirium, the mixed-up witch!Wayne Carley621975-76
141Weekly Reader Books presents Spooky tricksRose Wyler641975-76
142Walt Disney Productions presents Robin Hood and the great coach robberyWalt Disney Productions421975-76
143The bears' ChristmasStan Berenstain591975-76
144Bennett Cerf's book of laughsBennett Cerf651975-76
145The cat in the hatDr Seuss611975-76
146The cat in the hat comes back!Dr Seuss611975-76
147Let's go to Mt. VernonMary Jo Borreson471975-76
148Hello, year!Leland B. Jacobs631975-76
149Little Black, a ponyWalter Farley601975-76
150That's how the ball bouncesElaine Macmann Willoughby641975-76
151Walt Disney's Dumbo on land, on sea, in the airJerry Walters431975-76
152Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents Gus was a friendly ghostJane Thayer321975-76
153You're sure silly, Billy!May Justus631975-76
154Weekly Reader Books presents The case of the cat's meowCrosby Newell Bonsall641975-76
155The dragon in the clock boxM. Jean Craig481975-76
156Mrs. Twitter the animal sitterDonna Lugg Pape621975-76
157Hello, pleasant places!Leland B. Jacobs641975-76
158Gretchen and the White SteedIrwin Shapiro631975-76
159Dragons, ogres, and scary things; two African folktalesKathleen Arnott641975-76
160Who was that dog I saw you with, Charlie Brown?Charles M. Schulz1241975-76
161You're something special, SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1261975-76
162Watch out, Charlie Brown!Charles M. Schulz1241975-76
163Your choice, SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1261975-76
164HeadlinesMalcolm Hall641975-76
165The five Chinese brothersClaire Huchet Bishop481975-76
166Let's go to a police stationLaura Sootin421975-76
167George Washington: father of freedomStewart Graff801975-76
168You ought to see Herbert's houseDoris Herold Lund321975-76
169Let's find out about heat, weather, and airNina Schneider641975-76
170Sailor Jack and Homer PotsSelma Wassermann481975-76
171I want to be a carpenter ; I want to be a coal minerCarla Greene281975-76
172Sailor Jack's new friendSelma Wassermann641975-76
173Abraham Lincoln for the peoplePolly Anne Graff631975-76
174A drop of bloodPaul Showers331975-76
175What next, Charlie Brown?: selected cartoons from You're out of your mind, Charlie Brown!, vol. IICharles M. Schulz1231975-76
176Charlie Brown and SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1221975-76
177The craziest Hallowe'en;Ursula Von Hippel01975-76
178Who do you think you are, Charlie Brown? Selected cartoons from Peanuts every Sunday, vol. 1Charles M. Schulz1001975-76
179What makes a car go?Scott Corbett431975-76
180No roses for Harry!Gene Zion281975-76
181Round and squareJanet Martin231975-76
182Busy office, busy peopleJene Barr321975-76
183To catch a wormJoanne Kaiser481975-76
184Flash, crash, rumble, and rollFranklyn Mansfield Branley331975-76
185Let's go to the circusGeorge Theiner121975-76
186Bo and the old donkeyHelga Sandburg01975-76
187A book to begin on magic people around the world;Barbara Softly481975-76
188Road Runner storiesD. J. Arneson481975-76
189Weekly Reader Books presents The ghost of Windy HillClyde Robert Bulla841975-76
190Just rightLilian Moore391975-76
191The diggersMargaret Wise Brown321975-76
192TwirlyElaine Moss321975-76
193The boy who couldn't roarGrace Berquist311975-76
194Where the wild things areMaurice Sendak401975-76
195Weekly Reader Children's Book Club presents The little houseVirginia Lee Burton401975-76
196The laughing dragonKenneth Mahood321975-76
197Three presents for JamieMargaret Gans321975-76
198Bits that grow big: where plants come fromIrma E. Webber641975-76
199Charley the mouse finds ChristmasWayne Carley641975-76
200Your skin and minePaul Showers331975-76
201Weekly Reader Books presents No fighting, no biting!Else Holmelund Minarik621975-76
202Black BeautyLornie Leete-Hodge121975-76
203Robin Hood;Walt Disney Productions921975-76
204The cool ride in the skyDiane Wolkstein321975-76
205Best friendsMiriam Cohen321975-76
206Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel: story and picturesVirginia Lee Burton481975-76
207Surprise in the treeSara Asheron611975-76
208May I bring a friend?Beatrice Schenk De Regniers461975-76
209About four seasons and five sensesRuth Shaw Radlauer471975-76
210Wonky donkeyCharlotte Woodyatt Hough321975-76
211Bounce and the bunniesRuth Carroll481975-76
212The peacock who lost his tailJohn Hamberger481975-76
213Hugh Lofting's Travels of Doctor DolittleAl Perkins631975-76
214Jack Kent's Fables of AesopJack Kent551975-76
215Walt Disney's Snow White and the seven dwarfsWalt Disney Productions241975-76
216How Fletcher was hatchedWende Devlin391975-76
217Secret placesD. J. Arneson401975-76
218Imagination GreeneEdward Ormondroyd331975-76
219Flight to the South PoleHenry A. Bamman721975-76
220Bennett Cerfs Pop-up limericksBennett Cerf181975-76
221Santa makes a changeSol Chaneles411975-76
222The three little pigsElizabeth Ross221975-76
223Wheels that workDean Walley181975-76
224Play it again, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz481975-76
225The birthday partyPaul Newman611975-76
226Birds and their nestsGwynne Vevers321975-76
227Richard Scarry's Great big mystery bookRichard Scarry411975-76
228You're in love, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz481975-76
229Mr. Pine's mixed-up signsLeonard P. Kessler611975-76
230Walt Disney presents Peter PanWalt Disney2101975-76
231Smokey Bear saves the forestDavid Lee Harrison301975-76
232Underdog and the disappearing ice creamMary Ann Forn01975-76
233The Road Runner and the bird watchersJean Lewis271975-76
234Mighty MouseFelix Sutton221975-76
235Over in the meadow201975-76
236"He's your dog, Charlie Brown!"Charles M. Schulz481975-76
237Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and Pluto PupElizabeth Beecher221975-76
238The little fox in the middlePearl S. Buck311975-76
239The deer at our houseErskine Caldwell301975-76
240Weekly reader children's book club presents Little Toot on the MississippiHardie Gramatky891975-76
241The pop-up action circus bookSarah Keyser01975-76
242A good knight for dragonsRoger Bradfield481975-76
243The night the lights went out1581975-76
244A treasury of Mother GooseOscar Weigle411975-76
245Richard Scarry's busy, busy worldRichard Scarry921975-76
246Walt Disney presents Winnie-the-Pooh and Eeyore's birthdayA. A. Milne221975-76
247Metric can be fun!Munro Leaf631975-76
248DawnUri Shulevitz321975-76
249A Charlie Brown ChristmasCharles M. Schulz421975-76
250The happy lionLouise Fatio311975-76
251You've got to be you, SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1501975-76
252Space alphabetIrene Zacks01975-76
253Three tales about the HalesBetty J. Witte771975-76
254The mitten: an old Ukrainian folktaleAlvin R. Tresselt301975-76
255The shape of the earthJeanne Bendick721975-76
256Tom Thumb; the story by the Brothers GrimmJacob Grimm321975-76
257Chicken littleMarjorie Hartwell281975-76
258Mister Rogers talks to kids151975-76
259The rooster, the mouse and the little red hen281975-76
260The little red hen and the grain of wheat281975-76
261Barnum's first circus, and other storiesLaura Benet2301975-76
262Dick Whittington and his catEva Moore601975-76
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