List of books read in 2003

What I have read since 1974

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2019Invention by design: how engineers get from thought to thingHenry Petroski242ewl1/1/2003
2020Uncle Tungsten: memories of a chemical boyhoodOliver W. Sacks337cu1/6/2003
2021Inviting disaster: lessons from the edge of technology : an inside look at catastrophes and why they happenJames R. Chiles338cu1/15/2003
2022Toothpicks and logos: design in everyday lifeJohn Heskett214xczt1/20/2003
2023Newjack: guarding Sing SingTed Conover321bo1/26/2003
2024America's undeclared war: what's killing our cities and how to stop itDaniel Lazare353cu1/29/2003
2025The second coming of Steve JobsAlan Deutschman321cu2/3/2003
2026Things that make us smart: defending human attributes in the age of the machineDonald A. Norman290cu2/12/2003
2027Mosquito: a natural history of our most persistent and deadly foeAndrew Spielman
Michael D'Antonio
2028Pakistan: in the shadow of Jihad and AfghanistanMary Anne Weaver284cu2/22/2003
2029Latitude: how American astronomers solved the mystery of variationBill Carter
Merri Sue Carter
2030Plundering paradise: the hand of man on the Galapagos IslandsMichael D'Orso345xczt3/9/2003
2031The man who tried to save the world: the dangerous life and mysterious disappearance of Fred CunyScott Anderson374cu3/15/2003
2032The emergence of agricultureBruce D. Smith231cu3/18/2003
2033Shadow: five presidents and the legacy of WatergateBob Woodward592cu3/24/2003
2034The noonday demon: an atlas of depressionAndrew Soloman569bo4/26/2003
2035Envisioning informationEdward R. Tufte126cu4/28/2003
2036Sugar StreetNajib Mahfuz308cu5/14/2003
2037The Ottoman centuries: the rise and fall of the Turkish empirePatrick Balfour Kinross638cu6/16/2003
2038Project Orion: the true story of the atomic spaceshipGeorge Dyson345ewl6/21/2003
2039The secret life of dust: from the cosmos to the kitchen counter, the big consequences of little thingsHannah Holmes240cu7/6/2003
2040Genie: an abused child's flight from silenceRuss Rymer221cu7/13/2003
2041The Natural lawn & alternativesMargaret Roach96xczt7/14/2003
2042Wealth and democracy: a political history of the American richKevin P. Phillips473ewl8/3/2003
2043Elements of design: Rowena Reed Kostellow and the structure of visual relationshipsGail Greet Hannah144cu8/12/2003
2044What went wrong?: Western impact and Middle Eastern responseBernard Lewis180net8/15/2003
2045The demon in the freezer: a true storyRichard Preston240bo8/21/2003
2046The invisible computer: why good products can fail, the personal computer is so complex, and information appliances are the solutionDonald A. Norman302cu9/9/2003
2047The lion's grave: dispatches from AfghanistanJon Lee Anderson244cu10/5/2003
2048Charlie Wilson's war: the extraordinary story of the largest covert operation in historyGeorge Crile550cu10/30/2003
2049 Beyond belief: the secret Gospel of ThomasElaine H. Pagels241ewl12/13/2003
2050 Coyotes: a journey through the secret world of America's illegal aliensTed Conover264ewl12/16/2003
2051 The key to my neighbor's house: seeking justice in Bosnia and RwandaElizabeth Neuffer492cu12/22/2003
2052An insider's guide to the UNLinda M. Fasulo245ewl12/24/2003
2053Lies (and the lying liars who tell them): a fair and balanced look at the rightAl Franken379mt12/27/2003
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