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495The frightened whisperHelen Girvan175Summer/1977
496The tutti-frutti case: starring the four doctors of GoodgeHarry Allard
James Marshall
497What if a lion eats me and I fall into a hippopotamus' mud hole?Emily Hanlon
Leigh Grant
498It's a mystery, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz47Summer/1977
499The Sesame Street book of fairy tales: featuring Jim Henson's MuppetsEmily Perl Kingsley
David Korr
Jeffrey Moss
500Mike Fink and the big turkey shootElizabeth Carmer
Carl Carmer
501Little Brown Bear and his friendsElizabeth Norine Upham0Summer/1977
502The immense parade on Supererogation Day and what happened to itJohn Hollander64Summer/1977
503The amazing boneWilliam Steig32Summer/1977
504A near thing for Captain NajorkRussell Hoban32Summer/1977
505Little Brown BearElizabeth Norine Upham57Summer/1977
506The house on the cliffFranklin W. Dixon180Summer/1977
507MachineLore Shoberg40Summer/1977
508The clue of the broken bladeFranklin W. Dixon178Summer/1977
509The great airport mysteryFranklin W. Dixon175Summer/1977
510The history of the atomic bombMichael Blow150Summer/1977
511Always stick up for the underbird: cartoons from Good grief, more Peanuts!, and Good ol' Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz200Summer/1977
512Atomic energyIrving Adler47Summer/1977
513Paul Bunyan and his blue oxAd?le de Leeuw29Summer/1977
514Weekly Reader Books presents The several tricks of Edgar DolphinNathaniel Benchley64Summer/1977
515Alfred goes house huntingBill Binzen32Summer/1977
516June 7!Aliki Brandenberg32Summer/1977
517Penny talesVirginia Schone38Summer/1977
518Jerry the newsboyLeonard Shortall48Summer/1977
519Gus and Buster work things outAndrew Bronin62Summer/1977
520The Sesame Street 1, 2, 3 storybookEmily Perl Kingsley63Summer/1977
521The story of atomic energyLaura Fermi184c1977-78
522Biggest riddle book in the worldJoseph Rosenbloom2721977-78
523Blue Bay mysteryGertrude Chandler Warner1571977-78
524The haunted bridgeCarolyn Keene1801977-78
525The how and why wonder book of atomic energyDonald Barr461977-78
526SupermanGeorge Francis Lowther2151977-78
527BatmanBob Kane01977-78
528Peggy's new brotherEleanor Schick321977-78
529The magician; an adaptation from the Yiddish of I. L. PeretzUri Shulevitz
Isaac Leib Peretz
530The tower treasureFranklin W. Dixon1801977-78
531The witch tree symbolCarolyn Keene1791977-78
532The first book of energyGeorge Russell Harrison811977-78
533Two wheel wonder; how motorcycles run and how they are riddenRobin Lawrie321977-78
534Have it your way, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz1281977-78
535For the love of Peanuts!: selected cartoons from 'Good grief, more Peanuts', vol. 2Charles M. Schulz1281977-78
536The clue of the leaning chimneyCarolyn Keene1761977-78
537Man and materials: gasIan Ridpath311977-78
538Man and materials: oilIan Ridpath321977-78
539You are too much, Charlie Brown: selected cartoons from But we love you, Charlie Brown, vol. IICharles M. Schulz1241977-78
540Man and materials: coalIan Ridpath321977-78
541The ghost of Blackwood HallCarolyn Keene1781977-78
542The wonderful flight to the Mushroom PlanetEleanor Cameron1951977-78
543Mystery of the moss-covered mansionCarolyn Keene1771977-78
544The Hardy boys detective handbookFranklin W. Dixon2141977-78
545Mystery of the tolling bellCarolyn Keene1811977-78
546Satellites in outer spaceIssac Asimov611977-78
547The illustrated Bible story book: based on the illustrated Bible story books (Old and New Testaments)Seymour Loveland
Edith Patterson Meyer
548Rescue in space: lifeboats for astronauts and cosmonautsErik Bergaust951977-78
549Marmaduke!Brad Anderson
Phil Leeming
550You've come a long way, SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1281977-78
551Little TootHardie Gramatky931977-78
552Little Toot on the ThamesHardie Gramatky871977-78
553Little Toot through the Golden GateHardie Gramatky861977-78
554The RescuersWalt Disney421977-78
555Man and materials: stoneIan Ridpath321977-78
556Project Gemini; step to the moonMichael Stoiko1281977-78
557The wonders of robotsMichael Chester1261977-78
558Pipes and plumbing systemsHerbert Spencer Zim
James R. Skelly
559Charlie Brown's second super book of questions and answers: about the earth and space ... from plants to planets! : Based on the Charles M. Schulz charactersCharles M. Schulz1451977-78
560You've gotta be joking!John Norment1281977-78
561The crisscross shadowFranklin W. Dixon1771977-78
562What is matterDaniel Q. Posin481977-78
563Our dirty airSarah M. Elliott641977-78
564The nervous system: the inner networksAlvin Silverstein
Virginia B. Silverstein
565The secret of the wooden ladyCarolyn Keene1761977-78
566What is energyDaniel Q. Posin481977-78
567Danny Dunn and the swamp monsterJay Williams
Raymond Abrashkin
568The clue of the tapping heelsCarolyn Keene1761977-78
569What is an atom?Gabriel H. Reuben
Joseph DiStefano
570The clue in the crumbling wallCarolyn Keene1811977-78
571Snoopy and the Red BaronCharles M. Schulz641977-78
572Danny Dunn, scientific detectiveJay Williams
Raymond Abrashkin
573What is electronic communication?Daniel Q. Posin471977-78
574The whispering statueCarolyn Keene1791977-78
575What is a solar system?Theodore W. Munch411977-78
576Password to Larkspur LaneCarolyn Keene1751977-78
577The message in the hollow oakCarolyn Keene1811977-78
578Your first pet and how to take care of itCarla Stevens1221977-78
579Space puzzles; curious questions and answers about the solar systemMartin Gardner961977-78
580Questions and answers about horsesMillicent E. Selsam631977-78
581The how and why wonder book of ecologyShelly Grossman
Mary Louise Grossman
582Robert F. Kennedy; man who dared to dreamCharles Palin Graves961977-78
583What is a rock?Boleslaus John Syrocki441977-78
584Allan Pinkerton; first private eyeAnderson LaVere941977-78
585Little maverick cowBelle Coates561977-78
586The quest of the missing mapCarolyn Keene1781977-78
587The clue of the black keysCarolyn Keene1741977-78
588The clue in the old albumCarolyn Keene2181977-78
589Sandlot PeanutsCharles M. Schulz2001977-78
590SupersuitsVicki Cobb951977-78
591Wilbur and Orville Wright, boys with wingsAugusta Stevenson2001977-78
592The Capitol and our lawmakersEarl Schenck Miers481977-78
593Where are you going with that coal?Roy Doty
Len Maar
594The sky phantomCarolyn Keene1801977-78
595It's hard work being bitter: cartoons from Thompson is in trouble, Charlie Brown, and You're the guest of honor, Charlie BrownCharles M. Schulz2001977-78
596What is a star?Daniel Q. Posin451977-78
597Alvin's swap shopClifford B. Hicks1431977-78
598John F. Kennedy, young statesmanLucy Post Frisbee2001977-78
599What is air?Albert Piltz471977-78
600The mystery of the ivory charmCarolyn Keene2161977-78
601Robert Fulton, boy craftsmanMarguerite Henry2001977-78
602Sprout's window cleanerJenifer Wayne891977-78
603Weekly reader books presents McBroom's zooSid Fleischman461977-78
604The clue in the crossword cipherCarolyn Keene1771977-78
605The hundred and one DalmatiansDodie Smith1991977-78
606The secret in the old atticCarolyn Keene1771977-78
607Elements of the universeGlenn T. Seaborg
Evans G. Valens
608The story of radioactivityAnn Stepp1271977-78
609I can read French; my first English-French word bookPenrose Colyer
Colin Mier
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