List of books read in 1999

What I have read since 1974

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1887Glass, paper, beans: revelations on the nature and value of ordinary thingsLeah Hager Cohen299elp1/11/1999
1888Liquid crystals: nature's delicate phase of matterPeter J. Collings222ewl1/18/1999
1889Desperate journeys, abandoned souls: true stories of castaways and other survivorsEdward E. Leslie586elp1/30/1999
1890The Humane Society of the United States complete guide to dog careMarion S. Lane390ewl2/9/1999
1891Modoc: the true story of the greatest elephant that ever livedRalph Helfer325elp2/16/1999
1892The good Black: a true story of race in AmericaPaul M. Barrett296kl2/17/1999
1893Leonardo's mountain of clams and the Diet of Worms: essays on natural historyStephen Jay Gould422xczt2/25/1999
1894The physics of skiing: skiing at the Triple PointDavid Lind
Scott Patrick Sanders
1895VillagesRichard Critchfield388elp3/17/1999
1896Against all odds: a chronicle of the Eritrean revolutionDan Connell309ut3/26/1999
1897The invention that changed the world: how a small group of radar pioneers won the Second World War and launched a technological revolutionRobert Buderi575apl3/28/1999
1898Life's other secret: the new mathematics of the living worldIan Stewart285apl4/6/1999
1899Turbulent skies: the history of commercial aviationT. A. Heppenheimer388ut4/19/1999
1900Turkey unveiled: Ataturk and afterNicole Pope
Hugh Pope
1901Confucius lives next door: what living in the East teaches us about living in the WestT. R. Reid276ewl4/24/1999
1902Blood: an epic history of medicine and commerceDouglas P. Starr441apl5/18/1999
1903Tube: the invention of televisionDavid E. Fisher
Marshall Fisher
1904Global Positioning System: theory and practiceB. Hofmann-Wellenhof
Herbert Lichtenegger
James Collins
1905A commotion in the blood: life, death, and the immune systemStephen S. Hall544apl6/4/1999
1906To end a warRichard C. Holbrooke410ewl6/7/1999
1907Boggs: a comedy of valuesLawrence Weschler160ut6/17/1999
1908Dancing naked in the mind fieldKary B. Mullis222ut6/30/1999
1909ApplesFrank Browning241elp7/23/1999
1910Just checking: scenes from the life of an obsessive-compulsiveEmily Colas165ewl8/12/1999
1911The intuitionistColson Whitehead255elp8/14/1999
1912King Leopold's ghost: a story of greed, terror, and heroism in Colonial AfricaAdam Hochschild366elp8/16/1999
1913Crystal fire: the invention of the transistor and the birth of the information ageMichael Riordan
Lillian Hoddeson
1914The return of Reginald Perrin: a novelDavid Nobbs271ut8/30/1999
1915We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families: stories from RwandaPhilip Gourevitch356ut9/7/1999
1916The man who loved only numbers: the story of Paul Erdos and the search for mathematical truthPaul Hoffman301ewl9/12/1999
1917A passage to IndiaE. M. Forster322ut9/19/1999
1918Racing to the beginning of the road: the search for the origin of cancerRobert A. Weinberg270ut9/27/1999
1919The fast track: Texans and other striversNicholas Lemann255ut10/6/1999
1920The promised land: the great migration and how it changed AmericaNicholas Lemann410ut10/17/1999
1921The curve of binding energyJohn A. McPhee231ut10/30/1999
1922The red badge of courage: an episode of the American Civil WarStephen Crane
Henry Binder
1923England, EnglandJulian Barnes275ut12/6/1999
1924A people's history of the Supreme CourtPeter H. Irons542ewl12/27/1999
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