List of books read in 1996

What I have read since 1974

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171428 Barbary Lane: the Tales of the city omnibus volume IArmistead Maupin713elp1/6/1996
1715Dead men do tell talesWilliam R. Maples
Michael Browning
1716Making love: an erotic odysseyRichard Rhodes175cu1/9/1996
1717Welcome to the jungle: the why behind "Generation X"Geoffrey T. Holtz289elp1/12/1996
1718Cadillac desert: the American West and its disappearing waterMarc Reisner582sdp1/23/1996
171913th gen: abort, retry, ignore, fail?Neil Howe
William Strauss
1720The ransom of Russian artJohn A. McPhee181elp2/3/1996
1721Eye in the skyPhilip K. Dick255cu2/4/1996
1722The hippopotamusStephen Fry292cu2/6/1996
1723The world Jones madePhilip K. Dick192cu2/9/1996
1724The Warren Buffett way: investment strategies of the world's greatest investorRobert G. Hagstrom274bo2/26/1996
1725Longitude: the true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his timeDava Sobel184cu3/4/1996
1726MiamiJoan Didion238ewl3/7/1996
1727Coming of age: the story of our century by those who've lived itStuds Terkel468cu3/9/1996
1728Naked Earth: the new geophysicsShawna Vogel217cu3/22/1996
1729The Screwtape lettersC. S. Lewis160cu3/22/1996
1730The coming plague: newly emerging diseases in a world out of balanceLaurie Garrett750elp4/25/1996
1731An anthropologist on Mars: seven paradoxical talesOliver W. Sacks330ewl4/30/1996
1732QED and the men who made it: Dyson, Feynman, Schwinger, and TomonagaS. S. Schweber732cu5/5/1996
1733The book of guys: storiesGarrison Keillor340cu5/8/1996
1734The Maltese falconDashiell Hammett229cu5/10/1996
1735Franny and ZooeyJ. D. Salinger201cu5/12/1996
1736In cold blood: a true account of a multiple murder and its consequencesTruman Capote343cu5/21/1996
1737The White House messChristopher Buckley224cu5/25/1996
1738Annie JohnJamaica Kincaid148cu6/5/1996
1739A thousand acresJane Smiley371cu6/8/1996
1740The periodic tablePrimo Levi233cu6/14/1996
1741A man named Hoffman, and other narratives of medical detectionBerton Roueche276cu6/19/1996
1742The incurable wound and further narratives of medical detectionBerton Roueche177cu6/21/1996
1743Up in the old hotel and other storiesJoseph Mitchell718cu6/26/1996
1744Encounters with the archdruidJohn A. McPhee246ewl6/28/1996
1745The man who grew two breasts: and other true tales of medical detectionBerton Roueche197cu7/1/1996
1746The four lovesC. S. Lewis128cu7/3/1996
1747Eleven blue men, and other narratives of medical detectionBerton Roueche215cu7/6/1996
1748Case studies in oceanography and marine affairsOpen University Oceanography Course Team248cu7/9/1996
1749Sea change: a message of the oceansSylvia A. Earle361cu7/20/1996
1750Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot and other observationsAl Franken271ewl7/21/1996
175121st century jet: the making and marketing of the Boeing 777Karl Sabbagh366cu7/31/1996
1752Seawater: its composition, properties, and behaviourOpen University Oceanography Course Team165cu8/2/1996
1753Something hidden behind the ranges: a Himalayan questDaniel Taylor-Ide298cu8/4/1996
1754The bluest eyeToni Morrison160cu8/6/1996
1755Infinite jest: a novelDavid Foster Wallace1079elp8/28/1996
1756Journey to nowhere: a New World tragedyShiva Naipaul336cu9/1/1996
1757The mismeasure of manStephen Jay Gould444cu9/3/1996
1758The secret agent: a simple taleJoseph Conrad311cu9/11/1996
1759Homage to CataloniaGeorge Orwell232cu9/15/1996
1760Cruel shoesSteve Martin128bo9/28/1996
1761It's obvious you won't survive by your wits aloneScott Adams255rlh10/6/1996
1762Plastic: the making of a synthetic centuryStephen Fenichell356cu10/9/1996
1763The old gringoCarlos Fuentes199xczt10/18/1996
1764The character of physical lawRichard Phillips Feynman173xczt10/26/1996
1765Genius in disguise: Harold Ross of the New YorkerThomas Kunkel497elp11/12/1996
1766Oceanography, a view of earthM. Grant Gross446cu11/13/1996
1767Wonderful life: the Burgess Shale and the nature of historyStephen Jay Gould347xczt11/15/1996
1768Thinking in pictures: and other reports from my life with autismTemple Grandin222elp11/22/1996
1769America on wheels: the first 100 years: 1896 -- 1996Frank Coffey
Joseph Layden
1770The car that could: the inside story of GM's revolutionary electric vehicleMichael Shnayerson295cu12/1/1996
1771Sparring with Charlie: motorbiking down the Ho Chi Minh trailChristopher Hunt289elp12/2/1996
1772High fidelityNick Hornby323elp12/6/1996
1773Tracks: a novelLouise Erdrich226cu12/9/1996
1774Lost islands: the story of islands that have vanished from nautical chartsHenry M. Stommel146ewl12/12/1996
1775Eat fatRichard Klein247elp12/13/1996
1776Full house: the spread of excellence from Plato to DarwinStephen Jay Gould244cu12/18/1996
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