List of books read in 1988

What I have read since 1974

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1339The American challengeJean Jacques Servan-Schreiber291c1/1/1988
1340The greening of America: how the youth revolution is trying to make America livableCharles A. Reich399c1/4/1988
1341Doonesbury deluxe: selected glances askanceG. B. Trudeau208c1/5/1988
1342A new democracyGary Hart180c1/5/1988
1343Why did they name it ... ?Hannah Campbell207c1/6/1988
1344The other America: poverty in the United StatesMichael Harrington199c1/8/1988
1345A streetcar named DesireTennessee Williams179cmu1/11/1988
1346The Western alliance: European-American relations since 1945Alfred Grosser375ewl2/3/1988
1347The road to confrontation: American policy toward China and Korea, 1947-1950William Whitney Stueck326ewl2/24/1988
1348Bluebeard: a novelKurt Vonnegut300elp2/29/1988
1349The CIA in Guatemala: the foreign policy of interventionRichard H. Immerman291ewl3/6/1988
1350JFK: ordeal in AfricaRichard D. Mahoney338ewl3/18/1988
1351Veil: the secret wars of the CIA, 1981-1987Bob Woodward543ewl3/29/1988
1352The rivals: America and Russia since World War IIAdam Bruno Ulam405ewl4/5/1988
1353Dangerous relations: the Soviet Union in world politics, 1970-1982Adam Bruno Ulam325ewl4/11/1988
1354Washington, D.C.: a novelGore Vidal377cmu4/28/1988
1355The road to normalcy: the presidential campaign and election of 1920Wesley Marvin Bagby206cmu4/30/1988
1356Hawks, doves, and owls: an agenda for avoiding nuclear warGraham T. Allison
Albert Carnesale
Joseph S. Nye Jr.
1357The cycles of American historyArthur Meier Schlesinger498c5/16/1988
1358The man who mistook his wife for a hat and other clinical talesOliver W. Sacks233c5/17/1988
1359Interactions: a journey through the mind of a particle physicist and the matter of this worldSheldon L. Glashow347ewl5/19/1988
1360East of EdenJohn Steinbeck691c5/24/1988
1361Ken Hechler: maverick public servantCharles H. Moffat372c5/28/1988
1362Star Trek IV: the voyage home: a novelVonda N. McIntyre274ewl5/29/1988
1363Iacocca: an autobiographyLee A. Iacocca352c6/1/1988
1364Chaos: making a new scienceJames Gleick352nysc6/22/1988
1365Les miserablesVictor Hugo1492c8/2/1988
1366Spycatcher: the candid autobiography of a senior intelligence officerPeter Wright392c8/5/1988
1367Democracy in AmericaAlexis de Tocqueville
Richard D. Heffner
1368Perestroika: new thinking for our country and the worldMikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev254c8/6/1988
1369The jungleUpton Sinclair317c8/10/1988
1370The Mossad inside stories: Israel's secret intelligence serviceDennis Eisenberg
Uri Dan
Eli Landau
1371The all-American boysWalter Cunningham321ewl8/20/1988
1372Gulliver's travelsJonathan Swift
Ricardo Quintona
1373The man with the golden gunIan Fleming158cbl8/23/1988
1374The second creation: makers of the revolution in twentieth-century physicsRobert P. Crease
Charles C. Mann
1375BikoDonald Woods288cmu9/19/1988
1376The Mexican pet: more "new" urban legends and some old favoritesJan Harold Brunvand221cmu9/20/1988
1377Too funny to be PresidentMorris K. Udall249c10/8/1988
1378Asking for trouble: autobiography of a banned journalistDonald Woods373cmu10/23/1988
1379Disorderly conduct: verbatim excerpts from actual casesRodney R. Jones
Charles Sevilla
Gerald F. Uelman
1380The story of Carnegie Tech: being a history of Carnegie Institute of Technology from 1900 to 1935Arthur Wilson Tarbell270cmu11/5/1988
1381The kandy-kolored tangerine-flake streamline babyTom Wolfe339cmu11/20/1988
1382The verse by the side of the road: the story of the Burma-Shave signs and jinglesFrank Rowsome121carn12/1/1988
1383The Media Lab: inventing the future at MITStewart Brand285cmu12/17/1988
1384Tales too ticklish to tell: Bloom CountyBerke Breathed122ewl12/18/1988
1385The death of a President, November 20-November 25, 1963William Raymond Manchester710cbl12/19/1988
1386What do YOU care what other people think?: further adventures of a curious characterRichard Phillips Feynman255ewl12/21/1988
1387The prisoner of ZendaAnthony Hope160cbl12/22/1988
1388The bonfire of the vanitiesTom Wolfe690elp12/27/1988
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